Thursday, June 30, 2005

A journal I read

So much can happen in a few days

I read this journal called girls head noise...I enjoy her entries

today I click on her journal..and I read

I have lung cancer...<sigh>

Maybe you could visit her journal and give her some encouragement...

Home again Home again

Home again Home again jigg a di jigg...

My mom use to always say that I dont really know if its a song or what....

Never the less we are home....My bed feels so wonderful...especially with my sweet hubby beside me...

Yeah I know gagg I will lol

We had a good time...I will write more later...

Especially about the Donna lost her key fiasco....That in itself will take a entry....

No matter how old you get why is it you can be with your parents and feel like your 5 years old again not literally... I guess you never stop being there child to them....and you never stop feeling it....

Life is funny that way...

My grandma will say oh the kids came by....It always sounds funny to me because she is talking about my dad and step mom...and to her they are her kids...everyone has so many roles in life....

Life........never stops being amazing...

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Lisa your so funny no they don't tickle they are very soft..

I do make them to sell.. I sold about 8 pairs or so in my nieghborhood and at my sisters work...

I have been charging 12 dollars...If the string wasn't so expensive I could charge less.. they are much cuter than these pictures .. I took the pictures with a webcam...

I like the old navy flip flops the best even thought they are a little more expensive than the ones at the craft store... I have other designs but they are in my camera which is not a digital and I haven't gotten them developed..

I enjoy making them its kind of fun..I think next year I will make some with beads or something different...

I'm a flip flop fanatic..

before and after shoe

top view

A different one I did that has little pom poms in it.. I like it better with the white string with pom poms though,,

my disclaimer is that these are taken with a webcam which doesnt really give good lol


Some shoes I made

Here is a picture of some flip flps I'm making for my step mom and I to wear on fourth of july

sorry if the pictures isnt really good...they are white old navy flip flops and I crochet some navy fun string on them...

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Hope all is well...Busy seeing family and running around town...Most all my family and hubby family lives here so....its run here and there plus kids had vacation bible school so....

Very hot here!!! I'm sorry if I haven't read yalls journals lately but dont have a spare 2 hours so far..

I will probably be home in about 3 days...

I talk about yall all the time to my step you guys live next door to me or something lol lol

I bet I'm starting to sound like a freak to her lol


Friday, June 24, 2005

do you miss me

Sorry I have been away and unable to get my dads computer to let me put entries in very well..

I will be back in a few days..

i haven't forgot yall

love donna

Sunday, June 19, 2005

More Jay

Ok now Nichole grabbed this one he is way cuter than Tom and what cute babies yall would have lol lol ....

OK OK OK I'm through Lusting.....

I have always like olive skinned ,dark hair..dark eyed men...

My husband is 1/2 hispanic...

I told hubby be nice cause Jay is just a phone call away..

<just Teasing><grin>

into the west on TNT

I have been watching this series Called Into the West..It comes on TNT every weekend..

I'm hooked..

Does anybody else noticed how sexy some of those indian men look in there loin cloths...

I like the indian that is Kerry Russell's character is with..His name is Jay Tavares he is White Mountain apache,navajo and latin...

Jay Tavare's Official Web Site

This guy is sexy to me...woo la la!!!

He was also in cold mountain

I told the hubby I'm buying you one of those loin cloths..

and I will do an Indian Dance for you... lol lol

Been Busy

Been kind of busy I went to work yesterday<Sat> at 11:30am and got off today at<Sun> 10:00 am..

yep count em thats some where around 21 hours or so....

Don't feel too sorry for me... I did get to sleep for about 4 of the hours so I wasnt too awful tired.....

I hadn't been called to work at the hospital for a few weeks so I welcomed the hours and the moolah...

I will be taking the kids up to Wichita Falls tomarrow for a few days..

Going to visit old friends and relatives...

Hubby is staying here and working..

In fact he just came over to the chair I'm sitting in and said I'm going to miss you honey..

Awwhhh!!!<sappy I know>

Now I just have to go pack.. I hate packing..

Tah tah for now...


Friday, June 17, 2005

Anybody else sick of Tom Cruise

Ok I'm sick of the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Crap!!

Would katie be interested in a 40 something guy if he was a nobody..I doubt it...

Would Tom Cruise be interested in Katie if she was 40 something with wrinkle etc.....I doubt...

Tom and Katie do us a favor and disappear..

If you have to flaunt it in our face don't except to feel the love from your public

...If you ask me they protest too much...

Kind of like the the old saying about the Lady who protests too much...I dont remember it but frankly

I want to puke......


Go Away....

Thursday, June 16, 2005

You know you're living in 2005 when

You know you're living in 2005 when...

1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.

4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they
don't have e-mail addresses.

6. You go home after a long day at work you still answer the phone in a
business manner.

7. You make phone calls from home; you accidentally dial "9" to get an
outside line.

8. You've sat at the same desk for four years and worked for three different

10. You learn about your redundancy on the 11 o'clock news.

11. Your boss doesn't have the ability to do your job.

12. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if
anyone is home.

13. Every commercial on television has a website at the bottom of the

14. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have the
first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you
turn around to go and get it.

15. You get up in the morning and go on-line before getting your coffee.

16. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. :)

17. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.

18. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this

19. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.

20. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9 on this


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

interesting blogg

Its were people post a secret but no names...very cool the postcards they send in they design...

Check it out


I got this from

My girl Kas

zachary AGAIN

Mommy if I can sleep in your bed I will give you your pillow back.....

the kid never gives. up

ok you can sleep with me...please try to sleep the same way everybody else is ok...<he is a cross sleeper>

Ok momma

Lets not tell daddy ok..

