Wednesday, August 20, 2008

random news



So I'm am not working for the DR/Dentist. A lot of reasons but basically I didn't like his Standard of care in the end...What that means is there is a a baseline of things that should be done leagually in an cleaning appt and he wanted me not to do all those things..

In the end I decided I wouldn't compromise my license to please him.

I am finding the alot not all but alot of dentist just want you to work nonstop making them money and they don't care as long as they see $ signs....I am too ethical....I can't get invovled in my patients life and then screw them by giving subpar care... Of course Dentist don't look at it as subpar care....There were a bunch of things but I wont bore you with that right now

I will by have surgery/procedure thingey on my stomach...I am a gastric bipass patient as of 1999 and yes I was large for my body 250.. I got down to about 118 which was a little small but in the last 3 or 4 years I have started to gained. I am 160 right now which isn't bad but it keeps rising due to alot of things..

I had a scope on my stomach and my STOMA which is what they call my small stomach..<my friends call it my thumb stomach lol> anyway it has stretched out where it has attached and isn't working propery so they are going to fix it..

It will be an easy fix I hear and I will stay overnight just for observation... He will use this new fangled machine which will basically tighten the it will be back to small portions again..I am glad to be getting it fixed because it is causing some weird thingsto go on in my body by not working correctly... Nothing terrible just digestive and absorption issues that will be fixed..

I am nervous but I know it will be a walk in the park compared to the original surgery which was being filet like a fish...ouch...they didn't have laproscopic surgery back then for the original Gastric bi pass..

If you ever watch the show Big Medicine...its about two DR's a father and son team that do gastric surgeries in Houston...I forget what channel one of those bravo or tlc or something like that..




Monday, August 4, 2008

Holy hormones batman

If I live through the teenage years with my two boys.. I will be amazed...

I thought I was a expert since I already been through it with my oldest but DAMN

Its killing me!!!