Saturday, October 29, 2005

anyone see this website

oprah had this website on her show it is a child molester site. This difference I have seen with this one is it shows pictures of the sexual prediture

I looked up around my house there were three living less than a mile..


a quiz

IF you recycle one aluminum can it can save enough energy to run a television for how long?

a.15 minutes

b.30 minutes

c. 1 hour

d.3 hours





give up the answer is 3 hours...

wow I need to recycle more


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Santa Clause conversations

Riding in the car back from getting last minute halloween costumes

Zachary: Momma why does santa clause come only at night?

Me: Because he wants to surprize you

Cameron: But I want to see him

Me: Well you can go to the santa clause in the mall

Cameron: he is the fake Santa

Me: Yeah but he talks to Santa and tells him what you say

Hubby: you can write him a letter

Cameron: Well...I go to school with some non belivers

Me:<chuckle> Nonbelivers?

Cameron: yeah they say there is no santa but I say they are wrong

Hubby: Those are the bad kids they don't get anything

Me:He will come to see you as long as you beleive

Cameron:Have you seen santa clause?

Me: no Santa only comes for kids

Cameron: well adults needs stuff

Me: well Adults have jobs so they can buy each other stuff don't

Hubby: Adults buy stuff for each other

Cameron: Well when I grow up I wont to see Santa Clause

Me:<chuckle> Oh you will see him alright.........

conversation with cameron

Cameron: mom did you know that tobacco companies just take your money..

Me:Really<trying to encourage a conversation>

Cameron: Yes they only want your money and they don't care that the stuff they sell kills you....That is so sad that they don't care and only care about making money 

Me: yes that is very sad..think of all the people that suffer

Cameron: I know...all those kids who no longer have mommies and daddies..

I'm glad you and daddy don't smoke..

Me: Me too I want to be around a long time

Cameron: I never want to smoke...

Me: I'm so glad where did you learn this?

Cameron: From school and the Program called the Mad Scientists

Me: Well I'm glad you were paying attention

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My me maw sent me this HA!

>>>    A sweet grandmother telephoned Mount Sinai Hospital.  She
>>> asked, "Is it possible to speak
>>> to someone who can  tell me how a patient is doing?"
>>> The operator said, "I'll be glad to help, Dear.   What's the name
>>> room number?"
>>> The grandmother in her weak tremulous voice said, "Holly  Finkel,
>>> 302.
>>> The Operator replied, "Let me check.  Oh, good  news.  Her record
>>> says that Holly is doing very well.  Her blood  pressure is fine;
>>> her blood work just came back as normal and her physician, Dr.  
>>> Cohen, has scheduled her to be discharged Tuesday."
>>> The Grandmother said, "Thank you.  That's  wonderful!  I was so
>>> worried!  God bless you for the good  news."
>>> The operator replied, "You're more than welcome.   Is Holly your
>>> daughter?"
>>> The Grandmother said, "No, I'm Holly Finkel in  302.  No one
>>> tells me shit."

OK ok I know with the new hippa laws the operator wouldnt give this info however if ou have been in the hospital you can realte...Seems like they tell you nothging

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I don't know what is wrong with me I can't sleep these days...I took some melatonin tonight ......nothing...Im still wide awake

I laid in the bed for 2 hours eyes close... nothing no sleep

I ran out of benedryl so maybe I will have to buy somemore when hubby gets paid...Too broke right now..

I feel so lonely most days... I don't talk to anyone all day...I call my step mom about twice a week long distance...and my grandma. too.

Why is it so damn hard to make friends in this town...I hate living here....

The schools are really good but other than that... I hate it...

I try to talk to the neighbors but its always me going over and saying hi they never make the effort to walk down to my house to say hello..

sometimes I miss my old job just for the company of other adults..

I know I'm a fairly pleasant person to be around...

i just don't know what gives...

Some days I just get so sad about it I cry.....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Me ashley and Landon

How do you get your oldest son to come over...

Cook.....HE HE

Gets him everytime...

Here is Landon me and Ashley...

I can't believe I have a son that will be 24 in December..

I can't be that old...dang it...

Yes I changed my hair again...put some low lights in but I'm thinking its too dark..I will give it a few days...

my favorite spot

one of my favorite places to hang out...

My dad and step moms backyard in the country...

So peaceful just swinging on the porch swing...

