Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy anniversary

Today is our 12th anniversary...Wow can't believe it.

Hubby: Happy 12 anniversary honey

Me: <laughs> will there be a 13th?

Hubby: I don't know 13 is an unlucky number

Me: Oh really?

Hubby: Yeah lets just skip and go right to the next year

Me: ok LOL LOL

Saturday, December 30, 2006

here are some pictures

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Thanks to Lisa for helping me your the best girlfriend

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well we finally did it we swtich to high speed internet I feel like I have gone to heaven.

Its called roadrunner I haven't figured out how to get to my e-mail with this carrier but I still have aol so...

The dial up had been so bad this last year that I haven't even been on line much it would take me 30 mintues to log on and then it would freeze...

I hope to never experince dial up again.

I will now get the joy of seeing your videos and hearing your music etc...


Sunday, December 3, 2006

thank you

 I  took over taking care of a patient for another sitter debby and we both got this e-mail form her...

So nice I have never had a patient say thank you.. most just take us for granted...


Dear Debby and Donna,
   I've looked for something to send to you to thank you for the excellent care you gave me.  This seems to say what I wanted you to know.
   "I never knew how generous that folks could really be,
Until the day I found myself in need of sympathy,
   Until I reached for strength when I had lost my own,
Until I was lost in pain and utterly alone;
   Then suddenly, I knew how dear and kindly Caregivers are
Because they brought the hope and faith that I was searching for!"
                                                    (By Robert C. Glew)
   Thank you both for the kindness and gentleness that you showed me.  You'll never know how important your job is to a helpless patient!!  You both deserve GOLD STARS!!
   Happy holiday season!!  I'm feeling good and almost back-to-normal.
I left patients name off for privacy

Saturday, December 2, 2006

what happent to joe

maybe I'm behind the times but what happened to Joe who ran the Aol magic smoke. I notcied there is a new guy did I miss something?


I got up the other night to let the dog out to pee...

I guess it was about 2 am or so...

I pretty much have my house memorized so I don't even have to open my eyes much...

Well my husband decided to close our bedroom door part way after I went to sleep

YOu guessed it I hit it hard with my FACE...Damn it hurt...

It hit on my brow bone between my eye and more inch and I swear I would of broke my nose I hit it that hard...

I yelled a few cuss words and went back to sleep

When I woke up the next morning I thought why does my head hurt and then I remembered...

I told hubby don't ever do that again I just about knock myself unconscious