Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays from us.. Aren't we cute..

Can you believe is 2009 almost

I hope each and every one of you had a good Christmas. We stayed at home and I had all three of my boys here plus Ashley my daughter in law... my sister in law Debbie and Robin came.My nephew Clayton was her also
It was a nice Christmas no drama as I am not communicating with my mom decided to stay at her house 2 and half hours away and not fight the traffic which I understand.
I made a turkey and all the trimmings...I ask the family not to give randy or I gifts just the kids.
I was afraid the kids would be disappointed with not much from us...but they were fact my middle son Cameron slip a 20 dollar bill in my stocking and said you keep it and use it for bills.
I thought that was so sweet but I told him I had gotten a few more jobs so I didn't need it just yet so he could keep it.. He said ok mom but if you do just ask..
He is growing up so fast and I am proud of him more and more everyday.
We still haven't heard if anyone will retire to save my hubby from losing his job in we will see..
I told him that as long as we were healthy and together God would provide...
It was 70 something degree here today which I loved very much...
Randy and I will be celebrating our 14 wedding anniversary on New years eve...
wow I can't believe it...
I told him I was going to have to trade him in on a newer model...Ok I was just kidding lol lol
I wouldn't want to have to train a new man...He He
well my blogger friends it nighty nite for me

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So frustrated

This has been a crappy year for us I don't talk much about it..but it has....Thanksgiving my friend brought us a turkey Why because we couldn't afford one... Somehow the economic crap not getting a lot of jobs.because people aren't going to the dentist they can't afford it so there aren't many jobs for me to temp at.and things just going up and up has push us to a bad place...
We keep scratching our heads and doing our financials and cutting more and more...and never ads up...
what is frustrating to me is we are middle class...I have too much pride to go to the help places because hell I have a nice house and drive a nice car and I was raise you don't ask for help unless your poverty stricken...Does that make sense.??..I don't feel good asking for help when there are others who are homeless or don't have a car...Damn its say the least..
I looked at my husband and said OMG 50 dollars to last 2 weeks...Is this right... I feel bad because I did finally break down and get my hair done it had been months even my kids were remarking about my hair was a busy month..My daughter in law b-day her graduation and my son b-day and now xmas... I took my son and daughter in law out to eat for there birthdays and now I feel guilty...I didn't get my daughter in law anything for her graduation..Now Christmas...My husband and I never get each other anything...I told the kids you get one thing and it has to be under 50 dollars...although U don't really know where that is going to come from..
I do have a couple of jobs coming up but they won't pay until later...
I told me husband maybe we should let my car go back and I could just take jobs in town and walk to them .... I hate this feeling..

I am not writing this for pity... I guess I am in shock that this isn't getting any better... I think we were always just above the line and now we are below with everything that is happening in the world....
I feel so defeated... Part of me wants to walk away from the house and the car...those are our 2 money suckers...
I will shut up.. I just needed to feel sad about it.....I know God will help us make it through and I know there are people that are way worse than us...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm sorry that I have neglected you guys. I have been so addicted to facebook...I have connected with old high school buddies and friends. You should try it ....It has mainley us oldies on it because it is basic nothing fancy.
Well my sister had told the family that I am the cause of her new marriage ending.. I am amazing like that you know I can break up marriages with out even being aware...(wink)
She always blames me for eveything.. I had no idea her marriage was over but not really surprized..she is so addicted to her Pain pills and pain patch and whatever else it has destroyed her mind...Makes me sad..She is not my sister anymore and hasn't been for several years..
Her husband said my sister said she wishes someone would kill me and I would die...
Pretty strong words if you ask me... Her husband says there is something wrong with her she is sick.mentally..I agree she is and has been for many years...
I guess I always felt badly and thought I could help but I don't now and haven't felt that way in a long time...
I know christmas is coming up and my mom will try and guilty me into letting my sister come over its not happening... I'm not going to do it.. My mom can go over to her house but I'm not being around someone that crazy...
I have been working cleaning teeth...I work for a temp agency....I have worked in some nice offices and some really crappy offices....
well it been so cold here..brrr I hate cold weather...I could live on a tropical island forever....
Have a good holiday

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I think Denny Duquette on Greys Anatomy is so sexy...I tell you there is something about him..
So anyway I have been busy working and talking to old classmates from high school...My 30Th High school reunion is coming up next year.. I have been touching base with several people.. It's nice and refreshing to talk to them...In each other memory we are still young.. funny when I see pictures of them I forget that they also have aged like me..
Hope you all are doing ok..Christmas is almost here.. I broke the news to Zack that there is no Santa.. he is 11 its time to move on lol lol
He said he already knew he was afraid to tell me because he thought he wouldn't get anymore presents...funny kid :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

mom you know what

Me: What
Cameron: You know what would be weird?
Cameron: If dad wasn't my dad
Me:( laughing) That would be funny since he is your dad
Me: Where do you come up with this..
Cameron: Well you could have somebody else's kid
Me: NO I couldn't I can't have any more kids...
Cameron: Oh that's right your old lol
Me: yep and your making me older ever day get!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

who did you see?

