Saturday, December 31, 2005

Let the dreaming begin

Check out these real estate properties...Where do people work that can afford to  buy this property..If you know let me know..I need a job...*wink*

new years eve

I've decided to make my resolution the opposite of what I want to do maybe that way I will feel successful...


Got me to thinking

Was over at Lisa journal and she was tagged. I thought I would try it...

5 werid things about me...

1. I can't stand to take a luke warm bath.It has to be very very hot. If I get in and can't get hot water..I get mad..I think this is because I am a very cold natured person

2. I have to sleep with a electric blanket and yes I will sleep with it even in the summer...Like I said I'm a very cold natured person..If I wake up cold I'm in a pissey mood.

3. I hate cleaning the house but I hate a dirty house..I clean house better with someone helping me..even if they don't really do anything..I like the company

4. I will not eat anything but real butter...Hate the fake stuff..

5.I will not touch the rails of a escalator...They never clean them and people always touch them...

Ok I'm offically werid lisa I guess you were right I am a typical Virgo..

6. oh and heres another one I hate clutter on my kitchen cabinets tops..I like it clean and clear except for a few items....

7.oh and here another one..can't stand a dirty toliet maybe this is from living with all males...I will clean the toliet like 2 or 3 times a day...even if just to wipe it down..

Ok I'll stop LOL

happy anniversary new year

So today is my anniversary...I thought I would pick a day my hubby couldnt remember...<smile>

We don't really ever do anything because I don't like being on the road with the drunks driving...

I guess I didn't think that part out way back when...

11 years...Gee is it really???...

I love you Randy...We have grow together....Good times bad you are my best friend....

Heres to 11 more




Friday, December 30, 2005

Sign my map


Please sign my map...I hope this works


Thursday, December 29, 2005

toothfairy conversations

Me:Cameron brush your teeth good when you get out of the bath...The Toothfairy is coming to see Zach tonight and she will be mad that you haven't taken good care of your teeth

Cameron: Is the toothfairy a girl..

Me: Well I'm not really sure I just assume I have never seen her.

Cameron: Well Call her then whats her phone number??

Me <laughing> She doesn't have a phone number

Cameron: Then how does she know when someone has a missing tooth does she have a magic mirror??? Does she say Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the toothless of them all < He laughes>

Cameron: you get it momma....huh do you get it

Me: yeah I get mr smarty pants..Now wash your hair and brush your teeth

Cameron: oookkkk momma..<start humming>


Just when you thought it couldnt get worse

Today's top story is Donna is a klutz but it gets better or I should say worse....

I accidentally shut the door on Chica my puppy...OH my gosh I felt so bad.. I ran her to the Vet..They x-rayed her leg but couldn't see a crack but if she doesn't start walking on her leg within 7 days I have to take her back...

They gave her some pain med and her shots that I needed to give her anyway..

All in all 186.00 buckaroos...Crap

anyway on lighter news on the way to the Vet my son started talking

Cameron: Momma did you know ever 3 seconds a child is born

Me: Are you sure 3 seconds where did you hear that

Cameron: well maybe it was 10 seconds I heard it on the news.

Me: Wow 3 or 10 seconds that's a lot of babies

Cameron: Well Its A really big world momma

Me: lol Yeah

Cameron: you know if the world was made of marshmellows there would be no more world hunger

Me: Well yeah that would be true your a really smart kidd..Did you know that

Cameron: un huh I do..

Lmao Crazy kid his mind never stops

Throw paper

Got this simple game from Bea At the Wanderer

Thanks girl this was simple but addiciting

Here a klutz

Here a klutz there a klutz everywhere a klutz klutz..

Donna in Texas is a klutz e i e i o....

I don't know what is up with me but twice this week I have fallen or been hit with something...

I started to check my butt to see if there is a Kick Me sign on my back lol lol...

My front yard has a slope down..

I was standing on the sidewalk minding my own business looking for the kids...

I take a step and my foot hits part of the grass which was a small indented hole and

opps down I went I didnt even have time to cuss..LOl

Before I knew it I had done a somersault and stop looking up at the sky...