Well I think daddy will figure it out....

taking a nice warm bath

I am so enjoying the nice warm peaceful bath as everyone lays sleeping.. THe cat is laying on the edge of the tub talking to me ....I close my eyes...

I hear a russling noice....I stop nothing there...

I go back to relaxing and I hear it again only more louder and it hits me..

ZACHARY!!!! I little head peeps up over the bathtub..

Me: why are you up go back to bed..

Zach: I caaann''tt sleep...

Me: well go back and lay there and you will fall asleep...

Zach.. I cant My pillow is out of comfortable..

ME: lol What is your pillow?

Zach : its out of comfortable..

ME: I'm laughing now..well you had the right idea just the wrong mean your pillow is uncomfortable..

Zach: so Can I sleep with you..

Me: no you can't you have your nice soft bed...

Zach:huuummmm can I have your pillow..

Me: sure you can take my pillow and I will be in to tuck you in again..

Zach: he smiles and runs off

my kids always keep me guessing and laughing....

Ok who pee on the toliet


I am anal about my toliet...Why you ask..because I live with 3 males and sometimes the grown up male comes back for a visit...

There aim is terrible...and of course no one did it..

Well I sure didnt do I'm innocent but I get to clean it...

dum de dum just cleaning the toliet and I thought...WTH how did you guys manage to pee that far off the toliet..

So I yell boys get in here,, after a few minutes they come in to see why mom is on the floor yelling for them..

Cameron:  momma whats wrong why are you in the floor are you ok

Me: no I'm not ok...thanks for asking....I'm down here cleaning the pee off the base of the toliet

Cameron: well is wasnt me

Zach<peeks in> Is wasnt me momma

Together they say...It was probably daddy..IS daddy in trouble

Cameron: I promise mom is wasnt me and I can prove it...

Now this peeked my interest as to how he would know which urine stain was his...I know I didnt feed them food color for the pee...although now that I think about is a good idea...

Well guys I defentily know is wasnt me and we all know why..

Cameron: it was probably Zach he can never hold it still

ME: snickering...zach to you got a wild one son...

Zach: laughes...No momma just a big one that has alot of pee but it wasnt me

Cameron: it was too you and it wasnt me...

ME:ok cameron prove to me it wasnt you...

Cameron: Because

Me: because why.

Cameron: Because I pee like a girl....

ME: what!!!!! you pee like a girl ??

Cameron: yeah I always sit down to pee that way it doesnt go everywhere..

I think to myself................

<Well hot diggity damn that was a good idea..why didnt I think of that with all the boys in the house>

Ok zachary crackery that leaves you cause I can voulge for daddys aim...

Zach: Hangs head down and says Ok it was me...

Me:I 'm not mad at you .baby just need you to clean up after yourself..I know its hard but it gets easier the more you do it

Zach: well sometimes it gets two streams and I dont know which one to follow...

Me:I..understand<as I gigle under my breath>maybe

you should go ask you dad about that one...

In the meantime if you tinkle on the seat or rim grab some toliet paper and wipe it off and flush it down the commode...

ok..I love you both very much now go play with your friends and i will clean it off this time...

Thanks mom we love you...yeah you better

Crafters coast to coast

I love this show...everyday they show 3 crafters from all over america that has a craft they do..

The crafter shows you how to do what they do...its funny how they can take nothing and make something out of it...

My computer is running werid lately...I have mcafee virus. and adware thing whopper...maybe I need something else also..

If you are a computer expert maybe you could shed some light on what other stuff I could get free or something that would be a good investment for the computer...

I was crocheting on one of my sandals tonight at the neighborhood pool and this lady walked up and said...

Lady: How do you do that..

<so I showed her>

She said I could never be that crafty....

I said sure you could if I can do it you can..

She said I have been wanting to get my daughter some shoes like that but havent been able to find them..

She said will you make my daughter some..

I said sure...she said great..

Dang she didnt even ask how much...I started to be awnry and say ok they are 50 dollars ..but I didnt ..Hee Hee...

I said I charge 12 dollars is that ok with you??

She said thats fine.....

I always get nervous when I make them for somebody because I'm a I stress if they arent perfect...

I need to chill out...because they are cute and hey they are just flip flops lol lol..

I have yet to have my own pair...I gave my sister the pair I made for myself...

I wish I have a digital camera they really are cute especially in little girl sizes...I did take pictures with a regular camera...

I took my meds early today than yesterday so here hoping I sleep better tonight...

Nighty nite


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not SLeeping

Its is me or is AOL running slow tonight...

No I'm not asleeep..I did what the Dr said and took another pill at three. and now what...... no sleepy eyes..

I took a sleeping pill 2 hours ago...nope no sleeping...

even tried the natural sleeping aid...well lets say it worked for my husband he is snoring like a logs snore maybe its sleeping like a log <WINK>

Not for me




Took the kids swimming tonight for about a hour and a half...Talked with the neighbor down the street...

A very nice lady...

Randy,zach and I walked down to the duck pond and zach feed the ducks....

Nice end to the day..


So you all know my frustration with the Dr I have been going to...

So I went today..and I have decided I will probably keep going to him for a while but I will not take my son back..My 10 years old is adhd

This guy is suppose to specialize in kids but get this...

--His waiting room has no toys or anything remotely close to looking like a child...

