Sunday, January 27, 2008

more requests

My great nice marissa..insnt she beautiful..Such a poser for the camera

she didnt want to kiss me..can you blame her lol

Cameron shocked he got a phone. I told him he wasn't getting a phone until high school..


mimi loves her grand sons..Also mimi is single so any older nice guys lol lol

mom will kill me(evil grin)

My sister with her starbucks in hand

Me and my mom




More requests

Hollie our sheltie


Kids watching a DVD while driving to grandparents


hubby being his crazy self...With his crazy Santa Hat

more pictures

Ashley my daughter in law and me no make up making thanksgivning dinner in the kitchen

My living room kind of messy.

Hubby and I going somewhere don't remember oh yeah his bosses retirement party

Saturday, January 26, 2008

For barb and becky

Barb wanted to see my backyard..ITs too small I don't like it... and we haven't done anything to it since we moved in 7 years ago...that is hollie our sheltie wondering why I;m outside in the cold

BEcaky wanted to know which room drive me crazy...This is one of the rooms that drives me crazy..Why because 2 years ago we pulled up the carpet to put down tile and you see. NO tile so just cement..So ugly




Things you requested

Me and the kids with the State Flowers(bluebonnet)




a look out my front door...two ducks that stayed in our neighborhood whle they were mating

Friday, January 25, 2008

What do you want to see



I got this over at Becky's mummaforeverlifeorlackofone and thought what a sort of neat idea..So what do you want to see i'll take a picture and post it. My town, My house,my dogs...Can't promise anything will look worth a darn since I'm working fulltime now and barley have time to breathe...

but I thought it would be fun and maybe you would also like to do a what would you like to see....

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm breathing



I sit here exhausted. I worked at a pedo layman's terms.( kiddie dentist)..I worked on many kiddos ages 3-10..they were sweet...So innocent laying back in the chair trusting me not to hurt them.

I didn't.....

I was so in awe of thier innocence...

Many different moms would come in..

Some over protective,

 Some exhausted with many kids,

Some with sadness in there eyes feeling unloved...

Some happy and talkative..

Some snappy and impatient with there kids...

I have always been sensitive to other peoples emotions I can feel them not sure why....even as a small child...

I sat here in front of the computer ready for bed...

I hear my kids laughing as they take a bath.. Its late we had cub scouts .....

but the laughter its so infectious....splash splash...giggle giggle

The type of giggle from deep inside...I think ...oh to feel joy like that again.....over a simple thing....

 I realize in my heart I am smiling and I am warm... I am feeling that joy just hearing them...

For all the days I wonder how I could ever make it...I think to the love and joy my children share with me without even knowing...

Then I remember all I need to do is keep breathing one breathe at a time

In And out

In And out.....

Things will be ok....I just know they will...

love and light to your world


Saturday, January 12, 2008

ho hum

Hubby found out he was getting laid off March 15 from AT&T after 10 years..

Yeah it sucks..