The first thing I thought....Yep you guessed it...

Damn I hope no one saw me....I sit up...The neighbor gets out of the car

I wave like I meant to be sitting in the grass facing the wrong way...

I banged up my knee and finger and an sore somewhat...oh well

Today my son was walking by my laptop and got caught up in the cord tripped pulling the cord fast and the heavy boxlike apperatus connect to the cord flew and wham right into my ankle bone..

Trust me I have a high pain tolerance but this sent me into the floor crying in pain..

I couldnt even speak it hurt so badly...I laid there untill I could catch my breath..

I told cameron is was ok I know he didnt mean to hurt me...

So I better not leave this house incase someone runs me over.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

conversations With Landon my 24 year old son

I was thinking December 31 will be Randy and my 11 year anniversary...

I remember when I told my oldest son 13 at the time I was getting remarried he said...

Oh Neva <my x husbands wife who hates me> laughed and said it will never last a year....

This has always been a funny joke between Landon and I every year since

We make little comments throughout the year...

So I called Landon tonight and I said...

Me: Hey baby will you do something for me?

Landon: sure mom what...

Me:<singing to the tune of my hump song> 11 years unhu unhu unhu tell little neva girl put that in her butt and smoke it...

Landon: <Laughes> Well there were a few times when I wondered...

Me: Doesn't matter were still together so there

Landon: Laughes again and says hey

Me: What

Landon: I need your list for the wedding..Friday when ashely and I come over

Me: Huh ok I'll type it on up I guess

Landon: yeah mom its only 150 days away

Me: Laughing....150 days don't you think your rushing it a bit son...

Landon: Got to be Prepared

Me: okey dokey I will have one for you....

Landon: I will look at your list and decide who I want to invite

Me Yeah WHatever Landon psssffttt

Landon< laughing> talk to you later

Me: bye I love you


Saturday, December 24, 2005


Let the Christmas Games begin

<firing of the starting gun> BAM

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Get up

Wake up Zachary time for school

I can't go to school I'm sick

What is wrong with you today <everyday he has a new aliment to try and get out of school>

My mind is tired....

Ok........ that is one I haven't heard

christmas party

So I'm sitting here thinking what was it I was suppose to bring to the 5th grade Christmas party..

opps holiday party.....

oh bite me its Christmas to me..

I look down and I have grown a 3rd boob...

.My new chichuahua puppy loves to climb in my shirt and sleep next to my heart....She is so sweet not to mention so warm..

So it will be 67 for Christmas here and all I can say is wh hoo!

white Christmas is very over rated in my book hate cold and the white stuff...

So exicting things for Christmas here..

Got a letter from the electric company informing us our average billing will go up about 70 dollars...Thanks for that and a merry freaking Christmas back at YA..

Gas company informed us a month earlier our average billing will go up about the same...

And we got a letter from some company saying we wrote them a check that bounced and now they are turning us into the credit bureau,,,

Now hold up before you thing were dead beats..

There is one problem with the last part...

We hardly ever....write checks ever.....we do everything through debit card

.And we have overdraft protection so...this letter looks a little skam to me...

We went to the bank this weekend to check our account and the bank said we don't know what these people are talking about you don't have any bounced checks on your account and you have overdraft so even ifthere wasn't funds we would cover it.....

And I got a Christmas card from a john warren....Don't know a Rose and John Warren....Maybe its a journal reader..

If so please forgive..

Well I'm off to walmart to buy the teacher a gift and some chips for the party....

Got to remove this third boob first...don't think chichuahua are welcome in the walmart...LOL

Oh one thing AOl your spell check sucks...You highlight a word and when I click on it you say no suggestions...So if you don't know the correct spelling then how do you know its wrong...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas spirit

The hubby and I tried to get a little christmas shopping in this weekend...

We went to target...Oh my gosh people were driving there buggies like they were the only ones in the alise..I felt like it was bumper cars except with buggies

People cutting people off bitches and grumbling...

I thought crap I need To get out of here before these people get behind the wheel...


