Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thoughts from the Headoc


Here is a journal I read that I like...Called Thoughts from the Headoc

He is a psy Dr....Enjoy his entries and interesting observation...

They are just human like the rest of us...

I don't know how he does it day in and out dealing with people.. I would probably lose my patient and say go ahead and kill your self then just dont make a mess..lol lol

See I told you I wouldnt be a good psych DR lol lol

Monday, July 30, 2007

sick of my dogs

The dogs are gone I'm done....

I just bought a beautiful bedding set I have waited 6 years for a nice set

The dumb ass chichuahuah got on there and pissed on it... I am so done with animals

I can't have anything nice....

The damn sheltie gets freaken hair everywhere

And my stupid 18 years old cat peed on the carpets so badly that we had to rip up all the carpet in my house and replace it with hard woods..The bathrooms still have cement because he wont use his litter bos anymore because he is so old

I do not have the money to keep replacing everthing I have just for these stupid animals..

NO I am not a animal hater I have had animals my whole life..

I'm just tired of the abuse they do to a house and don't have the income to keep replacing things anymore...

I put an ad in the forum in our town maybe someone will bite.

If not its off to the shelter ...its a no kill shelter....

I'm done and I'm tired of hearing my husband bitch about the animals all the freaking time.

Plus he is too much of a weakling to do anything but bitch about it...

I'm the only one who feeds them picks up there poop. clean litter boxes.

DO  you want an animal let me know

chica the chichuahuah

My new comforter I just bought she pissed on all the way through to the mattress

I don't know what the hell is wrong with her. she is train to ring the bell and everything we were in the house...when she did it...so she has no excuse.


The sheltie who is ok but gets hair everywhere

and then there is the 18 year old cat whom I need to put to sleep..

I hate this shit...!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Damn it

Got our irs refund.. It was half of what it was supposed to be... I thought crap what happened..

Said one of my kids didn't match the social security number...

I check and sure enough I was one number off...

Damn brain fart....!!! lolol

Anyway monday have to call Irs and chat with them

Should be a blast NOT!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

high school old friends




Lately I have been contacted or contacted myself old high school friends..

Feeling nostalgic I guess or longing for a connection....a meaning I don't know..

It's been nice.. I had one guy contact me through my space and I couldn't remember him so I pulled out the old year book...before  I found his picture I stumbled upon something I had forgotten about from and old high school sweetheart...

Flipping through I found this


There is no way I can write my exact emotions toward you. You have been to me, like rain to a forest.<ok I know dorky but so sweet as I read it now>lol

You have been my first real girlfriend and I wouldn't be disappointed if you were my last. It's not going to be easy to stay together as our lives drag us apart.

You probably can't read this and when you look back at it in 20 years you still won't understand....< This yearbook is my 1977 year book its been 30 years> But if we do drift apart I want to thank you for filling the best part of the best year of my life.< we were together 6 years I think>

you mean everything to me and what this whole feeble attempt at a message is supposed to say is that I love you and always will



Isn't that sweet..his handwriting was crappy so I summarize. I wander how heis doing? If his life was good...If being a DR Paul Borgfeld was what he thought it would be...

I wish him love and happiness and I hope he found it...

 And Paul I thank you for being a sweet guy.....when I needed one


He was my first love and my first many things in life...

ahhh sweet memories.....Young love...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Plastic surgery



When people find out I take care of Plastic Surgery Patients...things happen questions get asked...

1. They look at me and scan my body...<like I don't notice> to see if I have had plastic surgery...

The answer is no I haven't had plastic surgery and if you saw me naked it could be verified...and no you cant see ...you have to take my word for it...

2. They ask me if I get a discount...No I don't but I wish I could.

Dr are not that generous or I should say most Dr's

3, Then they ask me questions about surgery the pain recovery and stuff.

I don't spare any details or sugar coat it..They grimace lol lol

4. They ask me why I haven't had plastic surgery...I tell them it HURTS...

Those show don't show the extreme pain you will endure. I watch people go through the pain so not in any hurry to be in pain...2nd reason I don't have 15 thousand dollars or more laying around to blow on the surgery and probably never will..

5. They look at me and say I bet that is a interesting job.... Interesting???....Well if you like taking care of wounds,blood, and the general smell a hospital and bodies can give you ..mike be called interesting plus listening to patients complain about the surgery they just volunteered for and have them take it out on you...I guess you could call it interesting also lol lol

Some days I call that torture <smile>

I'm always happy to answer plastic surgery questions if I can... of course I don't know it all and don't claim to...

I do find it very interesting how they can take a person and make them a 10 or 20 year version of there former self...I guess sometimes I do get a twinge of wishful thinking it was me but then there is the pain part again...

However no matter how young the outside looks the inside is still the age you are...

Kind of a trickery in a way....

I guess people don't mind getting older if they didn't have to look it...

