Thursday, January 15, 2009

Geesh Sorry

I have neglected you guys for quite a while...I am been addicted to my Facebook.. Mainly because is connects me with my friends from high school.. I say that like I just graduated but it will but 30 years this year..

I meet up with about 3 of my band and choir friends from high school around new years eve..

I can't explain how much fun that was and how nourishing it was for my soul..

Here in DFW people do not know who to be good friends only fair weathered friends..

Your lucky if they pencil you in for a quick coffee..Kind of makes you feel disposable..

I will post the pictures of our meeting

Susan Ralph and ME

Carrie and me.... Not sure why this pic came out small oh well..
WE laughed so much ..
Carrie with her double knee surgery
Ralph with his reading glasses
Susan with the death of her hubby
We just looked at each and and said Damn are we getting old or what lol