Today was the day

So today was the day that Cameron my 5th grader saw

"The Film" <that is what he calls it > 

"The Film" Was a film on puberty... 

I was curious how he would react to it...

Since I already have a 24 old son I have already been through this so I wasn't quite as nervous about it...

So....I pick the kids up from school...And

Me: hey guys how was school

Cameron: Hum it was good we saw our film

Me: Oh yeah that was today wasn't it

Cameron:Yeah it was

Me:So how was it??

Cameron: oh it was ok they talked about our bodies how they would change...

Me: really did you learn anything new

Cameron: naugh not really just we will get hair on our bodies and about our penis...

Me: I chuckle...hum your penis huh...

Cameron:Yeah it will grow bigger and ejaculate...

Me: ... I see well how do you feel about that..

Cameron: It didn't bother me we saw it with just boys so it was ok...I'm hungry what's for supper<he says without missing a beat>

ME: I thought we stop and get some supper I have to go to work...

Whew that went good...I was wondering what questions he might have for me...I'm sure he will think about it and throw a question at me when I least expect it...

I looked over at my big 10 year old and all of a sudden he look a little older...different ...He is growing up...

Oh well it happens where there your ready or not

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Landon my oldest son is in Wichita Falls going to a wedding of a childhood friend..

I called him this morning at my moms... his grandmothers here is our conversation


Me: Hello baby what are you doing were you asleep?

Landon: NO Ashely and I were about to eat with with nenaw...Huh what did you say nenaw??...

Mom hold on a minute nenaw has to pray then we can eat and I can talk....

<He puts phone down I hear my mom praying then he gets back on the phone>

Me: DId you have fun at the rehearsal dinner?

Landon: Yes it was ok but where Kevin is having his wedding is so ugly..

Me: <Laugh> ok

Landon: I about froze my butt off last night in nenaws house..

Me: Yeah that my mom she is such a tight ass with her money she will only heat her room and lets everyone else freeze there asses off..

Landon: Mom I have you on speaker phone

Me: <long Pause> 

Landon: Laughs

Me: NO you don't cause if my mom heard what I just said she definitely would of had a smart ass comment to say back <Laugh

Landon: HA!!!! you have to admit I got you good though didn't I

Me: Yeah you did you little stink....That was a good one..


caroling through jland

got this at

What is your is

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle Bell rock......

Friday, December 16, 2005

guess what I did

Today camerons 5th grade class had a all day field trip....They sang at the mall...They were so cute... We went ice skating....

I couldn't get Cameron to go out there.... he started crying saying he was scared... I tried everything even bribe but he wasn't having it...

So I thought Well crap I will just go out there myself.. I have never ice skated....<check out the pictures of Donna on ice skates...ok stop laughing>

I wanted to be a ice skater when I was a little girl...

I was nervous afraid I would break my leg or worse look like a do fuss..

Ya know it was fun and really not all that hard....I was a really good roller skater when I was young...

I felt like roller skating but my ankles got tired...

I didnt fall thought

Yea!!!! Me

Thursday, December 15, 2005

pissey pissey pissey

Lately I have been just pissey inside....Hating everything life the holidays...broken toliets....

I don't like being like this...Could I have a brain transplant...

ok I need to write 5 things I'm thankful for even id I don't want to..

1.A loving Husband

2.Great kids

3.Healthy family

4. Won the lottery  <hey a girl can dream>

5.A warm bed to lie in at night..

When its cold outside I think of the homeless people who don't have a warm place or very poor or elderly who can't afford the pay for heat....

I have been working alot this week..that is probably why I'm gripey....

who knows.......

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Landon

Today Is my oldest Son Landon's Birthday...He is 24...

Wow the time has flown...I was such a young 20 year old totally naive and unaware of what child birth or motherhood was back then ...

I love you Landon and proud to be your momma

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thats better

So the cold weather is gone...HEHAW!!!

Anyway it will be in the 60s for the next few days..

Donna Is a happy woman..

I hate warm the hotter the better....

I forgot to mention my new baby...