So I have gotten to work for a couple of days I worked with a Kid Dentist...that helped...although I don't see myself doing Dental Hygiene forever... it takes a tole on your neck and back and wrists.. The office was a very nice office...great Dr and fun girls to work with.. I was filling in for a sick Hygienist...
Today is cloudy and dreary which I hate...
So guess who I met yesterday...and I must say I was very impressed with what a kind and sweet man he was ...also his wife...
I met Chuck Norris ..Yes the Chuck Norris I can't say what the circumstances were but met him I did and he was very gracious and kind so was his wife...My oldest son said why didn't you get an autograph ??Chuck Norris is the coolest guy ever!!! I laughed and said....I said I can't do that its unprofessional lol lol ....I'm not really a fan of his work because I really haven't seen his work just know him from Texas Walker..and that he is a big tai kwan do person.. I talked with him for a while and he was so nice I treated him like he was Joe blow down the street...I figured
they probably get people acting stupid all the time with them...They are no different then the rest of us..After meeting him I now am very interested in him as a person..and he does a lot for kids...
So the election is over an I am so glad...Got so sick of all the Ads and stuff..
I voted for McCain but he did not will all work out in the long run Obama has got some big shoes to fill..alot of stress has just been added to his life....
I find it interesting to watch someone once they become president and the look at them 4 years later....It really ages them...So it will be interesting to see how he handles everything....
The president doesn't really have that much power anyway its the House and the Senate so will will see...
Hubby is off on Wednesday now and it is nice to have him all to myself...
Housework is waiting on my so I must go..
Have a nice cup of tea or coffee...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

How close is homeless

They say being homeless is just a paycheck away...I guess that is true.. I went on this system called where you connect all your accounts and it gives you a read out of were your spending your money etc..
I have let my hubby take care of the bills for years... I did this because when we got married I had been a single mom for so long it was nice to hand it over...
I'm not saying its all my hubby fault I of course take much of the blame...
We just couldn't figure out why we kept coming up short...
After doing the program we are about 2000.00 short on income just to break even well probably not even. but close..
I'm so tired at my age...I have even thought of giving my car back cutting off the tv internet no more eating out...hell sell the house.... This sucks and it's our fault ...
Money is just basic math and why do we stick our heads in the sand and not face it...
Hubby is asleep and tomorrow I will sit him down and say you want the good news or the bad news first( there isn't any good news per say but it sound good huh lol)
We have got to cut back...I probably need to work more but even then we need to cut back..
you know we are really frugle people compared to most... its just everything has gone up and we need to manage better...
You don't think your spending a lot until it's there in front of you and its 5 dollars here 10 dollars there...
Does anybody know of a good bridge we could live under... not really but heck at least there is no house payment....ok just kidding sort of...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This and That

I got to work in my favorite office today so that was good...I also got gasoline for 2.17 a gallon
Took the kids to eat pizza tonight I was a lazy mom... oh well...
My sister did send me a text thanking me for being her sister and friend...
That is her way of apologizing...
Yes my family is strange...(sigh) I know...
Me personally I would rather talk it out.. Sometimes I think I'm adopotedlol

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I went to the wedding and it was really fun.. My sister had a melt down bawling her eyes out.. Yes I walked over and gave her a hug... It made me sad to see my sister in so much pain.. Doesn't mean I'm forgetting what has happen...but it was that gut wrenching know the one..
I sat at the table will all my family...
I really enjoyed Pedro family I tried to speak the best Spanish I could.. I suck but my step sister Kristy said I was so cute that I tried to communicate. I have always love getting to know other people from other countries...
It interesting because there is always some common themes in every culture..
To love and be love
To matter to somebody..
music and dancing
kissing and you know (wink)
alcohol lol lol
an many more
We are more the same than different...
My oldest son requested the song we dance to at his wedding... called MaMa's song by Boy's to Men..
I just love dancing with my oldest son Landon... it doesn't happen often...
I just love my kids so much...I truly can say I would die for them...
Overall my sister Gerry's wedding was beautiful for her...
Her husband came up and said you happy for me...(remember his english isn't the best)
I hugged him and kissed his cheek and said I love you(I said in Spanish I can't type Spanish) Pedro your a keeper in this lol
There is still tension with my sister and once this blow over we probably wont talk much...
I'm glad I went.. though

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I had my cry and I feel better... sad but better. I have to realize that my sister will always be who she is and wish as I want I will always probably be a only child really .
She will never be there for me she will always be an angry hateful, vengeful person who spits hatefulness. She has been taking those pain pills for so long that there is no part of her left that I know...

I like her new husband to be but I figure he really doesn't know what he is getting into...

I'm tired of being assigned the peacekeeper in the family...

