Saturday, October 28, 2006

I wanna move to the country

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0 Pruett
Krum, TX  76249
MLS ID#: 10612926
10.01 Acres

So pretty ....not a bad price...10 acres would be enough to keep bad neighbors away

lol kids could run wild.....


one hip momma

Landon<24>: Mom will you go out dancing with me tonight

Me: <snickers> Honey why would you want your old momma to go out with you?

Landon: I just do I'm meeting my bosses at Rodeo Roundup.

Me: Get Randy <my hubby>to go with you...It would probably be more fun

Landon: I asked him but he is too tired..

Me: Oh alright

< I put on a  pair of jeans fixed my hair and put on makeup and we drove to the Bar>

We park and get out....I suddenly am taken back to my youth when I used to go dancing...I feel a little spring in my step

Landon: Wow mom you look really Young tonight...

Me: <laughing> Well I wasn't always old and boring. I did kick up my heels in my day..

We go in I met his friends... They remark on how cool that Landons mom came to dance with him..

I thinking wow I'm cool and didnt even try lol

A few times throughout the night my son would hug me and say "mom thanks so much for coming with me...

I could feel the love in his hugs....My heart melted...I haven't gotten hugs like that since he was a kid.

When the bar closed I agree to go to the after party with everybody...

Once again they were shocked and

One girl drank to much and started to get sick...they look at me like I was going to freak I didn't flench I just walk into the kitchen and got the girl a paper towel...

We got home at 4:30 am...It's been ages since I stayed up that late..

Fast forward a few days and Landon calls me...

Landon: Hey mom you were a big hit with my friends they said you rocked..

Me:<Laughes> I didn't do anything but chat with your friends and dance...nothing spectacular...

Landon: They said for me to ask you if you would go out with all of us again in the future...

Me: Well ok I might....but I can't do the 4:30 AM thing again...

Landon: OK...


Never thought I would be hip at 45.....Just goes to show you that you never know where your life path leads with you kids as they grow lol lol

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

just a note

my 2nd momgram came out ok so I guess ya'll are stuck with me


Thursday, October 19, 2006

conversation with DR Office

Telephone rings

Me: Hello

Womans voice: Hello may I speak to  Donna

Me: Yes this is her

Woman's voice: This is Womans Diagnositic

Me: Ok <I was thinking ok there are calling to tell me hey your fine see you in a year>

Woman's voice: The Dr wanted me to call you and tell you that we need you to come in. We compared your last years mamogram to last weeks and the Dr see's some hummm shuffles paper..Change..

Me: What kind of change...< trying to remain calm and not stress out over nothgin>

Woman" Voice: The Dr wants to us to take another picture of your breast magnigfied...She see's something different a calification and wants to make sure its nothing...this isn't an emergerncy we just need you to come in when the Dr is here so she can read it right then and tell you the results right away..

Me: Ok when do you want me to come in

Womans voice: I can get you on tuesday 9:00

Me:Sound good see you then..

I hang up the phone and think CRAP!!!! What if I'm dead by this time next year....Then I think oh Donna quit being stupid your fine.. I took a deep breath and told myself not to worry...

So there you have it...creeps me out because I tend to be sensitive to these types of things since my close friend died of breast cancer3 years ago and I went through it with her...

So any prayers that this is nothing is appreicated..


Wednesday, October 18, 2006



seems like a innocent number 1.58 lbs...that is how much I have gained per month..

Doesn't seem like much but when you do the math..

in a year12 months  I have gained 19lbs...I haven't weighed this much in 6 years....

I'm so pissed at myself..

Gastric bipass starves you the first 2 years and then your stomach stretches and you can eat more....

what does your body latches on because you have starved it for 2 years...I did ok for 5 of those years but this year I have sucked really bad...

Now that I can eat more I have more options ...I don't want options....

Disgusted with myself...<shaked head and walks away>


Sunday, October 1, 2006

Merry christmas already!!!!

So it is that time...Zachary's cub scouts are selling live fir wreaths for the x-mas time...So I thought I would put the information out there and if your interested let me know.. I know it has to be prepaid probably because the wreaths are real not fake...

So if your interested just e-mail me

below are the links to see the wreaths prices and such...



Its time for our 2006 annual Wreath Sale and this year our goal is to sell $16,000 worth of Holiday evergreens! This is our primary means for raising funds to cover the expenses of the Pack (registration, awards, badges, etc…). 


Local Sales (delivered by scout)
- 25" Classic Wreath
- 25" Victorian Wreath
- Evergreen Door Spray
- Centerpiece
- Living Tree
- 25' Evergreen Garland Coil
- EZ Wreath Hanger
- Bean Pot Candle
- Pint Jar Candle
- Votive Gift Set
Shipped via UPS (shipping included)
- 25" Holiday Gift Wreath $33.00
- Holiday Gift Living Tree $33.00
- Holiday Gift Victorian Wreath $38.00
Remember to collect at time of order. Checks should be made payable to 'Pack 298'.

- Local selling brochure (1 Mb Adobe Acrobat Document)
- UPS/Gift brochure (350 Kb Adobe Acrobat Docum 

sunday sunday can't trust that day

Not much going on today...just broke ...we haven't been this broke in a long time..

I hate this feeling...

my mom came down this weekend I took her to get her haircut..

My sister isnt speaking to us right now...but that is not always a bad thing:-)

my sister screw up with her money and expects my mom to bail her out....

Thing is my sister makes way more money than my mom.....I don't agree with mom helping her out....My sister is 42 years old time to grow up...I feel...

Mom doesn't want to help her out but my sister she know how to work my mom...

So I talked to mom and say if you want to help her out go ahead it's your money

See the thing is my sister makes the same mistakes over and over and over and never learns......but then why should she learn when my mom bails her out...

She has burned my mom so many times... I really don't get her..

It's not that I don't love her I do but I don't think she is fair to mom.....

Of course my mom told her no so my sister calls me and sayd she F*** hates me and its all my F****** fault that mom didnt give her the money...oh I forgot and she F******* never wants to see me every again...

Ok whatever......I wish I had a dollar for everytime she said this to me....

She never makes good on her threat....damn it....

Basically I wish she would grow up and be a good sister... but she wont

I get sick of it...We struggle but we don't ask anybody for help  we just suffer through like most adults...

I have to visit a boy scouts troop today at 3:00 to see if cameron likes it enough to join..

Next weekend we have a camp out with zachary's cubscout ....Not looking forward to peeing in the weeds...---------