Tuesday, February 28, 2006

beautiful day

Dang it's pretty outside...I'm guessing about 75 degrees...I sat out on a blanket in the front yard and studied.. I have about 28 more days until the test..

Do I feel ready??? Some days yeah today no....I just want to get it over with....

Its seems the more I have to study the more people beg me for my time...

I'm starting to get frustrated.. My family has been great its the friends..I'm going to have to just stop communicating with them because I say I can't I got to study and they just ignore me....

Hope everyone has a great week......sorry no funny stories today....


Saturday, February 25, 2006

June 2005 conversation with the kids

I am anal<pardon the pun> about my toliet...Why you ask..because I live with 3 males and sometimes the grown up male comes back for a visit...

There aim is terrible...and of course no one did it..

Well I sure didnt do it...so I'm innocent but I get to clean it...

dum de dum just cleaning the toliet and I thought...WTH how did you guys manage to pee that far off the toliet..

So I yell boys get in here,, after a few minutes they come in to see why mom is on the floor yelling for them..

Cameron:  momma whats wrong why are you in the floor are you ok

Me: no I'm not ok...thanks for asking....I'm down here cleaning the pee off the base of the toliet

Cameron: well is wasnt me

Zach<peeks in> Is wasnt me momma

Together they say...It was probably daddy..IS daddy in trouble

Cameron: I promise mom is wasnt me and I can prove it...

Now this peeked my interest as to how he would know which urine stain was his...I know I didnt feed them food color for the pee...although now that I think about it...it is a good idea...

Well guys I defentily know is wasnt me and we all know why..

Cameron: it was probably Zach he can never hold it still

ME: snickering...zach to you got a wild one son...

Zach: laughes...No momma just a big one that has alot of pee but it wasnt me

Cameron: it was too you and it wasnt me...

ME:ok cameron prove to me it wasnt you...

Cameron: Because

Me: because why.

Cameron: Because I pee like a girl....

ME: what!!!!! you pee like a girl ??

Cameron: yeah I always sit down to pee that way it doesnt go everywhere..

I think to myself................

<Well hot diggity damn that was a good idea..why didnt I think of that with all the boys in the house>

Ok zachary crackery that leaves you cause I can voulge for daddys aim...

Zach: Hangs head down and says Ok it was me...

Me:I 'm not mad at you .baby just need you to clean up after yourself..I know its hard but it gets easier the more you do it

Zach: well sometimes it gets two streams and I dont know which one to follow...

Me:I..understand<as I gigle under my breath>maybe

you should go ask you dad about that one...

In the meantime if you tinkle on the seat or rim grab some toliet paper and wipe it off and flush it down the commode...

ok..I love you both very much now go play with your friends and i will clean it off this time...

Thanks mom we love you...yeah you better

Thank you jackie

Jackie pick me as one of her favorites and I am flattered..I thought I would go back and put some of my conversation with the kids that I love the best

Zach: Momma...does it hurt when you die???

Me: I'm not sure I havent died yet but I hope not..

Zach:Momma will you be able to see me from heaven

Me:I sure will

Zach:How will you see me from that far??

Me:I will be right beside you but you wont see me

Zach:You will talk but I wont hear you???

<zach thinking quitely>

Zach:momma how old are you??


Zach: Your going to get old arent you

Me:Yes unfortunately I will

Zach: What day will grandma and Papaw die??

Me I don't know only God knows that secret??

Zach: IS God a boy or a girl??

Me: Will I dont think he is either but I'm not really sure I haven't met him yet.

Zach: That's ok if he is a boy or a girl I will still love him.

Me:That's good God will be happy to hear that...

Zach:Momma will you still lay with me while I go to sleep

Me: Sure baby...I love you bunches my little handsome boy

ZACH:<Yawn>  I love you to momma....even after you die

Me:  That's good to know....



Sigh!!! Were does this child get all these thoughts


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cool CAT

Got my Cool Cat Glasses on!!! Who is that Masked woman!!


 I have been so busy.

I have been observing at an Dental office and it has been exciting...Things have been coming back to me a lot...I know more than I give myself credit for...

I have watching the Dental hygienist and picking her brain..

I received a response from the University of Texas in San Antonio about a clinical refresher. Cost is around 2000.00 plus other expenses but at least it is in Texas. They came highly recommended by another Dental Hygienist so I definitely want to go..

 So got to come up with some major moolah...I'm taking donations if anyone is interested...<wink> Just teasing <sort of>HA!!!!

My husband sent me the sweetest text message today telling me he loved and supported me...I love having him

in my life...he is such a keeper...

God has sent people in my life just when I needed them on this journey and I have made some lasting friendships...

I am thankful and humbled..

Sunday, February 19, 2006

conversation with zachary <8>





Last night l laid down with Zachary our 8 year old..........

