Wednesday, April 30, 2008

good times

I figured it out..

This Song makes me think of my High School days. I put it as my ringtone.. When it rings I feel happy inside..I think of my high school sweetheart,Band..Learning to drive..Falling in love All those things that you remember in High School

SIGHH!! If I only knew how fun those times were while I was living them....

When I hear this song I feel 17 again

does anybody know

Does anybody know how to put u tube on our journals. I tryed but it just showed the letters and not the actual box

Monday, April 21, 2008

guess the spot


I didn't do very well with this test.. Its aerial shots of landmarks and you guess what it is

I made 60%

I suck

Wow over a month

Wow I have not wrote in over a month and nobody missed me....Shame on you....Just Teasing...

A lot going on with the job and cub scout drama... We have a leader that is being hitler...Some interesting crap going on I will have to share..

I did start working at a Doc in the Box dental place.. It's ok nothing to write home about.

I have been having issues with one of my joints in my fingers..carpel tunnel type issues

which Hygienist have and eventually quit the field...

My hubby said will usually hygienist work 15 years and then have those problems I said yeah honey but they are 20 not 46 and already damaged

Hope all is well with you...


Donna From Texas

Quote from Zach tonight as we are driving home from cub scouts..

Zach: mom my snots taste bad

Me: Yuck Zack..

Zack: you know when you clear your throat I can taste it...

Me:hummm <trying to not encourage the coversation lol >

Zach: I guess I'm sick and can't go to school

Me: nice try...maybe your allergies are making the bad taste.

Zach: I think I have a fever..

Me: Well it;s off to bed so you can get well for school

Zach: OH Man