Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rain Rain go away

Dang the rain has got to stop!!!! Its nice having the cooler weather we are used to 100 degree weather and its been in the 70s but the rain need to give us a break ...

Texas is making headline news on AOL not for good reasons...

I spent today cleaning house because my hubby oldest sister Debbie is coming for a visit...There are 11 in his family so sometimes we can get a few visit from the family..

Debbie was 15 when my hubby was born so she is like a mom to him...

well off to play in the rain

Monday, June 25, 2007

old age blah!!

My oldest son Landon 25 came over yesterday to pick up Cameron 11 to have him spend the night and go golfing with him.

I thought this was very nice of him because he thought the idea up on his own and I didn't even prode him on it...Honest!!

Lately I have felt very old feeling. It seems to take an act f congree to getup and dressed and I feel like I have no energy...

Today I drank a engery drink gave myself a B-12 Shot but still feeling like I have no blood or something..

Yesterday I looked at my oldest and said

ME: what I wouldn't give to have the physical energy of a 25 year old

Landon: Oh mom its very over rated.

Me: I laughed and said well mentally I guess it would be but damn just to have more


energy would be lovely.




Saturday, June 23, 2007

bridges of terabitha

I watched Bridges of Terabithia....I really like the movie is was a wonderful story but I bawled like a baby in the end...

Sad ending...

hubby and I both cried....

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Gods are pissed




Yesterday I got off work at 6:00 am after taking care of a patient all night...

Walked up to the car and my drivers side window was blow everywhere and the contents of my car thrown around in the car..I thought you little MFs.. Somebody had broke into my car. I called the police and got a report...

What a way to start the day...I also found out from the police officers that the building had been broke into a few months ago and the building didn't have any burglar alarm system.

Makes me not feel safe knowing I am with a nurse and a patient and me in that building and anybody could break in and apparently have..

Later that day I was laying down my sheltie was trying to get my attention by scratching at my hand and missed and hit my eye... I couldn't see out of that eye all day and night it was very blurry and...I was worried she hurt my eye but today I woke up and it was fine.

Went to pick up the computer and stupid geek squad people at best buy didn't fix it completely like they said...So we had to take it back again ugh

I told my hubby I must of pissed off the Gods somehow...


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

conversation with cameron

I was filling out some paperwork and needed Cameron social security number for something this is the conversation that we had

Me: Honey do you know Cameron Social Security Number

Hubby: No  why?

Me:   I don't remember I guess I can look on the income tax and get it

<Cameron comes walking in and says...

Cameron: What is a Social Security number?

Me: It's a number the goverment assigns to you that you use your whole life

Cameron: huffs and says...Well is that all I am to them a Number

my hubby and I laughed and in unison said..Prettty much..


I know I have been promising you guys a entry...Our laptop hard drive died so its in the shop...I have been using the desktop and it caused my carpel tunnel to flare up something bad...Its caused by years of working on computer at The phone company on those crappy desks we had.

So I haven't been on the computer much...if I left a message on your journal it was me trying to see how everybody was...but I had to stop because of the pain.

It was so bad one day I couldn't turn the knob on the door...

It really scared me..but I took aspirin for a while and it is better...

The mouse hurts my wrists the most..

So I will make this short because I feel the little twinges..

I had to borrow the money 840.00 from my parents to take the state board again.... I never ask for help from them even as a young kid...I'm very independent and they know that. I haven't gotten an work for patients for about 2 months and I have to send the money in now to get a spot in the Sept board.

I will pay them back pronto....when I can. Its very humbling for me..I feel badly about having to ask...

Gotto go

Thursday, June 7, 2007

toothpaste recall

Washington, DC - The FDA announced on Friday that consumers should avoid using toothpastes made in China.  These products may contain DEG or diethylene glycol, a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze.  It is used primarily as a lower-cost sweetener and thickening agent.  Even the smallest percentage found in toothpaste is dangerous! 
Patients most at risk are children and those patients with liver or kidney disease.  Most brands are found in discount stores.
Brands to be concerned about are: Cooldent Fluoride,Cooldent Spearmint, and Cooldent ICE.
Please inform your patients about this recall!