Me: scoot over bed hog

Zach: Momma?

Me: What baby?

Zach: do you  have suxcs with daddy?

Me: suks ????what are you saying I don't understand that word

<ok  I knew but I was trying to play dump in case he really didn't know what he was saying lol>

Zach: <clears> talking timidly> Do you have sex with daddy?

I'm thinking:<ok the color is out of face and my mind is racing what to say what to say>

Me: Yes I do have sex with daddy why do you ask?

Zach: Oh .....ok you have sex with daddy because yall are in love right?

Me: Yes baby when two people are married and in love they have sex...

<he!! he!! had to throw in the married part...>

Zach: OK

Then he starts talking  on a different subject about some kids in his class like no biggie

Damn I was sweating it...


I have a my space so does that make me werid lol


Friday, February 17, 2006

conversation with hubby






I was studying tonight...Hubby was being a little short in his answers to me I looked at him and said

Me: Say something nice and positive to me..

Hubby:ok  your my Minnie and I'm your Mickey Now lets get goofy..

Me: LOL that was a good one even if it was corny now roll over and goofy your butt to sleep..

Husband: < Laughing>

2 second later he is snoring...Dang how does he go to sleep so fast!!!


Did anybody see that wife swap show tonight I think it was a rerun  the one..with the crazy Lady screaming Im a christian!!!!!!...

Sorry lady your NOT a christian your satan I saw your head turn a 360..

that woman was freaking crazy....lol


Dang Bananas... do you hear them?? They are calling my name

DOOONNNNAAA oh DOOONNNAA come over here and look at us...Where just like you like us a little green and oh so sweet....

NO I must resist the force....aaggghhhh

 peel chew chew  GULP oh no

why is it when we buy bananas at the store I have to eat one every time I walk by..

I say oh just a half and sure enough I look down and the whole banana is gone...

I just down about 3 bananas today..I can't leave them alone..

Is there anything you can't leave alone if it is in your sight or kitchen

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sallie mae what a joke

Anybody deal with Sallie Mae student loan company..

Maybe you could enlighten me to how they can change the interest rate on the student loan...

I don't remembering signing anything for a rotating rate many years ago...

I hate them they act that they are helping you and then they screw you...by constantly up ping the interest rate so you will never pay them off

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I was driving home from Kohl's chatting with my hubby on the cell phone.

Me: Its a beautiful day I'm going to pick up the kids at school and take them to the park to play

Hubby: Yeah you better because it is going to get cold this weekend

Me: YEEAHH I heard it was pose to....

WAIT did I just say pose to....what am I a hick???..Oh my gosh I meant suppose to....what's is wrong with me....lol lol

Hubby: laughing you hick you lol lol


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day card my son made for me....he is so sweet....<most of the time lol >

Monday, February 13, 2006

Howard Johnson hotel Sucks

SO you all know the story of the Howard Johnson from HEll I stayed in on my trip to Mississippi..

I acutally called their complaint line when I was staying there because it was so bad.. I got a letter in the mail today.


Blah blah blah blah blah blah this howard johnson is privately owned so not much we can do thanks for letting us screw you out of money...sucker

love you mean it bye bye....

Ken Greene...

NO the letter really didnt say that I just translated the corporate screw you letter into real words....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

twister with the kids

I dont know why but everynight before bedtime my kids get rowdy...They usually end up getting into trouble or somebody start crying because they got too rough..

Tonight they decided to get out the twister game...

I was the spinner...They were funny

giggling,,,falling down

We had a good game going they were tangled up good and we heard

I small sound almost like a fart...

I said what was that???..

Zachary starts to snicker and says oops I farted...

Cameron says whew my face is in your butt

I start laughing

 Cameron starts laughing

 boom they fall down all twisted together laughing so hard...

Silly kids...they make life so fun...



Somebody quick please SLAP me..

Wow am I ever bitchy today...If I didnt know better I would think it was PMS..

I can't blame PMS because I don't have those monthly visits anymore and havent for 5 years...

Even my husband looked at me and said wow you are really mean today...

I felt this way when I woke up....

I think it is due to sleep deprivations..

You don't want to be around me when I consistantly dont get enough sleep..

I thought and I thought..

Maybe its because I really haven't caught up from Mississippi I didnt sleep well there was scared at that crazy hotel and then I worked a over night and didnt sleep yesterday and then last night I couldn't sleep well...

Hubby was doing sleep study at the DR office and kids slept with me..

I kept waking up thinking isnt it time for him to be home...dog kept wanting out..Youngest keep kicking me in the back....then damn alarm went off..hubby forgot to turned it off...

gripey gripey...

I need to be slapped......lol

Friday, February 10, 2006

conversation with cameron and zachary

I get in the car to pick up kids from school.....