Me and Zachary just hanging out

cold and sleepy


My body is betraying me...I don't know what creature has crawled inside me and distorted my brain...

I'm having sleep issues...I took two benadryl before I could go to la la land....

I hate cold weather...anything under 60 degrees and I am freezing...I hate being cold...

I rather be too hot than too cold...

Winter always makes me depressed...I need sunshine....

You know your week is starting crappy when your husband wakes you up by callling you in a frantic voice...informing me to put my check in the bank

So I throw on some clothes<no shoes,bra or hum you know> take the kids to school<3 minutes late>

pull up to the library jump out bare foot put my overdue book in drop slot..hop back in go by bank...come home and crawl into warm bed...

aggh... Now were was I oh yes ZZZZZZ


Saturday, October 22, 2005

october breast cancer awareness

I don't like october...breast cancer awareness month...

It feels like someone is constantly slapping me in the face everytime I hear breast cancer....

Its a constant reminder of the death of my good friend Cecy who died at age 32..

It has been almost 3 years and it does get better..

Time does they say

I almost feel bad sometimes that I have moved on...

like I'm betraying CECY but I know she would want it this way..

Her husband remarried this summer and I ran into his nanny the other day...She told me he didnt put up the beautiful painting he had made and bought after she died..

In fact he didnt have any pictures up except a very small 3 by 5 picture of Cecy and Jaxon...I'm sure this is for jaxons sake...

Made me sad to think he didnt want to put it up the painting


I know I'm probably not being fair I have never lost a spouse...I have never walked in his shoes...

I still have anger that she didnt fight more for her life...

Enough sad talk.............

My mom is coming up today........ to get her hair done..

She only comes up to get her hair done ...Doesnt make me feel very special but I should be used to it...

Anyway...its the weekend...a beautiful fall day...



Thursday, October 20, 2005

conversations with the kids

Scene set up.....

Laying in bed snuggling.... one kid on either side of me...

me: I love you boys

Boys: we love you to..... your the queen mama


ME: well guys I'm sorry I told you I didnt have to work..... well .......I have to now they call and changed the plans on me

Cameron: Thats not very nice!!!

Zach: you need to make money mama????

Me: yeah I have to...... Remember we got the car fixed and it cost a lot of money

Zach: how much???

Me: 477.00

Zach: so you work to make more money to fix the car..That why you have to work?

Me: yeah something like that.. I didn't marry a rich man..< I was joking>

Cameron: NO you married the Right Man

Me: LOL   ...that was a good one cameron

Cameron: What?? What was a good one??..<looking puzzled>


Funny cameron he didnt even know the point he made...

I think God sneaks in messages through interesting sources...unsupecting kids..


yuccky sniffles

Kids are home with coughing sniffles...Which they so kindly gave to me also..I medicated us all up and we are doing ok...Except this hellacious headache I have...

I had big plans of going to bookclub tonight and discussing the book angry housewives eating bonbons...

Insert telephone ringing...

Me: Hello

RN/Freind: Donna what are you going...Hack cough...

Me: wow you sound like us are you sick...??

RN/friend: yes I feel like caca couldnt sleep last night

Me: What up?

RN/Friend:  Shelia called....

Me:<sensing this isnt good> Yeah and...

RN/friend: She needs us to work there was a big mistake and there is a overnight patient...

Me: Damn it.. I have plans plus not feeling up to snuff..

Rn/friend: Yeah I told her no and she got upset appearently the patient is a close freind of the DR...She is freaking so I told her ok but she owes me

Me: SHIT This makes me mad...a freaking few hours notice to work a 12 hour shift.................. I can't say no cause if I do it will piss them off and they won't call me again... So I guess I will do it...damn it..<stomps feets>

plus I just had to spend about 477.00 on my car the other day....Thank goodness I didn't plan on having the meeting at my house...

RN/Friend:  Yeah I'm not really thrilled about it either...

Me:ok I will see you tonight

Background noise...High pitch screaming from kids..

MOM he won't get me a muffin...

Its not your too... is not... is too... is not

I hang up phone and scream you guys start fighting and you will be dressed and off to school...


whew...I think I will run

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

pictures from grandparents day


my alerts telling me somone commented on my journal has not been working now for a month...can someone help me with this

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lucky me

I got to take my car to the shop once again...

yes I have spent 800 on my car in the last month...I haven't had it a year


Prison boy is back living back next door...I told husband if he starts his shit again were moving I'm not puttin up with the partying...drunken crawls fighting etc...




Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ocompany coming

My kids school have a grandparents is this friday..

I invited my dad and stepmom this year...The kids are excited...

For me this means I need to clean the I ...NO I am on the computer..

Must get off and modivate myself to clean...Maybe I should take a coritslim that always gives me energy..

My Cameron comes back today from Camp I hope he had a marvelous time...

Monday, October 10, 2005

my freinds grandbaby

Pictures of my friend of 13 years grandbaby...

I Remember when kelsey momma was a baby herself...


what is up with the alerts

I havent been getting my alerts for days is something going on..

Let me in on the secret

My oldest baby

Yep there is my baby boy...Kind of big for a baby huh...

I told him I was glad he shaved off that hick handle bar mustashe he had going...

I think he did it just to tick me off HA!...

I told him he looked like a rednecked wife beaterwhen he had the stupid

Here he is..such a sweet angelic face...

Don't let the face fool ya...<smile>

I love you Landon..My sweet sugar bear...

My nephew

My nephew who was so sick with his asthma...He is feeling much better..I think we have everything under control....<Knock on wood>

He is really a sweet young man...

That is our dog hollie...You want her???...She is beautiful but the barking drives me crazy.I'm a small dog person..

I want a maltipoo

I think this picture was taken two years ago...Look how little my zach is with no front teeth...What a cutey..Yes that is me with brown hair...

the secret is out I'm not a true blond.....LOL

neurotic patient

I spend the last 48 hours with the most neurotic,ocd,anxious man I have ever met...

I told the other nurse if we ever get another psychotic patient ask someone else to work private duty because I wont be subjected to such behavior..

This guy was creepy....rude, hateful,pschotic...there are not words enough to discribe wonder he is 55 and never been married..

I don't think there is a person alive male or female who could put up with what this man dished out...

he wanted me to come back I told the nurse find someone else...I wont be treated like money is enough for that....


Cameron has gone to camp for 3 days...His whole 5th grade class goes...they learn about weather, social studies,swimming...etc..

I hope he has fun....I miss him already he is my sidekick

Hope all is well with everybody...

Friday, October 7, 2005

its been a year!!

On october 17 it will be a year I have kept this journal..

Wow its flew by....

I checked out the cosmetology school

Guess how much to go

12 thousand dollars...holy crap batman..

I didnt know it cost so much...

I finally broke down and we got a cell phone.

I havent had one in 3 years...boy have they changed...

I will be working for the next 48 hours or so...

Busy Busy..

Taking care of a man from up north.He is having so facial recontruction.I am told...

Wish me luck..I always get nervous..never want anything bad to happen.....

My hubby's birthday was October 6..he is 37...

Happy birthday Randy I love you....

You looked so hansome last night at dinner...


Tuesday, October 4, 2005

something I have never admitted

I have always wanted to be a hairdresser...When I was a teenager I wanted to but my mom said no you need to go to college...She said

Hairdresser's stand on there feet all day there is no retirement blah blah blah..

So I listened to her and got my degree..yep a 15 thousand dollar piece of papernever used my degree...

Live your dreams...

Now I feel to old to be a hairdresser...

Sunday, October 2, 2005

been busy

My nephew finally got out of the hospital today...Its been a frustrating week with his asthma...we couldnt get him to blow more than a 350 on his peak flow...finally his asthma responded to the med and he is up to a 500...700 is best that he needs to do..

So I get on the internet and somebody im's me

sr10er1 [6:49 P.M.]:  hi
Lacaza3 [6:50 P.M.]: 
Lacaza3 [6:50 P.M.]: 
who is this
sr10er1 [6:51 P.M.]: 
my name sean ryan
Lacaza3 [6:51 P.M.]: 
hello sean ryan do I know you
sr10er1 [6:51 P.M.]: 
what your name
Lacaza3 [6:51 P.M.]: 
sr10er1 [6:52 P.M.]: 
boy or girl
Lacaza3 [6:52 P.M.]: 
I think you have the wrong person I am a 44 year old woman...I;m not a kid
sr10er1 [6:53 P.M.]: 
Lacaza3 [6:53 P.M.]: 
yep sorry to dissapoint you
sr10er1 signed off at 6:53 P.M.

I laughed