--When I met with DR by myself he was ok but when my son was with me..The DR acted weird...different than when he was meeting just me

the Dr acted he didnt want my kid around

--He kept telling my son to not interrupt me.. my son was just adding to what I was saying about him ....because we were meeting about him <my son> 

--My son started acting really strange when we were in there he wasnt comfortable..

so I took it as first time jitters...

Today he told my son to not put his foot up in the seat..

It was the way he talked to he hated kids...

This guy told me he specialized in kids..Good grief

I went in and told him I was pissed off because I felt that the school did not want to deal with my son adhd...

They complained about his hyperness so after a few years I gave in and medicated him...He seemed to do better and now they say he is flat and seemed we wont to start him on antidepresants..I will not

So I didnt give him anymore antidepresants after twos days

I said shit they can't have everything..I said before he was medicated the only complaint was he couldnt stay in his seat...other than that he was a funny kid with energy

The Dr looked at me and said sounds like your frustrated..I said yes and started to tear up..

He said well take him off everything then...

and I can see him in 3 weeks..

I just looked at him..I thought ok that its you dont want to talk to me about it...He said you probably need to take him to a therapist...Its like he was brushing me off since he couldnt make any money off me..<that is just my feeling>

PFFTT.. I just took him to a play therapist that he loved but... she didnt teach me a damn thing about how to help my son...

Then He started talking about my meds while my son was in the room which was weird I thought

I tried to tell him that being on this Ritalin is fine but I  get very upset and cranky after so many hours..also I get weepy after a few hours

He said well when the ritalin wears off you will get that way so you may need to take it twice a day instead of once... it sounds like you doing good so I will see you in 3 weeks.. I thought WTF He didnt even want to really talk to me about it..

This is why I didnt even want to go see another Head DR...Good ones are hard to fine...and I hate the freaking weeding out process...

This makes me want to not put my kids in school and just home school...

If your the type of patient that just wonts  to walk in get your prescription and leave then this DR  is for you..but if you want to make you life better forget it..

There is more than just meds you need to work on other things that can on the whole make you a better able person to deal with life and your illness whatever it may be...

I wish I could afford to put my son in a private school specific for adhd..

If anybody knows any good website...or books on adhd let my know...

Or a good child psychirist in Dallas are or suburbs let me know

Sorry about the rambling but I had to vent...

Breathe Donna Breathe

Yeah I know my spelling is crappy but AOl wont pay to have spell check...Idiots...

Damn I'm gripey

Have we gone too farr

So I was listening to the radio or the news I forget and in plano texas they want to take the swings off the play grounds because kids might swing to high and fall and get hurt..

I thought WTH..surely I didnt hear that right....

I thougth come on people...

Now I'm all for protecting my children...but kids have got to learn things....and some of the learning is experenece

Keeping your kids in a bubble and not exposing or at least educating them on life...for me is down right humm shall we say stupid...

It like not letting your infant try to walk because they might fall and hurt themselves...

There are so many hellicoper moms in this area is it alarming....

You guys know what I'm saying...Everything in moderation..and being too protective can cause I child to go into culture shock when they are grown and out in the real world...

Our jobs as parents is to teach our children to be good citizens,be resposible,kind,unselfish...etc...I could go on...but you get the picture

the daily things of life...

But up here I see parents who overindulge there children..example BMW's for there 16 birthdays...unlimited wardrobe...I could go on and on..

Then the parents are shocked when little suzi or billy cant fuction on a minimal paying job..or becomes demanding because she or he is used to the finer things in life that she didnt work to earn...

So now I see alot of these spoilt chilren..being helluns because they are used to being catered to and nothing expected from them to earn it..

I guess what I'm seeing is an idea of entitlement...

Gee and these will be the people who run the world when I get older...

I shuttered...

Me maw sent this to me

my memaw sent me this story...I though it was interesting...I dont know if its true since you know who things can be in internet land...maybe if anybody knows they can find here it is...The ending kind of blew me away

  Back in the 50's there was a well known radio
> > host/comedian/song writer in Hollywood named
> > Stuart Hamblin who was noted for his drinking,
> > womanizing, partying, etc.
> >
> > One of his bigger hits at the time was
> > "I won't go hunting with you Jake,
> > but I'll go chasing women."
> >
> >     One day, along came a young preacher holding
> > a tent revival.  Hamblin had him on his radio show
> > presumably to poke fun at him.
> >
> > In order to gather more material for his show,
> > Hamblin showed up at one of the revival meetings.
> >
> >     Early in the service the preacher announced,
> > "There is one man in this audience who is a big
> > fake."
> > There were probably others who thought the same
> > thing,
> > but Hamblin was convinced that he was the one the
> > preacher
> > was talking about (some would call that conviction)
> > but he was having none of that.
> >
> >     Still the words continued to haunt him until a
> > couple
> > of nights later he showed up drunk at the preacher's
> > hotel door around 2AM demanding that the preacher
> > pray for him!
> >
> > But the preacher refused, saying, "This is between
> > you and God
> > and I'm not going to get in the middle of it."
> >
> > But he did invite Stuart in and they talked until
> > about 5 AM at which point Stuart dropped to his
> > knees and with tears, cried out to God.
> >
> >     But that is not the end of the story.
> > Stuart quit drinking, quit chasing women,
> > quit everything that was 'fun.' Soon he began
> > to lose favor with the Hollywood crowd.
> >
> >     He was ultimately fired by the radio station
> > when
> > he refused to accept a beer company as a sponsor.
> >
> > Hard times were upon him.  He tried writing a couple
> > of "Christian" songs but the only one that had
> > much success was "This Old House",
> > written for his friend Rosemary Clooney.
> >
> >     As he continued to struggle, a long time friend
> > named John took him aside and told him,
> > "All your troubles started when you 'got religion,'
> > Was it worth it all?"
> > Stuart answered simply, "Yes."
> >
> > Then his friend asked, "You liked your booze so
> > much,
> > don't you ever miss it?" And his answer was,
> > "No." John then said, "I don't understand how
> > you could give it up so easily."
> >
> > And Stuart's response was, "It's no big secret.
> > All things are possible with God."
> > To this John said, "That's a catchy phrase.
> > You should write a song about it."
> >
> >     And as they say, "The rest is history."
> >
> > The song Stuart wrote was "It Is No Secret."
> >
> > "It is no secret what God can do.
> > What He's done for others, He'll do for you.
> >
> > With arms wide open, He'll welcome you.
> > It is no secret, what God can do...."
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > By the way... the friend was John Wayne.
> > And the young preacher who refused to pray for
> > Stuart Hamblen?
> > ...That was Billy Graham.
> >
> > > >