I quit I keep trying to believe in her but its not working for me anymore...emotionally I can not do it anymore...

I wish we could move away from her... We did once but she followed us...She has ruined all her kids but It will be a cold day in hell before she hurts my kids...I may be a caretaker at heart but when it comes to my kids...I will protect them with my life...

OK so tomorrow is the wedding and I do not want to go and I would not go but Pedro her fiance begged me to go for him...

So for Pedro I will because it would break his heart....
I did go over to her house after my last posting to meet Pedro's family in from Mexico..Very nice family. He ask me too so I did it for him
I tried to talk to my nephew and tell him I was sorry that I let my anger get the best of me but he was crossing the line and being cruel ..
He looks at me and says SO...
I said don't you think you should apologize for your behavior.. He rolls eyes and says NO with that look like.... what you going to do about it bitch...but this time I just walked away...
Yeah he did....did my sister do anything of course not..because she thinks its my fault
Hell would freeze over if she took responsibility
She wil regret this one day....

Its offically

So got in a argument at hobby lobby with my sister.. It takes a lot for me to lose my cool but I did. I'm not proud of it but I did...
My sister teenage son is very arrogant and disrespectful.. He was cruel and mean to my son and I don't tolerate that...I jumped on my nephew about it and my sister yells at me don't talk to my son like that.. yeah the son that knocks holes in your walls cusses at you throws thing at you...
I'll talk to the little Ass anyway I want because he will not be abusive to me or my children..

Why was my nephew mad and being hateful??...because he wanted us to take him to eat and we had wedding stuff to you so since this 15 year old didn't get his way well then he thought he would be mean and cruel to my sister and me and my mom and my son..
What makes me mad about this is that I always have to defend myself and everyone just stand there and stares nobody comes to my aid ...they attack me for even rocking the boat..
Dysfunctional Assholes...
Yeah I'm pissed....more than you can every know.. Too much history here..
If I never saw then again it wouldn't bother me at this point.. after 47 years of this crap... I am done

Its offically

Friday, October 24, 2008


Thank God in heaven I found the english button lol

What the hell

ok I thought if I pushed espanol it would change my language and that would be cool but now I can't find a button to make it go back to english .. I don't even know hwat language I push

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So today I went to early voting for those across the ocean we are voting for the president of our country... I wont say who I voted for but it only took me 5 minutes.. I left there thinking wow I just cast my vote for our president and it only took 5 minutes ..shouldn't something like that take hum an hour...or shouldn't there be a drum roll so somthing lol..oh well...It's done...
I will be glad when it all over sick of seeing the ads and such ..
Ready to move on...
Whomever wins I hope is better than what we have had...I'm just saying

poquito espanol

Ok so I am trying to get better at spanish. I took it in college but that was a joke..
anybody know any free programs that are good... I can speak a little from being a operator and knowing people who speak it...My sister hubby is mexican and I am tring to learn his language and he speaks mine already just not as good as he would like...
My hubby is mexican but was never taught spanish ironic...huh..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Campers and Tents oh my

Cub scout camp out this weekend.. Luck it was just 12 miles from the house. I came home tonight to sleep in my own bed..The osteoporosis in my hip was killing me from sleeping in the tent Friday night.. Plus I froze my butt off...well not literally but it damn well felt like all the snoring and farting from the other campers kept me up. i took 3 Benedryl I still couldn't sleep...
I did get a chuckle at all the noises that night though..

I will get up tomorrow and be at the campsite before they get up with my hot coffee in hand...
i will get funny look because some people will think that I left and seeing me there when they get up they will think maybe i didn't leave..
Sneaky huh lol lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Offical I Hate working for Dentists

So I got a call today from the Temp agency...
Temp Agency-Donna This is A
Me: Hello A how are you today?

Temp Agency: I have to cancel the next two weeks of work at Dr X
Me: oh ok Why did they not need a hygienist anymore( I have worked for this Dr About 4 X's)

Temp Agency: No they ask to have a different Hygienist
Me: REALLY! Could you tell me why?

Temp Agency: No they didn't say.... Did anything happen last time you worked?
Me: hummm not that I can recall...It was a slow day... He seemed ok with all I did and the patients told him he should keep lol

Temp Agency: it might have nothing to do with you you have worked for us a year and we have never had any complaints. Don't take it personel

Me: You know I am really getting tired of this I mean come on if there is something they need me to do different or something they don't like just tell me..Why are dentist such cowards.. I'm not a mind reader. I welcome all input..
Temp Agency: Sorry Donna it is very frustrating I know I'm sorry I got to answer this call don't worry you will find your place
Yep that was our conversation..
Honestly though ....

I thought that being they are professionals they would rise to a higher ethics.. Well putting DDS behind your name does not buy you brains,compassion or intelligence...