I do meet some interesting people...Nobody really famous yet...or famous to me anyway.

I guess the main negative thing about my job is I always see people in pain  at there worse and looking pretty beat up...I never get to see them when they get to the other side all healed up and really looking pretty....I never get to see them happy

That would be a nice change......<SMILE>

bugged eyed day


I went to my yearly eye exam at the Dr. I had lasik about 2 years ago and I have to go to a yearly exam to get up the warranty so to speak..

No biggie I thought....Never think that.. I did all the checks is it 1 or 2 better crap.

Then she put drops in my eyes to dilate which I hate but no worries they now have drop to un dilate them..

As I sit my vision gets worse as they dilate which is normal...

The Doc looks at me eyes and looks great your a tad near sited but that is way you don't need reading glasses...I think ok I guess.

I get up to walk out and say of yeah I need the drops to un dilate my eyes..

The girl says oh the manufacture stopped making them..

What!!! That sucks I say...

She say yeah everybody is pretty bummed about it... I guess they didn't make money.

I look at her and say well damn it...

She laughs..

So I think ok a couple of hours I will see better how bad could it be..

Holy crap I think she gave me the ultra strong drops 3 hours later my head hurt like hell from the sunlight with sunglasses on..

I finally just took a nap thinking it would be better.

I woke up and they had gone down some but not enough...

The kids said I look creepy with the big black eyes...

ok that makes me feel better

good morning


SO its morning and I'm not a morning person never have been. When I was young I would be all grouchy and stuff but now i just smile and be quite.

I have learned that just because I'm all grouchy doesn't mean I should spew it on other people.

besides just the dogs are up and they don't care what I say anyway :-)

Yesterday I took the kids to the community pool. We have lived here 6 years and did I know a soul....Nope...

I hate our town and wish I could move....but the communte is already bad for the hubby

They say our town is the happening place... I guess if your into gucci, hummers keeping up with the jones...which I am not and never will be.

I so need a cup of coffee...ttyl

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Does your name fit

Got this from
Does Your Name Fit ??
A: Hott
B: loves people
C: great friend
D: can kick ur butt
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: wild and crazy people adore you
G: very outgoing
H: crazy
I: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet
K: cute
L: good kisser
M:can be funny and dumb at times
N: easy to fall in love with
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: good boyfriend or girlfriend
R: has a smile to die for
S: makes people laugh
T: very good kisser
U: is very sexual
V: not judgmental
W: very broad minded
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: is very sexual
Z: makes dating fun
D:Can kick ur butt
O:has one of the best personalities ever
N:easy to fall in love with
N:easy to fall in love with
Well I guess it fits lol lol

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oh blessed bedtime

Bedtime...such a fun time here at the ole house...

My kids get this burst of energy from no where...

I need a drink I need a kiss...

mama can I sleep on the couch..

Or mama I'm alone in my room..

Well I say you were alone in your room for hours playing your video game so what is the difference..

I just get the face...you know the face....your kids give you lol

ticked off tuesday


So got this from nae who got it from so and so and so...anywayITs called  

Ticked off tuesday...

1. To the moron mom who let her 4 year old scream a piercing scream for 20 minutes in target and 15 minutes in line....solid....You deserve your ass beat.....come on take the kid outside..or better yet get off the cell phone and go home...I listened to her scream throughout the store as I quickly got my stuff and then when I got up to check out there she was.....

All the checkout lines were crowded. Everytime someone pull up to the one she was in they made a face and a u turn....

I eventually gave up and left my basket ..

 I couldn't take it... I wan't the only one....

What is it with young parents these days???

 what happen to making your kids mind or removing them from the source of frustration...

when my kidswere little and acted up i gave myself 5 minutes tops to get them quite if not...we left why should I ruin someone eleses shopping trip....


Is it me or does it seem that that people have less manners and consideration these days...

Or hell maybe I;m too old for this crap




Today started out yucky even in my sleep..

I was dreaming a awful dream and was awoken to the sound of my cell phone screaming jungle boogie in my ear.

I scramble and answer and a loud shrill voice also known as my mothers voice is saying

Did you call Freddie???

I look at the clock its 8:30am....

My mom says oh did I wake you? I'm thinking arrgghh

I say no mom I haven't call him but  I will...

Then I get a call from someone looking for one of my husbands sisters..

I tell them why are they calling us and they say our number was given to find her..

I'm thinking WTF....

I said she does not and has never lived her she lives in an other town..

The girl was apologic and asks if I will give her the info on a legal matter...she gives me a case number and phone number...

Irritated the hell out of me..I called my husband abd gribed to him about it...

I said we don't need one of your worthless sisters crap....

.My own sister has done this to me also and I find it very rude to give my name and info  out without asking permission first

I tried to get the kids to go swimming nopr don't want to go...

so cleaned the kitchen a big whoop there...