Brandys journal

I read all kinds of journals because I like people from all ages to all walks of life...I think learning about people young and old gives us wisdom...makes us realize we all want the same love and to be

so Brandie this little young lady I read has a journal and she wrote this on it I thought it was very smart for her age...

here it is

. My husband is not the devil (even though his face might turn red, sprout horns, and smoke out his ears from time to time LOL)

2. If you can't laugh about it, you haven't lived it right.

3. Never betray a freind and live to tell about it

4. It was still illegal even if you didn't get caught

5. Always knock before entering (never know what little surprises are behind that door)

6. Don't eat with your mouth full, you might miss a great tasting bite down your shirt.

7. Never assume anything, it might be worse than you had thought

8. Sex = kids, go figure

9. Collections are great to have after you are done rasing kids

10. God must have had a great sense of humor or bad sense of humor depending on the situation and interperation

11. Kallua and coffee was made for stay at home moms (LOL)

12. Try not to sneeze while driving, its harder to clean the inside of a windshild than the outside

13. Womans intuition or PMS? Who can really tell the difference?

14. A weak woman can still walk, a sad woman can still laugh, but a mad woman can't do anything pleasant

15. Never underestamate a child, just when you think you have it right they prove you wrong. ie: kid pooping in your bath tub while not taking a bath (really happened to me)

16. Marriage is a give and take, the smart partner is the one who takes

17. Life is like dodge ball, as long as you are not in the middle, you are ok

18. Just because you can put it on does not under any circumstances mean you should wear it,

19. Life is full of surprises, so plan ahead

20. Always be prepared for anything, especially after eating Taco Bell.

Go and give her visit if you would like.... her alerts have been off so maybe we could bombard her with comments..

Just to keep this youngun busy lol lol HA HA

Monday, June 13, 2005

Animal love me!!

So all the animals love me right now...

Is it because I'm wonderful ......nope

Is it because of there undieing love for me....nope

It because I'm eating beef jerky...They are staring at me hoping I'll have mercy on them...

Donna doesnt share her beef jerky with anybody....

Donna loves her some beef jerky but only walmart brand it's nice and tender not chewy...

Wanna bite????

NOT!!!! lol lol lol

Sunday, June 12, 2005

crappy mood

I'm in such a crappy mood lately..

quick to anger..I'm usually a very calm and patient person..

WTH  probably the new meds...

See this is why I always end up quiting on the meds...I get sick of try this try that..lets change this lets change that...

I'm not freaking rich ya know this meetings are costing me so you can experiment..

Damn DRs  Hate the money grubbing lot of them...

See I told you I was in a crappy mood

I may just cancel my damn appt tomarrow he can get someone else to make that car payment on his mercedes...

Good night

Saturday, June 11, 2005

sleep over

My youngest had his first sleepover last night..

I told him are you sure you will be there alllll night...

I said plus you will have to wear your nightime underwear...

he blushed..<that is his goodnight that he wears just in case there is a leak ya know:-)>

I said we will put some boxer in there so you can wear them over it ok...

He seemed relieved...

Went and bought more flop flops to do...

Later that night...

Cameron said ...momma since zach is gone can you lay with me a little longer tonight...

Me ..sure I will..

<we had general chit chat ,snuggling then he said>

Cameron: I wont to pray tonight

Me: uhh ok

Cameron: Dear God bless my family,friends and the whole world..Thank you for loving me even when I'm bad sometimes...and god on more thing...please help zach to have a fun sleepover and not be scare...I love You it's me Cameron amen..

 I was touched that he thought about his brother...

being brothers that dosent always happen HA!!!

Zach isnt home yet and it is 10:07 he is probably having fun..

Ok I kind of missed him I admit it lol lol


good morning

No creepy dreams last night...So glad...

Got my hair done yesterday I'm back blonde again..

I had put my hair back brown which is was close to my natural color.

damn it.... I'll not be called someone's mother lol

2 of my husbands brother are coming up today...there are 11 in my husbands family...

The two coming up I like alot... so that's ok..

I have been so busy making crochet flip flops..You take flip flops and crochet cute yawn to the part that goes down your foot...Very cute if I say so myself

I will try to borrow my friends digital camera and that some shots..

I did it for fun but people saw them and wanted me to make them some for them... so I thought..What the heck I will make a little money and have fun at the same time..

Friday, June 10, 2005

creepy dream

oh my gosh I had the creepiest dream I have ever had ever!!!!!