I have never met such a unprofessional clueless people as Dentist and there staff.
I have worked for fortune a 500 company for 16 years...Never a problem. It was a Damn hard company to work for but they gave you the rules and stuck to them and if you screwed up talk with you and helped you to be better...
Dentists live on there own island and do whatever they want...
They become dentists because the corporate world would eat them alive...
Now there are the exceptions but those good dentists I never get to work for only the morons..

I wish I had never wasted my umpteen thousands of dollars on this license..
I feel like such a moron for doing this..
I wish I would of went to school for nursing,counseling, or maybe something totally out of people care..
Yeah I'm pissed
I am giving you the clean version of my anger lol lol

Monday, October 13, 2008


So if I make the news

Woman went crazy and ran away

it's because I spent two days with the In-Laws!!!

God Help us all

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Living tree
I told you guys wrong the pack website doesnt give you the info on the wreaths/sprays so here are pictures of the wreaths/sprays the cubscouts are selling.They range from 19.00 dollars for sprays and I believe the living trees-24.00 for the classic wreath 29.00 dollars for the fancy wreath called far as shipping through ups I would have to look it up on what the would charge to sip.
If you interested in one let me know and we can email on a more private level
Its great to see everyone again.

Classic wreath


Victorian Wreath

Victorian Spray

Classic Spray

Friday, October 10, 2008

added a widget you say

SO I added the widget on the right sidebar where you can put in your email address and when I make a entry it goes right to your inbox. Kind of cool. Now If I could get everybody to do that I wouldn't have to search the blogs I follow they would come right to me.
Deb B helped me and she is such a sweetheart...
A big hug to DEB

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What us gonna do

Did anybody ever watch the color purple..when cele said What us gonna do? I always thought that was a funny line so I say that sometimes when things aren't good and I need a good laugh.

I don't feel funny today. I have worked 3 days in a month...a rat couldn't live on that. With the economy the way it is the dental field is suffereing and it trickles down to me.

I am so tired of applying at jobs to be told I'm a good hygienist and they will call....but they never call..

I applied at UPS,ATT,Federal Government because I am desperate for income..

Frankly working in private industry is a crock if you ask me.. They do whatever they want and have noone to answer to...

The cooperate world can be hard at times but everybody has a boss and has to answer to someone...which helps

Gerry and Pedro Luis

My sister in engaged and I am excited for her.. The guy seems nice and I think this time she picked a good one...

My daughter n Law will be graduating fro College with her teaching degree I know she is ready.

Then my son will go to college fulltime and get his teaching degree.

I thought about buying a t-shirt that said by the time I figure out what I want to be when I grow up I will be Dead!!

I have done alot in my life...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

thank you to all

I must say I was a little miffed at AOL when they said they were closing but to be honest I never like there program. I felt they never put much effort to make it fun. I like blogger so far lots of cool things I can do...I am so glad to find everybody and maybe there alerts will work much better... I look forward to connecting and sharing my life and knowing how each of you are doing.

I have missed you much

Huggs from Texas

Ps This is my oldest son Landon and his wife Ashley we are at my hubby's 40th bday party.

I did It

So I did it I transferred my whole journal. so now I need to find everybody Else's so I can follow them

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

in case you are interested

Cub Scouts -

Do you have friends and family out of town that might be interested in purchasing a wreath, spray or other holiday item?

Now -- Send a Catalog by Email!

Now it's easier than ever to show those long-distance relatives our full-color catalog! Just save the attached catalog PDF and email it to them. The document is a replica of the printed catalog, and also includes Pack 298's prices and order forms. You can now also find the document on the Pack website. Just go to, login and look on the private welcome page for the ‘Holiday Fundraiser’ message.

After you send the catalog, be sure to follow up by phone and record all the necessary information on your green order envelope -- or for gift orders shipped by UPS, complete one of the official, bar-coded blue Gift Order Forms.

You must collect money for your orders before turning them in to the Pack on October 22. Tell your customers to expect delivery between December 5th and 8th.


This really sucks

So I have made me journal public since they can't switch it to blogspot if it is private..

Is there a way for us to transfer all our enteries ourselves...I'm really bummed about this...


Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm still here

Just a short note to say hello. Kids are fine growing like weeds. My hubby will be celebrating his 40th b-day on oct 6....The surgery went ok but I have been a bitch not being able to eat food yet...

Didn't realize how much I eat to mask my feelings... every other day I'm thinking of divorcing my hubby.. Poor guy... this will pass.

busy with cubscouts...haven't found a job and that is very dishearting.

I'm about really to give up and maybe be a nurse or hell maybe I'll just go live under a bridge...

told you I was gripey...

Paula thanks for checking on me .. you know I cherish your kindness

maybe I will come down and live with you and the lol

Tell john to scoot over lol lol

Love to all


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

random news



So I'm am not working for the DR/Dentist. A lot of reasons but basically I didn't like his Standard of care in the end...What that means is there is a a baseline of things that should be done leagually in an cleaning appt and he wanted me not to do all those things..

In the end I decided I wouldn't compromise my license to please him.