They hop in smiling and Zachary has a heart cookie in his hand..............

Zachary: Mommie look at what Cameron gave me..... his Valentine Cookie..

Me: That is nice. Give me a bite  what did you get a cookie for Cameron???

Cameron: we had our valentines party today!!!

Me:   WHAT!!! I missed it !!!! Valentines isn't until Tuesday that is when Zacharys is... why did they have it today?

Cameron: I dunno<shrugs shoulders>

Me: Baby I'm sorry if I had know I would of come to the party I didn't get the e-mail from the room mother..

Cameron: oh that's ok

Zach: My party is Tuesday right momma

Me: yes and I got you a box to decorate to put your cards in..

Zach: oh goody

Me: daddy can help you decorate it

Zach: I just love that Daddy

Me: <laughing> That Daddy huh

Me: yeah he is so nice he builds me things...

<chica our chihuahuah was in my lap and stuck her head around because she smelled candy.>

Zach: what does chica smells...Look at her he giggles

Me :She smells your candy but don't give it to her its bad for her

Zach: Well.... tell her its bad for her

ME: she doesn't understand human talk

Zach: oh only dog talk ??...well maybe when she grows up

ME: nope she only understands doggie talk even when she is big..

WE get to the house...

Me: Cameron did you get any good candy.

Cameron: in his best southern drawl he says.....Momma we won the lottery

Me: really

Cameron: the lottery in candy

Zach: Here momma you can have the hearts...I don't like um

Me:Hey those heart candies are the best...you kids don't know what good candy is <laughing>

So what am I sitting here doing...??

you guessed it eating the valentine heart candy...

Dang dog...CHICHA come back here....she stole one...Don't tell the kids...<snicker>

anybody have the answer??


I was checking some journal I havent had the chance to read in a while..I went by Pams the link above...She has lung cancer..I see no entires after December...does anybody know how she is doing????

I was worried


Entry worth repeating

This is an entry from October 17,2004...Thought it was worth repeating LOL LOL


What is the longest distance in the world?  Think about it....huh huh huh huh huh ..what is your guess?  Hummmm from here to the sun you say nope

Guess again come on come on. From here to eternity and back nope wrong again  give up give up

OK OK  ready got a pencil to write down the answer<yes there will be a pop quiz later>

The longest distance in the whole wide world issssssss drum roll please  The distance that it takes to move a dirty dish in our sink to the dishwasher HA!!!

It is only 2 feet thats right 2 lousy feet!!!! Now I dont have a problem with the distance oh no but the rest of my family are distance challenged.

Dont they make medication for this... surely the FDA is aware of this massive problem. Get the batphone alfred alert the press.:-)

What I am proud is they can pile those dirty dishes as high Mount Everest. Yes Sir REEE!!!

If piling dirty dishes in the sink was a jinga game my family would win. I can see it now....OPPPs there is an empty space if I stuck that bowl just right  very carefully ok dont breathe it will fall now run run before mom gets here.  Now I don't have the proof this happens but I'm psychic you know all moms are psychic.  :-)

I have eyes in the back of my head in fact hold on yeah I knew it my head just went completly around. 

Got To go load the dishwasher ugghhh!!

Donna in Texas

Thursday, February 9, 2006

conversation with Zachary

ME:Zach you need to brush your teeth before I take you to school get in the bathroom and I will help you brush.

Zach: ok just a minute I need to go to my room and get the instructions..

Me: what instructions??

Zach: This dental lady came to our school and gave us the instructions on the RIGHT way to brush teeth..

Me: Zach mommy knows how to brush teeth remember mommie went to school and stuff for that...

Zach:  I know but this lady is an expert... momma

Me: ok well then we better read those instructions...Let me see

I brushed his teeth and he says MOM you forgot my tongue....

Ok Ok zach give me a minute!!!!! I only have two hands....


Just like a child to humble ya!!!!

Am I stuyding too much

I woke up laughing at myself this morning...

I had a dream I was sitting at a table in a school stuyding...

I overheard some young Dental Hygiene students laughing and one dude said well what the heck is the shape of a BACILLI  bacteria...and he proceeded to laugh and make fun of bateria...

I hear this and starts yelling atthe top of my lungs at this guy...



Then I woke up.... I laughed at myself...and thought wow I got the answer right even in my dream HA HA HA HA

I need to chill out......

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

conversation with zachary

Tonight hubby took Cameron our 10 year old to the bowling alley and spent time with him..

Zachary stay home with me..

Me: zach you want to watch that Valiant  movie with mommy

Zach: yeah that would be great..

Me: you can sit in the rocking chair with me

Zachary: good lets snuggle

the movie starts and zachary starts to read the screen

Zachary: look momma it says may 1944....that was WWII

Me: Was it gee I don't remember.