I woke up so creeped out.I dreamed I was at this place where a funeral was at. I didnt know the people but there was these twin girls that had been killed in a car accident and there were having there funeral...

It was open casket everybody was crying and the girls in the casket started moving...

I started screaming there are moving...there alive

People were ignoring me... I said how can they be moving they have no blood in them

<I said it was creepy>!!!!!

The mother walked over and pick up her daughter and walked out...

I was so relieved...

I woke up  so relieved....but breathing very hard!!!!!!!

what a gross dream what you do think it means

Donna In TEXAS

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Are you her mom?

Woke up this morning and went over to my sister's..

She had an appt with  Dr.Carmen and I wanted to go along..

This Dr is one that I used to work for and have a lot of respect for.. she is just a very nice person all together...Dr Carmen was in with a group of Drs and went out on her own practice and I hadnt seen her in a few months and wanted to say Hi..

We got there early and another lady walked in...we started up a conversation about who had what surgeries and why etc...

Ya know general chit chat...Well there was an emergency and the Dr was delayed a little so we ended up setting and talking to this other lady for about an hour...

Really nice lady about my age...My sister mentioned something about being older and she ask my sisters age she said 41 and the lady looked shocked...

she said really I thought you were alot younger...

<People always think that about my sister...>

so we continue talking and my sister calls her work to tell them she will be a little late...

The lady looks at me and says are you her mom???

I start laughing and say no I'm her sister..I'm only 43..

Well, the blood drained out of that ladies face real quick..I know she felt like an idot

I said don't worry about it...

The lady got called back into the exam rooms and my sister said on my gosh did that hurt your feelings??...

you know its because I act more immature than you ...

I said naugh IT did caught me off guard but then I though it was funny.

my sister said its just your so mature acting people have always thought you were older you whole life.

I thought it was nice my sister was concerned about my feelings..

Late that evening I called my sister..

I said YA know I think I must need a need hair style or something...

She said WHY

I said because I got to thinking and that is the second time in the last 6 months someone has assumed I'm your mom...

She laughed and said when was the other time..

I said when you were going back to surgery and the guy said ok mom kiss your daughter so we can take her back to surgery..

My sister laughed and said I forgot about that...

I said yeah I had too...

So tomorrow I'm going to get my hair cut and highlighted back a little blonder... lol lol lol  

The being more mature part welllll that will just have to stay a part of me lol lol


Wednesday, June 8, 2005

GOt in a email funny senior personal aids

Put this in for my grandmother...she will get a kick out of this e-mail I got..

I love you memaw,

your favorite granddaughter <wink>


Senior Personal Ads

Some "Senior" personal ads seen in Florida and Arizona newspapers:

FOXY LADY: Sexy, fashion-conscious blue-haired beauty, 80's,
slim,5'-4" (used to be 5-6), searching for sharp-looking,
sharp-dressing companion. Matching white shoes and belt a plus.

MINT CONDITION: Male, 1932, high mileage, good condition, some hair,
many new parts including hip, knee, cornea, valves. Isn't in running
condition, but walks well.

LONG-TERM COMMITMENT: Recent widow who has just buried fourth husband
looking for someone to round out a six- unit plot. Dizziness,
fainting, shortness of breath not a problem.

SERENITY NOW: I am into solitude, long walks, sunrises, the ocean,
yoga and meditation. If you are the silent type, let's get together,
take our hearing aids out and enjoy quiet times.

WINNING SMILE: Active grandmother with original teeth seeking a
dedicated flossier to share rare steaks, corn on the cob and caramel

BEATLES OR STONES? I still like to rock, still like to cruise in my
Camaro on Saturday nights and still like to play the air guitar. If
you were a groovy chick, or are now a groovy hen, let's get together
and listen to my boss collection of eight-track tapes.

MEMORIES: I can usually remember Monday through Thursday. If you can
remember Friday, Saturday and Sunday, let's put our two heads

Monday, June 6, 2005

special moments with zach 7 year old

I do enjoy my children as you can my entries...

I write more about my youngest because he is at that age of question asking...

Tonight as I lay beside him he started his questioning out of the blue

Zach: momma how old will I be when you die?

Me: chuckling Goodness baby I don't know why

Zach: will I be 10?

ME: No I think I will still be here

Zach: 15?

Me: honey I dont know...why do you worry about mommie dieing..

Zach: Because I would miss you..<he gets quite for a moment> but I would go to the graveyard and put a special flower on there and visit you

<boy did that cause a tug at my heart>

Me:what kind of flower would you put

Zach: hummm a rose or a pretty purple flower...but you wouldnt see it because you would be died right momma..

<these are his words and sometimes he get the tenses confused>

Me: oh I would see it

Zach: are angels real...

Me: I believe in angels...

Zach:angels ,fairies,monsters....angels are fairies

Me: well not really..... fairies arent real

Zach: but the tooth fairy is real right momma

<opps almost got busted I had to scramble >

ME: oh yeah well she is real..but she is the only one..


Zach: dinoraus are they real?

Me: well they once were but they all died

Zach: yeah there xstint <how he pronounced it>


Zach: what does xstint mean??

ME: it means that all the dinosaurs died and there are no more..

Zach: they all died except alligators

Zach: alligators.... they are dinosaurs

Me: no alligator arent the same as dinosaurs..there in a different family

Zach: yeah..but you have meat eaters and plant eaters...

didnt they momma..long necks they eat plants...

Me: yeah they did...

Me you need to go to sleep sweetheart..<kiss>

Zach:  I love you to infinity times infinity...