I am finding the alot not all but alot of dentist just want you to work nonstop making them money and they don't care as long as they see $ signs....I am too ethical....I can't get invovled in my patients life and then screw them by giving subpar care... Of course Dentist don't look at it as subpar care....There were a bunch of things but I wont bore you with that right now

I will by have surgery/procedure thingey on my stomach...I am a gastric bipass patient as of 1999 and yes I was large for my body 250.. I got down to about 118 which was a little small but in the last 3 or 4 years I have started to gained. I am 160 right now which isn't bad but it keeps rising due to alot of things..

I had a scope on my stomach and my STOMA which is what they call my small stomach..<my friends call it my thumb stomach lol> anyway it has stretched out where it has attached and isn't working propery so they are going to fix it..

It will be an easy fix I hear and I will stay overnight just for observation... He will use this new fangled machine which will basically tighten the it will be back to small portions again..I am glad to be getting it fixed because it is causing some weird thingsto go on in my body by not working correctly... Nothing terrible just digestive and absorption issues that will be fixed..

I am nervous but I know it will be a walk in the park compared to the original surgery which was being filet like a fish...ouch...they didn't have laproscopic surgery back then for the original Gastric bi pass..

If you ever watch the show Big Medicine...its about two DR's a father and son team that do gastric surgeries in Houston...I forget what channel one of those bravo or tlc or something like that..




Monday, August 4, 2008

Holy hormones batman

If I live through the teenage years with my two boys.. I will be amazed...

I thought I was a expert since I already been through it with my oldest but DAMN

Its killing me!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I got a job...!!!!

 I am so excited about this job the dentist is so nice and I even have a male assisant...I like it when there is a even number of guys to girls...Guys are less moody.. I'm more of a guy type girl myself.I don't get my feelings hurt easily and I am slow to anger....

I really dont have any mood swings at all since the hysterectomy in when I do work with woman and they get bitchy I think whoo whats her problems and then I remember oh yeah the monthly visit must be coming her way...Glad its not me..HeHe

I worked today with the DR and he said so do you like it here?

I said yeah its great he said good would you like to work here...

I thought HOT DAMN I have died and gone to heaven...

SO I start in a week or two..

TO be continued....:-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello all


Wow has it been over a month...I just feel like I'm writing to myself since I had to go private...

I quit the dentist office I was working at. It was a prophy mill...Which means they didn't care about the patients only that I produce money for them..There was some stuff going on I couldn't ethically deal with so I  had to leave.

2 of the  Dentist Assistant there  were rude as hell and very disrespectful to me in front of my patients... You don't have to like me but you will not talk down to me in front of my patients...especailly when I am making the money to pay your wages....

I only stayed because Kim the New office manager begged me to stay .. She said I was a awesome Hygienist and she would make it better.. Well she had to quit due to a family emergency so I said I'm out of here..

She later told me the the powers that be wanted me gone and were trying to get rid of me...I wasn't fast enough for them...I cleaned 18-20 patients a day...I should be cleaning 8-10 patients a day so I was fast enough...I just didn't take there crap...

Kim had told them no I was staying I was good and she liked my work but once she was gone well there was no need to stay...

I'm discourage that I can't find a good dentist to work for...One that truly cares for his patients...

Oh Well

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well we were riding in the car and hubby and I were talking about the new career center for the high school and Zach said

Zach: Mom what does queer mean?

ME: What?? did you say queer?

Zach Yeah what does it mean

Me: Why are you asking that for?

Zach: WEll you and dad said were getting a new queer center..

Me:lol No silly Career Center

Zach: OH well what does queer mean

Me: Well is used to mean different but nowadays it mean Gay someone who love the same sex person

Zach: oh ok


Hubby and I laughed so hard now everytime I see the Career center I will think queer center....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008




Me and hubby at the ballgame this last fall...Not the best picture  but who cares



Zach: Mom when did you and daddy have your first kiss

Me: Well let me think..I look over at hubby with that look of help me out...of course hubby just smiled the stupid smile at me..Like your on your own on this

Cameron: Did you meet in a Bar?

Me: Well yes and no..

Cameron: Was it drunk love?

 Hubby and I about spit our dinner out...because that was so funny and well kind of ...sort of the truth young man

Me: Well Daddy and I met at a friends house on the way to dancing...Once we met we feel in love and have been together every since.

Hubby: Yeah your mom took advantage of me....

Me: Yeah whatever.....keep thinking lol



not much going on

Just saying hey to all. Not much going on  Kids are out of school and I am glad I think lol lol

Hubby got a new job within the company so that is a relief..Bless his heart he had to climp poles for a week in pole climbing school...

I have been working 2 days a week but not really liking it...Tired of spit and blood and dirty teeth lol lol .. I just don't like the place I work they are money hungry and very antipatient care.. I hope you guys dont mind I sent you my autism walk letter.. I felt bad that I hadn't done it and here I am I sent it. I never send anything to people but I felt I should just in case someone in interested and wants to donate I definitely don't expect anyone to donate at all...It was just a FYI... I haven't been walking much so I will definitely be out of shape lol lol

Somebody TOS me I thought that was funny... I only sent it to people I know and correspond maybe they didn't recognize my full name...oh well hells bells who care...Life is too short...

