Friday, June 13, 2008


Well we were riding in the car and hubby and I were talking about the new career center for the high school and Zach said

Zach: Mom what does queer mean?

ME: What?? did you say queer?

Zach Yeah what does it mean

Me: Why are you asking that for?

Zach: WEll you and dad said were getting a new queer center..

Me:lol No silly Career Center

Zach: OH well what does queer mean

Me: Well is used to mean different but nowadays it mean Gay someone who love the same sex person

Zach: oh ok


Hubby and I laughed so hard now everytime I see the Career center I will think queer center....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008




Me and hubby at the ballgame this last fall...Not the best picture  but who cares



Zach: Mom when did you and daddy have your first kiss

Me: Well let me think..I look over at hubby with that look of help me out...of course hubby just smiled the stupid smile at me..Like your on your own on this

Cameron: Did you meet in a Bar?

Me: Well yes and no..

Cameron: Was it drunk love?

 Hubby and I about spit our dinner out...because that was so funny and well kind of ...sort of the truth young man

Me: Well Daddy and I met at a friends house on the way to dancing...Once we met we feel in love and have been together every since.

Hubby: Yeah your mom took advantage of me....

Me: Yeah whatever.....keep thinking lol



not much going on

Just saying hey to all. Not much going on  Kids are out of school and I am glad I think lol lol

Hubby got a new job within the company so that is a relief..Bless his heart he had to climp poles for a week in pole climbing school...

I have been working 2 days a week but not really liking it...Tired of spit and blood and dirty teeth lol lol .. I just don't like the place I work they are money hungry and very antipatient care.. I hope you guys dont mind I sent you my autism walk letter.. I felt bad that I hadn't done it and here I am I sent it. I never send anything to people but I felt I should just in case someone in interested and wants to donate I definitely don't expect anyone to donate at all...It was just a FYI... I haven't been walking much so I will definitely be out of shape lol lol

Somebody TOS me I thought that was funny... I only sent it to people I know and correspond maybe they didn't recognize my full name...oh well hells bells who care...Life is too short...

Took the kids to our rec center water park...Which is new and very nice.. although I sometimes feel its just a big bathtub and are all bathing together kind of grosses me out...I still get in and have fun but that thought is always in the back of my mind..

It had a lazy river and stuff which was fun.. The kids had a blast so that is what matters..

I have been reading all of you guys journals just having been commenting much..

I have kind of been in a funk of sorts....and didn't want to bring anybody else down

Well Cameron turned 13 May time is flying...all over my face wrinkles everywhere....

That's it for now I will sign this entry now you know who I am...snicker...I'm private now so I can do that...

Donna Guerrero RDH