Me: Yeah but know what? I love you more

Zach: mom you cant love me more!!!...... there is no more passed infinity..

Me: oh yes there is momma knows...Its a secret infinity

zach: really

Me: moms know these things...we know everything

Zach: yeah your smart momma right?

Me: Thanks right baby I'm smart..

Me: Go to sleep young man..sweet dreams

Zach: momma?

Me: What zach youneed to go to sleep....

Zach: maybe morrow we go to the pool

Me: maybe I'll think about it..


Me: zach momma is tired ok ..I need my beauty sleep

Zach: momma your already beautiful..

Me : oh thanks baby.. night night

Zach:yawns...night night..


gee his brain was running on high speed tonight..

You like the way I save the tooth fairy...dang I almost thought I screwed up

Good night...


Got this from hestia homeschool for wild womans journal thought I would pass it along...frighten me I will defentily put up the compressed air

If you know someone with children please pass this along to them. It is a  true story as the link at the bottom will show.

First I'm going to tell you a little about me and my family. My name is  Jeff. I am a Police Officer for a city which is known nationwide for its crime  rate. We have a lot of gangs and drugs. At one point we were # 2 in the nation
in homicides per capita. I also have a police K-9 named Thor. He was certified in drugs and general duty. He retired at 3 years old because he was shot in  the line of duty. He lives with us now and I still train with him because he
likes it. I always liked the fact that there was no way to bring drugs into my  house. Thor wouldn't allow it. He would tell on you. The reason I say this is so you understand that I know about drugs. I have taught in schools about drugs. My wife asks all our kids at least once a week if they used any drugs. Makes them promise they won't.

I like building computers occasionally and started building a new one in February 2005. I also was working on some of my older computers. They were full of dust so on one of my trips to the computer store I bought a 3 pack of DUST
OFF. Dust Off is a can of compressed air to blow dust off a computer. A few weeks later when I went to use them they were all used. I talked to my kids and my
2 sons both said they had used them on their computer and messing around with them. I yelled at them for wasting the 10 dollars I paid for them. On February 28 I went back to the computer store. They didn't have the 3 pack which I
had bought on sale so I bought a single jumbo can of Dust Off. I went home and set it down beside my computer.

On March 1st I left for work at 10 PM. At 11 PM my wife went down and kissed Kyle goodnight. At 530 am the next morning Kathy went downstairs to wake Kyle
up for school, before she left for work. He was sitting up in bed with his legs crossed and his head leaning over. She called to him a few times to get up. He didn't move. He would sometimes tease her like this and pretend he fell
back asleep. He was never easy to get up. She went in and shook his arm. He fell over. He was pale white and had the straw from the Dust Off can coming out of
his mouth. He had the new can of Dust Off in his hands. Kyle was dead.

I am a police officer and I had never heard of this. My wife is a nurse and she had never heard of this. We later found out from the coroner, after the autopsy, that only the propellant from the can of Dust off was in his system. No
other drugs. Kyle had died between midnight and 1 Am.

I found out that using Dust Off is being done mostly by kids ages 9 through 15. They even have a name for it. It's called dusting. A take off from the Dust Off name. It gives them a slight high for about 10 seconds. It makes them
dizzy. A boy who lives down the street from us showed Kyle how to do this about a month before. Kyle showed his best friend. Told him it was cool and it couldn't hurt you. Its just compressed air. It can't hurt you. His best friend said

Kyle's death

Kyle was wrong. It's not just compressed air. It also contains a propellant. I think its R2. Its a refrigerant like what is used in your refrigerator. It is a heavy gas. Heavier than air. When you inhale it, it fills your lungs and keeps the good air, with oxygen, out. That's why you feel dizzy, buzzed. It
decreases the oxygen to your brain, to your heart. Kyle was right. It can't hurt you. IT KILLS YOU. The horrible part about this is there is no warning. There is no level that kills you. It's not cumulative or an overdose; it can just go
randomly, terribly wrong. Roll the dice and if your number comes up you die. IT'S NOT AN OVERDOSE. Its Russian roulette. You don't die later. Or not feel good and say I've had too much. You usually die as your breathing it in. If not
you die within 2 seconds of finishing "the hit." That's why the straw was still in Kyle's mouth when he died. Why his eyes were still open.

The experts want to call this huffing. The kids don't believe its huffing. As
adults we tend to lump many things together. But it doesn't fit here. And
that's why its more accepted. There is no chemical reaction. no strong odor. It
doesn't follow the huffing signals. Kyle complained a few days before he died
of his tongue hurting. It probably did. The propellant causes frostbite. If I
had only known.

Its easy to say hay, its my life and I'll do what I want. But it isn't. Others are always affected. This has forever changed our family's life. I have a
hole in my heart and soul that can never be fixed. The pain is so immense I can't describe it. There's nowhere to run from it. I cry all the time and I  don't ever cry. I do what I'm supposed to do but I don't really care. My kids are
messed up. One won't talk about it. The other will only sleep in our room at night. And my wife, I cant even describe how bad she is taking this. I thought we were safe because of Thor. I thought we were safe because we knew about
drugs and talked to our kids about them.

After Kyle died another story came out. A Probation Officer went to the school system next to ours to speak with a student. While there he found a student
using Dust Off in the bathroom. This student told him about another student who also had some in his locker. This is a rather affluent school system. They
will tell you they don't have a drug problem there. They don't even have a dare or plus program there. So rather than tell everyone about this "new" way of getting high they found, they hid it. The probation officer told the media
after Kyle's death and they, the school, then admitted to it. I know that if they would have told the media and I had heard, it wouldn't have been in my house.