Took the kids to our rec center water park...Which is new and very nice.. although I sometimes feel its just a big bathtub and are all bathing together kind of grosses me out...I still get in and have fun but that thought is always in the back of my mind..

It had a lazy river and stuff which was fun.. The kids had a blast so that is what matters..

I have been reading all of you guys journals just having been commenting much..

I have kind of been in a funk of sorts....and didn't want to bring anybody else down

Well Cameron turned 13 May time is flying...all over my face wrinkles everywhere....

That's it for now I will sign this entry now you know who I am...snicker...I'm private now so I can do that...

Donna Guerrero RDH

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

good times

I figured it out..

This Song makes me think of my High School days. I put it as my ringtone.. When it rings I feel happy inside..I think of my high school sweetheart,Band..Learning to drive..Falling in love All those things that you remember in High School

SIGHH!! If I only knew how fun those times were while I was living them....

When I hear this song I feel 17 again

does anybody know

Does anybody know how to put u tube on our journals. I tryed but it just showed the letters and not the actual box

Monday, April 21, 2008

guess the spot


I didn't do very well with this test.. Its aerial shots of landmarks and you guess what it is

I made 60%

I suck

Wow over a month

Wow I have not wrote in over a month and nobody missed me....Shame on you....Just Teasing...

A lot going on with the job and cub scout drama... We have a leader that is being hitler...Some interesting crap going on I will have to share..

I did start working at a Doc in the Box dental place.. It's ok nothing to write home about.

I have been having issues with one of my joints in my fingers..carpel tunnel type issues

which Hygienist have and eventually quit the field...

My hubby said will usually hygienist work 15 years and then have those problems I said yeah honey but they are 20 not 46 and already damaged

Hope all is well with you...


Donna From Texas

Quote from Zach tonight as we are driving home from cub scouts..

Zach: mom my snots taste bad

Me: Yuck Zack..

Zack: you know when you clear your throat I can taste it...

Me:hummm <trying to not encourage the coversation lol >

Zach: I guess I'm sick and can't go to school

Me: nice try...maybe your allergies are making the bad taste.

Zach: I think I have a fever..

Me: Well it;s off to bed so you can get well for school

Zach: OH Man

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cute you tube

This is cute. I never seen someone do this before.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

how crazy is texas weather

There is a saying in Texas ....if you don't like the weather just wait a day..

It's true..this week  has been high 70's low 30's and snow

In one day it started in the high 60's low 70's and by the end of the day it was in the 30's and snowing for 2 inches...

Next day back up into the 60's... today in the 70's and tomarrow 30's maybe ice..


SPRING we are ready for you

Monday, March 3, 2008

What goes in your mouth



Everything you put in your mouth good and bad goes into your body....

Now that may sounds pretty simple to some people but it's really not.

You have a sulcus(think 2 mm space) that surrounds your tooth like a turtleneck.

There are 500 different bacteria that can make there home there.

Those bacteria can reck havoc on your gums and teeth but did you know those same bacteria can be absorbed through your gums and mouth and reck havoc on your heart and body.

Infection is Infection to the body.. It doesn't really care one way or the other.

Periodontal Disease. It a infection in the mouth but it doesn't stay in the mouth..

It is in most cases high blood pressure.

You don't even know those bacteria are causing infection and then the body starts attacking the tooth and surrounding structures to rid the body of infection..

The result bone loss, tooth loss...

It also can be transferred from one person to another...

Bet you didn't know that...

So how do you prevent it or if you have it stop or manage it..

Tune in to see in my next installment..

Donna RDH

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New twist on Dental Work

Saw this on Craigs list...Hum  Looks like you get dental work and a little added extra...No cost I lol

my aching tush

Who knew......

that trimming all the bushes the trees,

cutting the limbs into little pieces and bagging them,

dragging them to the trash,

Could make my Ass ache this morning..

Who needs a damn gym lol lol lol

Monday, February 25, 2008

I want to scream



The last few years I have felt a shift inside me.

When I was young I wanted a nice house in a big city away from the boring town I lived in.

I now feel like I am suffocating living in the city.

I no longer long for a fancy house give me simple and ok. I want to live away from people and no HOA' me unsocial I guess...

Frankly even though I live in a big city the people are less than friendly.

I want community..

I want elderly rocking in there chairs waving hi to me.

I want to sip coffee in a shop other than starbucks were they know me and my family and really care...

oh and the coffee is a dollar a cup free refills.          

The conversation is free.

I feel a change and have for several years yet nothing is happening and our town grows faster and more impersonnel.

Frisco Texas used to be 2000 people in 1995. when we moved here in 2001 is was 30,000 people now 7 years later its over 100,000. people.

