Monday, April 24, 2006

If I were Presisdent by Zachary Age 8

This is wrote in zacharys words and I will translate  HA!!!








If I were President, I would eat...........................

 cocleklee<translation chocolate>.

If I were President, I would have a pet...................

 cowolwoa <translation.......chihuahua> named chika

If I were President, I would help...........

 Peple  <translation.......People>

If I were President, I would pass a law that.................

 the president ha be colokle  <translation.........president had to eat chocolate>

If I were President, I would travel to ............

E tin ..........< translation......michigan> 

If I were President the first thing I  would do is.......

in the war..........<translation END the War>


Smart kid eat chocolate and End the war and help people...He has my vote!!!



Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thats IT


Yes that is my precious child Cameron who is 10 almost 11 and he has offically boycotted us...LOL

I reply:" Well I am going to miss your cute face...but it will save us money on the grocery bill and we could rent your room out..".

He makes a face like you wouldn't

I look at my husband and sign ....You know its coming I tell him...

What?? my husband says...

Hormones!!!! I so do not like this age....I think I will run away.. I Iaugh..

<I have a grown son so I have lived through the teenage years and it was not pretty.....> I have battle wounds..

And so life goes on and I know it will get worse before it gets better....

but GOD love  him because by the time we get throught those teenage years

somebody will have to....Ok just kidding....sort of...HA!!


Friday, April 21, 2006

I've been picked

So the Aol God smoking Joe advised me I was to be guest editor...

I'm flattered and humbled thanks Joe...

I began writing for therapy and it has evolved into so much more.

We live in Texas. I worked for  16 years for the telephone company. I retired<think surplus> to be a stay at home mom.Once all the kids were in school I went to work part time for a Plastic surgeon's with the overnight patients. I am currently working on getting my Dental Hygiene license..

I am happily married to my best friend and husband Randy. He is my Rock...We have 3 Boys Landon 24, Cameron 10 and Zachary 8. My journal is about my life and thoughts...I invite you to go to the archives and check out other months  I have been writing for over a year...

There were so many journals that I liked however I had to pick some that had never been picked before.. So here it goes

There maybe some strong language.. This blog is so funny and the stories he tells about working in a restaurant can make you spit your morning coffee out your nose...

"THOUGHTS From the HEADoc: A perspective from within the intriguing world of PSYCHIATRY"
I love anything to do with psychiatry...This Dr has seen a lot and gives you great perspective and tidbits to think about...
Life as a Paramedic
Many of you know this guy...A great writer and you feel like you are there in the ambulance with him...funny guy. These guys work hard my hats so out to them
Going Sane in a Crazy world
A super sweet guy who is starting his chiropractor business while trying to deal with issues in his life...Mike has such a big heart
Home schooling Journal
Kas what can I say about her...curiosity was what got me to reading about her and now I love her to pieces...She has educated me in some much  and has open my eyes to different ways to educate my kids...Plus she has a psychology Degree
Kevin MD
This Dr gives information to different links and this of all kinds of medical. stuff..and he has guest DR's blog also...
My First year as a nurse --
Jenn is a great nurse who cares about her patients and puts up with some crazy Dr's and coworkers...
I do have many honorable mentions that I will go into at a later date...
Hope you enjoy my picks and Welcome.......

Sunday, April 16, 2006

easter day

Hope everyone had a good easter. We went to a restaurant called cruisers and ate...We went there because Katherine <cecys daughter>was working...

<for those that are new cecy is my friend that died of breast cancer at 32>

I knew Katherine would be alone for easter so sitting in her section would be like sharing easter with her...

My husband slipped her some money. Bless her heart she is trying so hard but waiting tables doesn't always pay well...

I feel so bad since her step dad well he has a new wife...She doesn't get alone with her step dad so she has nobody really..

she was sleeping on a air mattress no furniture.she did buy a bed from someone...she had a car but her step dad sold it while she was away at school so she either walks to work or finds rides...

I thought about raising some money for her she said she had some money from social security after her mom died but her step dad kept it...said it was for him raising her...she said I'm not there for you to raise me...