We need to get this out of our homes and school computer labs.

Using Dust Off isn't new and some "professionals" do know about. It just isn't talked about much, except by the kids. They know about it.

April 2nd was 1 month since Kyle died. April 5th would have been his 15th birthday. And every weekday I catch myself sitting on the living room couch at
2:30 in the afternoon and waiting to see him get off the bus. I know Kyle is in heaven but I cant help but wonder If I died and went to Hell.


This is on the Snopes site as a true story.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Toxins (Dusted Off)

big fat pig

Heck I don't know what is wrong with me today I have ate so much ice cream..

2 dreamsicles

a bowl of mint chocolate chip..

I'm a oinker today

must be all the sun from the pool fried my brain lol

my cecy

Those of you who have been reading my journal for a while know about my friend cecy who died of breast cancer at 32..I have wrote about her off and on...

Well I have kept in contact with her husband off and on and have gone over and seen the kids..I promised cecy I would and I have...

SO....I ran into daniel at the end of school party...

We hug...I say how are you and he throws this out there..

Oh I'm getting married...

I knew he would eventually but it kind of shocked me a little....

I say a little shocked because the orignal shock was when he started dating 6 months after cecy died...

Cecy has been gone 2 years this last april...

I told him that I'm happy for him but that is does make me sad..... a little .....just reminds me that cecy is never coming back...

He got a little defensive with me saying well I'm lonely and the kids need a mother and cecy would want me to get remarried etc... etc..

I looked at him and said Daniel I'm not putting you down I know cecy would want you to remarry...

It's just a reminder of what is...

He said well I know I live it don't have to visit it unless you want to...her being gone is constantly around me...

I told him your right that is true

Then he said oh and I'm selling the house...

I can't judge him....well I could but that is not fair...

I would like to think if I died my husband would be sad for longer than 6 months before he started looking again...

People say well he is a man and men don't like to be alone....Maybe that is true I'm not a man...<Last time I checked I wasnt a man >lol lol

I don't know how I would be if my husband died I haven't been though it..I havent walked down that road....

I really like his girlfriend and I know cecy would like her also....

In my heart I wish him well and I know that the boys need that mother type love....

So cecy just know that I still love you...and miss you and so does Daniel...

Life has gone on....has it should...just like you would want it to..

You were the most unselfish person I knew...

Until we met again...

All my love



Sunday, June 5, 2005

being a little brave.....

I have a private journal that I usually write in about my life with depression...It is very deep and at times a little weird when I read back and see how sad I can get.How deep the hole inside me gets...

but today I decided to be brave and write my entry in here...just to throw it out there...Not sure why..

This house is very quite .....everyone is asleep except me....

Sleep is a luxury I don't always get my body does its own thing...

It has been 5 days since I have started my meds and I feel a little lost...

You see with meds the sadness has been gone.. and quite frankly I'm missing it at times...

It has been a part of me for years...I hide it well at times at times I dont....

Its like my friend" depression" has gone and quite frankly I don't really know how to act.

Parts of me don't miss it and the other part still looks for it....searching all the while not really wanting to find it....not really..but wondering if it is just hiding and waiting to peeks it head out at me....

Afraid that it will come back and consume my thoughts....

I do not know for sure that this med is the answer..I'm afraid to think about it too much

like the thinking will mess things up...but it hasn't

I have found myself second guessing or even trying to find something wrong with this med...

Is it because I don't know how it just live happy??

I have no answers..only questions..

Sometime I tell myself maybe my family is right and I'm just a weakling and need to toughen up...

But I know it easy to tell someone how to feel when your not experiencing it..They are wrong but they mean well...

So I sat here and type and think....What does the world hold for me today or tomorrow...

I'm not sure but this I know whatever it is I will face it brokeness and all..I will make it thorough...

Donna In TEXAS

kind of fun

ok got this from jules on randon musings of my mind who got it from bookncoffee who got it from sometimes I think...and so on and so get the picture...

How to determine your Star Wars name:

To get your New First Name:
1.  Take the first 3 letters of your first name.
2.  Add the first 2 letters of your last name.

To get your New Last Name:
3.  Take the first 2 letters of your Mom's maiden name.
4.  Add the first 3 letters of the city you were born in.

To get your Star Wars Honorific Title:
1.  Take the last 3 letters of your last name and reverse them.
2.  Add the first 3 letters of the make or model of your first car.
3.  Insert the word "of"
4.  Tack on the name of the last medication you took.

Mine is Dongu kehob .....Oreche of benydryl <I think I did this right>

more conversations

I was sitting in the living room last night and got a hankering for something sweet...I made my way into the kitchen and got the ice cream out..I notice there wasnt much left so I was very quite not to bring attention to the rest of the family ..he he

I just finished making me a ice cream cone and in walks zach

ZACH: Momma what cha doing?

ME: What does it look like I'm doing?

ZACH: Can I have a ice cream cone?

ME:GO ahead and take this one I just made

ZACH: Did you lick off it?

ME: NO but what if I did

ZACH: Then I want another one..

ME:What you cant eat after me?

ZACH: NO!!! that's gross momma

Me: Well I didnt lick off it <wink> I really did but he didnt see me ha!

SO....I make myself another ice cream walks cameron

Cameron: Momma can I have a ice cream cone?

ME: I guess but that means I dont get one

Cameron: I will share with you momma.

Me:No that's ok I don't need one.