Richey poo people I call them..

There gated communities with there noses high up in the air...Hate it...

 BMW, Hummer, Mercedes everywhere Yeah that's just what kids drive..

I hate what they bring to the community...a shallowness..

Yes we have a beautiful city you don't think the rich would be having a ugly city.

But that is all it is now pretty on the outside empty on the inside...

oh I long for a house out on some land...

Maybe someday....

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well its Sunday and all is well . A beautiful warm sunny day. Hubby back from being out of town. Cameron is sick today running a fever of 102.4 off and on. No other symptoms just the fever so hope it passes.

I do a working intereview this week. What a working intereview is I work for the dentist and he sees if he likes me and I see if I like him and if so BINGO.. If not he pays me and off I go....

I met him last week and he was very nice...

 I have to admit I wasn't sure because he is iranian...and well how can I put this tackfully.. I guess I can't so I will just say it... Most but NOT ALL Asian ,iranian,indian etc Dentists are know for not being the best employers. They tend to be cheap in many, working conditions etc... not respectful of there staff...  Now there are exceptions to every rule...but I always error on the side of caution myself....

I have got to get into my own dentist and get this damn filling fixed.. part of it fell out and I have been putting it off... I have been giving it a good flouride rinse every night to help with the sensitivity and to make sure no cavity starts up there again...but seriously how stupid does it look if your hygienist doesn't practice what she lol

Oh hell I'm human ok....just shoot me...

If there is any dental question you would like me to answer please feel free to ask I will try to answer and if I don't know the answer will try to find out...or if you would like me to write a few entries on things that you could use or tips I will do that also .. If not that's ok also..



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Box of chocolates

This is the best part of being private.....I get to tell my true feelings uncensored.. Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen

Intereviewing with dentists is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes its a great expereince and sometimes crappy and sometimes inbetween.

Honestly I can say most of the dentists I have intereviewed with were either pompass asses.. or morons who can't match there clothes or clueless. Or money hungry...

Now there are really great dentists out there but they are the jobs the lucky hygiene bitches snatches up and never let go  of and I can't blame them. lol lol

So needless to say my interviews have been eeehhh not so good. Oh they want me to work for them but I always decline.. Not feeling it dudes..They are the dentist nobody wants to work for but you don't know that until you go in and interview..Then you see and think oh so this is why nobody wants to work for you.

One dentists had a million dollar business beautiful office but a total control freak moron jerk....Who  only cared about how much dentistry I could sell to the patients...That's a big fat NO!!

I have no problem suggesting something to the patient that I think they need but I'm not selling procedures that aren't necessary to fund your mercedes payment there DOC...

This intereview today was ok. The Asian DR seem pretty nice young though I felt like I could be his  His front desk girl (a Bitch) with attitude.. The rest of the girls seemed very nice.

I interviewed with the Dr and he had to go check on a patient he told me to look around and talk with the girls. So I started walking around quietly. As I was walking up to the front..... Bitch Girl walks over or should I say stomped over and said I need you to sit down I don't have time to show you around... I stood there and stared at her. I didn't move just stood there.. She huffed off and went back to her desk. Then and only then did I go back to the waiting room and sit down...

I don't scare easily. I have worked for surgeons and they can be the meanest people on the planet so some mousey little girl...Not feeling it chickey...I wanted to say hey sit your ass down beotch me and Dr is homies... Not really but she would of wet her pants don't you think...

anyway.. I will shut up...Hope I didn't scare you guys...with my entry...Just feeling awnry today..

I am really easy going just too old to deal with petty young girl crap thats all..Just leave me alone and let me to what I'm paid to do..Clean teeth and educate my patient...


Hello from my world

Hello to everybody. If you know of anybody I overlooked let me know. I'm not going private because of anything other than I want to keep my personal life seperate from my working life.

Today I go to talk to a Dentist about a parttime job. My hubby comes home Thursday I sure miss him

Talk to you guys later


Monday, February 18, 2008

ok I hope I did this right

I am now private you should be able to access me I hope...If anybody can't I  hope they email me


Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Bad

Apparently I'm a Dumb Ass and can't figure out how to go private without blocking the people I don't wont to block...I don't want to block anybody I just didn't want my business all out there for just anybody anymore because I am  in the working world and I wanted to keep my private life to my friends family  which includes you guys etc...

Please know I added all of you guys so when I got your emails which I so appreciate I thought...What The Hell happened.

Ok I still plan on going private I just have to investigate how to do this right...

I'm sorry for the mess up


I sorry guys please don't think I don't love you lol lol

Saturday, February 16, 2008

saying no to a cub scout

Today we had scounting for food.. For those that don't know what it is...

The cubscouts collect cans of food for the hungry and needy. It's to teach them compassion for others and duty etc...

So in the cold and heavy rain we walked door to door knocking soaking wet and asking if they had a can of food for our drive.