Anyway...the day hasn't started well .....so maybe it will get better...

we will see

Sunday, July 22, 2007

what a difference airbrushing makes


jezebel website shows us how they take the picture and change and air brush'

yes faith is pretty just ticks me off they airbrush....show them natural...

boy in a bubble



Cameron and I decide to take a walk together.in our neighborhood...

Cameron: I wish I was a boy in a bubble

Me: in a bubble why?

Cameron: just think it would be cool

Me: you would never get to hug your mom or get a kiss from her because of the bubble you couldn't risk getting germs

Cameron: We could hug through the bubble.

Me: yes but what fun would that be and what about girlfriends

Cameron: Girlfriends?

Me: yes if you got married you couldn't kiss your wife or even have sex...

Cameron: MOM!!!!!  stop saying that word

Me: which word sex..

Cameron: I said stop it I hate that word

Me : sex sex sex <giggles>

Cameron: mom I not listening to you I'm not interested in that kind of stuff

Me: Well one day you will and you will be glad your not in a bubble but I will probably wish you were <Laughing>

Friday, July 20, 2007

did you miss me

So I have been gone for many days.. I took care of a patient for 150 hours....yup straight....it was nice and she was very nice.... I miss sleeping in my bed and next to my hubby

I missed my kids also...

Will write more later and check up on e-mails...I have been without a computer for a week...


Sunday, July 15, 2007

work work work

SO I broke down and bought a new scrub set.. I thought it was cute with the pink and stuff hope it doesnt shrink when I wash it..lol lol

I took care of a patient thursday through saturday straight...yup 48 hours....she was very nice so I didnt mind..Its the weird ones that bother me...because your with them long periods of time without a break..

She called me today and ask if I could come back monday and stay through wednesday...I said yes..I have to grap the jobs when I can get them because there are dry spells....

Bad thing is when I'm stuck in a room for so long I constanly eat too much..Patient sleeping and sometime hours on my hand to be there if she needs me...

I can't believe that school is around the corner....it has rained so much here we haven't gotten to swim much...

the kids and I were playing around with the camera the other night at bedtime so here is a few goofy pictures

Cameron got so tickle he couldnt stop laughing...so cute


Or goofy faces....hum I look all wrinkley lol

This was supposed to be serious pose...they fooled me....HA!!

Hope all is well in your world


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My hubby

I love this song... I think of my husband Randy everytime I hear it...

To Randy I loved you before I met you and I will love you forever

Your wife and best friend,



Sunday, July 8, 2007

kids are home

Hubby and kids made it home at 6:00Pm today..


I was so glad to see the kids they had been gone 5 days...

Cameron runs in and gives me a big hug




Zach runs in and gives me a big ole hug and walks away.

I smell this smell and I wrinkle my nose and say what is that smell..

It was a funky body odor one I had never smelt before..

<you get to know your kids smells good and bad>

I said Zach come here

I sniff and get a whiff I said boy you stink

I tell him raise your arm up..I sniff his armpit and lo and behold it was vicous smelling..

I said wow Zach you have BO you have never had BO before...

He laughes and says very proudly.. WEll I guess I'm growing up !!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

company gone

Company came and went....

It was nice to have them here and kind of makes me sad that we don't live closer to family...

Debbie<hubby sister> took the kids back with her....I have been very sad since they left..

I cried after they drove off yesterday and some this morning....I think it is because they are so special to me and I see the future of what is to come .........

when they are gone .

It's a reminder that the days are numbered until I will have all children out and living on there own...

Being a mom is my job and its phasing out.....in some areas

I will be 46  August 29...and frankly I have changed so much in my thinking in a year it scares me...

I just don't care about living in a city anymore and I want to live somewhere slower....

I want to live somewhere with a flashing red light....land around me....

and quite...

I don't have the energy to keep up nor do I care to....

I hate where we live...I want to drive down the street and see farm trucks and regular people NOT stupid hummers,BMW,Mercedes everywhere...

When we moved here it was a small sleepy town of 25 thousand and in 6 years it is a town of ovver 100 thousand...

I don't like what all these outsiders have brought with them more crime...increased housing cost...big mcmansions.....bratty spoilt rich kids who drive better cars than I have every owned or care to own...

My hubby says I am doing through midlife....<note hubby is 38>

Could beI say.... I never have felt this before so who knows..

We were having a cup of coffee and I told himYa know  they don't have a book that says how to  get older ikn 100 steps...maybe I should write one lol lol

Such a hopeless feeling sometimes..

I look at life and think

IS this is....!! Is this as good as it gets.....

I appreciate everything... I have a wonderful hubby and children..good health....

I don't know what I thought is would be like at 45...you have a dream at 20 and you bumble along and bam your 45....

Yes I know I could be older and I will be one day or dead who knows..

These are just thoughts I have


I thought

I would share them and see if you all ever felt like this...or been through this

happy July 4......