SO..I scrap a teaspoon of ice cream off the side of the carton and but it on a ice cream cone...

There I sat eating my ice cream cone with a teaspoon of ice cream in it and two stale pecan sandies

The life of a mom <sigh> I wouldnt trade it for anything lol


Saturday, June 4, 2005

conversation with my 7 year old

Were sitting in the living room watching tv and Zach<7 year old> blurts out of nowhere

Zach:mom is god a boy or a girl?

Me:I don't know what you do think?

Zach: A boy

Me why a boy?

Zach I dont know maybe both a boy and a girl..I dont know

I don't remember

Me hummm interesting

Zach:only dead people see him right??

Me: why do you think only dead people see god

Zach:because bad people dont see him because they go down to the devil

and good people go up to heaven to god

Zach: So momma what do you think??

Me: I think I have to go to the bathroom...

Zach: momma your so silly

Yep I played the bathroom card...HA!



Saturday six

1. Who is the last performer you saw live in concert?Something with my oldest son some boy band years ago  What is thelast film you saw at a theater? madagascar Which was more worth the moneyyou paid?neither really

2. What do you do more of in a typical day:  work, sleep, eat, exercise. watch TV, surf the web?Watch tc and surf the web and I love to read

3. Your office brings in a new drink machine and it's your job to fillthe eight selection slots.  What drinks (non-alcholic, of course)do you select?Healthy stuff..water.juice drinks.maybe a carbonated drink or two.

4. Take the quiz:  What is your expression number?   Do you agree with the description it gives you?  What do you disagree with most?

You tend to be associated with idealistic concepts and spiritual issues.
You have high potentials that are somewhat difficult to live up to.
You have very strong intuition and you can be a bit psychic at times.

Highly inspirational, you can lead merely by your own example.
You have an inborn inner strength and awareness that helps you advise others.
Although you have what it takes for a successful career, you belong outside the business world.

Overly sensitive and temperamental, you tend to have a lot of nervous tension.
You dream a lot, so much so that you may be more of a dreamer than a doer.
Fantasy and reality tend to get intermingled for you, and that leads to impracticality.

Yep sounds like me alright...How do they do that with just your name???

5. Counting all light fixtures and lamps in your home, how many bulbsdo you have in place, and how many of them are on right now?6 inplace none one

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #55 from Laura: What is your favorite movie line ever and why?
I always thought I would be something special and it turns out I ended up being nothing special at all....

Sandra Bullock on the movie hope floats

Friday, June 3, 2005



Just testing...

happy friday


Just wanted to take a minute and thank all the friends I have made in the last few months through this journal..

You guys are kind,loving and supportive...and I want you to know how much I appreicate you..

<of course you dont have to live with me so is easy to be kind and supporting lol lol lol >

I enjoy reading each and everyone of you guys journals its nice to know people have the same problems and things going on like me...

I talk about you guys alot to my family I say my journal friend this..or share in a funny tale you guys might of wrote about...

My husband laughes at me...

Anyway...Thanks for all your friendships


Donna in TEXAS of course lol.. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Got this in a e-mail thought I would share

1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !!


First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they
carried us.

They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing and didn't get tested for


Then after that trauma, our baby cribs were covered with bright colored
lead-based paints.


We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we
rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took

As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.

Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE
actually died from this.

We ate cupcakes, bread and butter and drank soda pop with sugar in it, but
we weren't overweight because WE WERE ALWAYS OUTSIDE PLAYING

We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back
when the streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day. And we were O.K.

We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ride down
the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into the
bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.


We did not have Playstations, Nintendo's, X-boxes, no video games at all, no
99 channels on cable, no video tape movies, no surround sound, no cell
phones, no personal computers, no Internet or Internet chat
rooms..........WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no
lawsuits from these accidents.

We made up games with sticks and tennis balls and ate worms
(only some  of us copped out for catsup) and although we
were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes, nor did the
  worms live in us forever.

<ok For the record I never ate worms but I did taste some play dough lol>Donna


We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and knocked on the door or rang
the bell, or just walked in and talked to them!

Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't
had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!!


The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of.   They
actually sided with the law!

This generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers
and inventors ever!

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas. 

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned 




And YOU are one of them! CONGRATULATIONS!


DR Appt.

Went to the Dr today...I was very apprehensive but he was very personalble..

My gut felt ok with him...I always listen to my gut..

He ask very interesting questions...questions that I dont remember my last Dr ever asking...

So I'm taking...Concerta and half a low dose of trazadone sp<antideppresant>? at night to help me sleep. I will take this for a week and meet back and let him know an update of how the meds effected me and we will go from there..

I have to admit one dose of the concerta has calmed my mind down...Not obsessing so much however it does energize me a little which I needed..I had become so lethargic and so unmodivated...I just feel calmer inside which is werid for me

I will give it a week if it works great ...if not.. at least I feel like he is the type of dr who is flexible and listens to me...

He also recommend I start back with my therapist again..He said meds alone arent the answer...<thought you would like that lisa<wink>>>

Something he said really threw me off though...

He looked at me and said do you realize how smart your are???

I looked at him like he was crazy!!! I said no I feel like a failure and stupid...

He are...<he said this based on some the the stuff we talked about which I wont go into>

He said Donna you need to realize your potential its there I see it even with what you told that you realized as a small child tells me alot about your abilities...

It kind of shocked me no one had really told me that before..other than family who sometimes you think they just say it to make you feel better ya know..

Overall it was a good visit...

SO there you have it...boring story and all...

Probably more than you really wanted to know...