Zachary: Yeah we learned it in school...Its ok your brain is older and don't remember much...

Me: <laughing> yeah my brain is full of lots of stuff there is no more more...

I'm thinkingto myself dang he knows so much and he is just in 1st grade..

I feel myself getting more stupid by the minute...LOL

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

what to do

I have a dilemma and its stressing me out..

I spoke with the lady that runs the instrumentation refresher 3 day course in CT...The class costs 1800.00 plus books plus instruments... so were looking at about 3000.00 when you count airfare and hotel...

The course is given in April..so that gives me very little time to work and raise the money...Not to mention study for my nationals which is march 28

This is stressing me out...I don't feel strongenough in the actual cleaningof the teeth because it has been 23 years. I know once I practice a little I will be fine but damn 3000.00

We are not rich by any means...I don't want to go into the clinical board blind because the board alone costs 810.00..if you fail then it is another 810 dollars to take again

I hate this why does it have to be so hard...

I'm thinking of going to the DR and getting something for my nerves...my stomach feels like an acid pit

I just needed to vent....

Monday, February 6, 2006

Sweet hubby and children

When I got home Sunday the kids screamed with delight....Thier hugs so strong I thought there weould break my ribs...Lol

They all missed me so much and I missed them also..

They made me a sign colored in there writing saying

We Missed You MOMMY!!!

I just sent my money into the American Dental Association to take the National Board on March 28...I feel like puking with fear...

so everyday until March 28 I will be studying....

Prayers are welcome...

I'm back from the trip from helllllllll

So what do you want first the good or the bad news... I will start with good since there isn't as much of it....

8 hours drive to Hattiesburg Mississippi went fine...

I met an amazing person name Jane Weiner the speaker of the course..

I thoroughly enjoy her company....and all her words of wisdom..

Had a wonderful dinner with Jane and know I will enjoy a new found friendship

I meet some sweet girls from Meridian and southern Mississippi

Got some cool prizes... The seminar was awesome and I really enjoyed it..

With that being said.......

Bad news......

We all were in the Howard Johnson from Hell...

That was only place we could get  a room in that town...

Terrible rooms....

things didn't work in the room like phones toliets..TV remotes

Toilet didn't flush and ran over

holes in doors where peep holes should be  instead they were cover with duct tape... that didnt stick

Doors didnt shuts all the way so you could see light cracking through the door

hairs on pillow and sheet...

crappie customer service and some scary ass  rough looking people still living there from the Hurricane who felt the need to party very late one evening I guess untill 1:00 AM...

I am cliff noting  this tremendously... I could write paragraphs on how bad this place was..

I even called the 800 customer service complaint  line

I got so sick Thursday evening...bladder infection from hell....spent all day Friday  when ever we got a break from the seminar I was on the phone trying to get my Dr in Texas to call me in some antibiotics to the walgreens in Mississippi...

The Dr came through for me however the walgreens there was so busy that I wasn't able to get the meds until Friday at 10:30..

Saturday I felt the worst of all...

Sunday seminar was over at 12:00

Said good bye to all the nice girls I met...and drove back another 8 hours...

I will never drive that far again I will only fly next time...

Traveling alone sucks... and for me as a woman was very scarey...especially were we stayed...

I learned alot and now I will be studying everyday until march 28 when I take the tests...

I called my husband as I drove out of hattiesburg to tell him I was on my way home and tears started flowing uncontrollable...I missed them so much and had been so nervous and scared every night at that hotel alone...

this was defenitley a learning experince for me..

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

off to see the wizard

Tomorrow I'm off to Mississippi for a 3 day intensive study for national boards...

The drive will be long but I will survive.<hey isn't there a song I will survive lol>..I'm looking forward to being around fellow Dental Hygienists and hearing the speaker talk...I here she is great...

I worked last night took care of a 72 year old woman who had plastic surgery and sang opera...she looked good..Didn't look 72 but then that is the point right LOL LOL

I told my hubby that in our 11 years of marriage this will be the 3rd time I have ever been away from him and the kids both at the same time...

If I'm away from him I usually have the kids and if I' m away from the kids I'm usually with him...The other 2 times I was in the hospital so.doesn't count the same...

Hubby called today....

Hubby: Hey sweetie did you get some sleep since you worked last night

ME: Naugh I'm good...

Hubby: did you pack yet?

ME:<laughing> Right you know me better than that I'm a last minute type of girl...

Hubby: that's true...well I will help you all I can to get you ready for your trip

Me: oh honey that is so sweet your such a great husband

<sound good so far right well read further>

Hubby: Yes I will I'll help you pack and even check under your hood for you if you need...Starts dieing laughing

ME:PFFTT Smart Ass  my hood doesn't need checking its just fine....

No he didn't mean the hood of my car....MEN are such goof balls