Can you believe we had people tell Zachary No.. I mean come on you have one can of peas or something else you hate and would like to get rid of..

I think people are getting so cold these days.

Zach said why didn't those people want to help others..

I said some people are selfish and unkind

We got several No's...

I guess we got the crappy part of the neighborhood.

Last year people were more than happy to help...

Sometimes I just lose hope on all these crappy big city people..

Take me out to a small town....

ok I'm private

So I am now private. If you know of anybody who I forgot or mentions They can't access let me know I will add them...

Thanks Guy...this feels better

Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh my the things children say

Hubby is out of town so the kids and I went for chinese food this evening....

The kids and I were talking about school and such.

I asked Cameron

Me: Has your school had the birds and the bees program yet this year like they had last year

Cameron:you mean the sex talk?

Me: well huhh yeah

Cameron: I know mom don't have sex untill I'm 30 and married

Me:(laughing) Well 30 might be a little old to wait...

Cameron: Well Landon listened to you and is waiting until he is 30

(Landon is my 26 year old married son)

Me: humm Cameron he is married now.

Cameron: Yeah he is married but he is waiting untill he is 30..

Me: No Cameron he is married so it ok for him to be with his wife.

Cameron:(lightbulb goes off) Oh so you can do it if your married ???ok so he doesn't have to wait untill he is 30.

Me: No he doesn't... his wife might not wont to wait that long(Laughing)


funny boy.. he will be 13 this year where has the time gone....


Valentines Day

Valentines Day is sad without your Hubby here.....:-(

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let me know

After having my journal for about 4 years or so I have decided to go private.

Since I have started my career as a Dental Hygienist I felt that I should keep work and private life seperate and having my journal public doesn't do that.

I haven't been able to really be me for that reason. I know that some employers now google and frankly my life insn't any of there buisness.

If you wish to stay on as a readers let me know and I will add you. If I don't hear from you then I will assume you do not.

Thanks for understanding..and of course I will keep reading all of you guys.

I will probably go private in a week.


Donna In TEXAS


Sunday, January 27, 2008

more requests

My great nice marissa..insnt she beautiful..Such a poser for the camera

she didnt want to kiss me..can you blame her lol

Cameron shocked he got a phone. I told him he wasn't getting a phone until high school..


mimi loves her grand sons..Also mimi is single so any older nice guys lol lol

mom will kill me(evil grin)

My sister with her starbucks in hand

Me and my mom




More requests

Hollie our sheltie


Kids watching a DVD while driving to grandparents


hubby being his crazy self...With his crazy Santa Hat

more pictures

Ashley my daughter in law and me no make up making thanksgivning dinner in the kitchen

My living room kind of messy.

Hubby and I going somewhere don't remember oh yeah his bosses retirement party

Saturday, January 26, 2008

For barb and becky

Barb wanted to see my backyard..ITs too small I don't like it... and we haven't done anything to it since we moved in 7 years ago...that is hollie our sheltie wondering why I;m outside in the cold

BEcaky wanted to know which room drive me crazy...This is one of the rooms that drives me crazy..Why because 2 years ago we pulled up the carpet to put down tile and you see. NO tile so just cement..So ugly




Things you requested

Me and the kids with the State Flowers(bluebonnet)




a look out my front door...two ducks that stayed in our neighborhood whle they were mating

Friday, January 25, 2008

What do you want to see



I got this over at Becky's mummaforeverlifeorlackofone and thought what a sort of neat idea..So what do you want to see i'll take a picture and post it. My town, My house,my dogs...Can't promise anything will look worth a darn since I'm working fulltime now and barley have time to breathe...

but I thought it would be fun and maybe you would also like to do a what would you like to see....

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm breathing



I sit here exhausted. I worked at a pedo layman's terms.( kiddie dentist)..I worked on many kiddos ages 3-10..they were sweet...So innocent laying back in the chair trusting me not to hurt them.

I didn't.....

I was so in awe of thier innocence...

Many different moms would come in..

Some over protective,

 Some exhausted with many kids,

Some with sadness in there eyes feeling unloved...

Some happy and talkative..

Some snappy and impatient with there kids...

I have always been sensitive to other peoples emotions I can feel them not sure why....even as a small child...

I sat here in front of the computer ready for bed...

I hear my kids laughing as they take a bath.. Its late we had cub scouts .....

but the laughter its so infectious....splash splash...giggle giggle

The type of giggle from deep inside...I think ...oh to feel joy like that again.....over a simple thing....

 I realize in my heart I am smiling and I am warm... I am feeling that joy just hearing them...

For all the days I wonder how I could ever make it...I think to the love and joy my children share with me without even knowing...

Then I remember all I need to do is keep breathing one breathe at a time

In And out

In And out.....

Things will be ok....I just know they will...

love and light to your world


Saturday, January 12, 2008

ho hum

Hubby found out he was getting laid off March 15 from AT&T after 10 years..

Yeah it sucks..