I told her if the roommate keeps bailing on her with the rent and stuff she can come live with us for a while to get back on her feet...

My heart is so sad and I know CECy would be very disappointed in her husband if she knew he was bein distant and unresponsive to Katherine like this...He is a stubborn person..I did hear him say one time Katherine wan't the sharpest tool in the could a parent say that...I lost respect for him when I heard him say that.....

What do you guys think???? what ways could I raise money for her.. I thought garage sale, letting her live with us, maybe a social services thing...I don't know..

I wish we were rich I would just buy her what she needs but we aren't

Katherine was so happy that we were at her section she smile from ear to ear...She is so young 20..and to have been without her mom now for about 3 years...

I told her that her mom loved her very much....and never forget it...

she said it seems to get harder every year...I just miss her so much and feel so alone... heart hurts for her

Thursday, April 13, 2006

cute easter eggs

arent those the cutest painted easter eggs you ever seen..


coversation with Cameron

Cameron: Mom when you were my age what did you do after school?.

Me: First I walked home and lets see.... I probably listened to my record player or played with my friends.

Cameron: A record player?

Me: yeah we had albums that were round and you up them on the record player and then placed the arm with needle on the record and it played

Cameron: Oh how did you turn it up so you could hear it

Me: with the volume button silly

Cameron: They had those back then

Me: yes smarty pants they did..

Cameron: You are 44 years old mom you know that's pretty old.

Me: It is until you get there and then its not so old..

you will be there one day..

Cameron: How old will you be?

Me:Lets see....about 78 whew yuck lets not think about this

Cameron:<Giggles> I will still love you mom..

Me: Thanks Baby

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

April not a good month

April is the month my Cecy died...April 14 to be exact. I still miss her.

I love this picture of her surrounded by her family. She was love.

I had lunch with  Catherine her daughter yesterday. It was hard to see her cry for her mom. I felt helpless.....I knew nothing I said would really help the pain. The mom in me wanted to scoop her up and cradle her.

I didn't... we were at a sandwich shop and I knew she wouldn't want attention drawn to her.

I felt like I could see her heart breaking as we sat and talked. I told her on the anniversary we could so something to celebrate her mom's life. She seemed good with that. I told her it was up to her if she needed to be alone I understood that also.

I talked with her about my feelings and what I went through to let her know that what she was feeling was normal .I think she is going through a gamete of emotions...

she mention that she liked talking to me I seemed wise and she learned a lot.

I laughed and told her that is because I'm 44 lets hope I learned something in all these years. she Laughed!!

I sat in my car and watched her walk up the stairs to her apartment...wishing there was more that I could do for her.

I know Cecy was above watching...I promise her I would watch out for her babies...

We miss you Cecy..

Love forever,



Monday, April 3, 2006

pipecleaner dance

This is called the pipecleaner dance......its addicting and funny...

I double dog dare you to try it and see if you can stop lol lol

I got this from my friend Lisa in Calif.

snap out ot it girl

I don't know what is up with me...feeling meloncholly today..I let the kids take a mental health day from school...

I give them 2  a school year...They can take them most anytime they want to spend a day together with me..providing nothing is going on in school that is important

They love it!!!!

the catch is no complaining about going to school the next day or the mental health day will cease...So at least I get one day of not complaining about school LOL

Yesterday I had lunch with my son Landon <24> and Ashley his wife to be on June 3rd of this year. I got to met Ashley's mom Linda she seemed very nice.

They wonted us to meet before the wedding...

We then went to Michaels and my sister assisted them in picking silk flowers for the wedding..

My sister is really good at doing wedding arrangements and stuff and she is doing it for them as a gift..........I thought that was very kind of her...

I mowed and edged the lawn this morning boy was it hot.I think it is about 80 degrees....

I hate the time change I wish they would leave it alone.....!!!

interesting if true

I got this on a Dental Hygiene ,message board  I belong to called listers.@amysrdh

someone put this ...thought it was interesting if this is the case....

On Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00, the time and date will be:

01:02:03 04/05/06.