Her name is chica.....shes is precious

I baby chihuahua..

She is actually my sons but she has adopted me...

Such a cuddle bug she is laying againist my chest in my bath robe like a a baby...

I bought her a sweater because she gets cold with no or little hair...

I will show pictures soon


I'm hooked

I am hooked...

 I started scrapbooking a few weeks ago just to see what all the hoop la is...And I love it..

Last night I went to the crop session at my local scrapbooking store it was from 6-12 midnight....

They feed you and everyone sits around and scraps or whatever...

I said to the girls this is like when woman sit around and quilt....

It was fun we laughed....ate cut up....

Its so relaxing....

Monday, December 5, 2005

did you see my pictures

O were my pictures THAT boring down a few entries or are the alerts acting up again...

I have dial up and it freak en took me 30 or more minutes to get them all done and loaded in...

I have started a scrapbook and I must say it is very addicting


It was 30 or less degress here in Texas..

Yup I still saw people with shorts,flipflops....and of course a coat..HA!


Sunday, December 4, 2005

sniff how sad

Oh my gosh Extreme makeover is so sad tonight...

The little girl talking about her mom that just died after childbirth of a pulmonary embolism...

Makes me thankful of my life

baby its cold outside

Its too cold for these old bones....

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was 89 degrees today is in the 40's  brrrrr...

Thats Texas if you don't like the weather just wait

Merry Main Street in Downtown

We went to Merry main are a few pictures...


Funny conversations

Sitting here watching TV and surfing...

Cameron<10> comes in and sits by hubby

and so the conversation goes

Husband: Good morning Cameron you want to sit with me and watch Charlotte's Webs

Cameron: Naugh I saw it in school

Me: I read it in school when I was little

Hubby: Yeah and I saw it to in school

Cameron: Did you see it in Black and white???..

Hubby and I couldn't stop laughing our butts off....

Hubby: No Cameron I watched it in the 70s so it was in color...

Hubby and I looked at each other and just keep laughing

Our kids think we are ancient....

My hubby is only 37... 7 years younger than me HE HE .....

I'm the ancient one...yeah I remember black and white TV.....

Thursday, December 1, 2005

The Phone Call

My coworker the RN called me tonight and left me a message....

She lives in the ritzy neighborhood...

She said a neighbor of hers was needing help with her baby...

<I'm very good with babies that is why she though of me>

Her message was she needs someone to sit at night with the baby 4 times a weeks to feed it and get up with it...

My first response<talking to myself of course> was ok if you don't want to take care of your baby don't freaken have one....This pisses me off when these rich woman pay someone else to raise there kids because they are too lazy...

I see it alot in this neighborhood my friend lives in....Most of these woman don't work...Come on

Irrates the hell out of me...I'm going to call my friend back and get the specifics and hope there are special needs to this...

If its plain lazyness....Then Hell No....Get your Ass up and feed your baby your self....PFFTTT!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

nightime conversations with Cameron

Me:scoot your butt over and make room for mom

Cameron:<giggles> <singing> Oh momma your the best mom ever I love you more than Arby's..

Me<laughing> wow more than Arby's..<roast beef sandwich shop> I guess I really rate since you LOVE Arby;s

Cameron: <laughs>

Me:: SO you wont to tell me what you and your brother were fighting about earlier today?

Cameron::Well you see Zach wanted to play Call of Duty 2 but Trip<ncighborhood kid> and I didn't want to we said lets play hit the soccer ball against the wall...:Zach got mad and got the gun <translation...a stick that they picked up off the ground that they were using as a gun> and I told him NOOOO!!!! Put that down

Me: that still doesn't tell me why your brother wanted to break your finger off..

Cameron: well he didn't it was an accident he meant to hit me and miss and hit my fi.nger.

Me::What were you doing to make Zach so mad??...

Cameron: NOTHING!!!

Me: unhuh..

Cameron: ok! ok!! I'll admit it I called him a baby and he made a face like this< he makes the face> and then I make a face like this<shows me the face he made>

Me:: I don't like it when you and brother hurt each other

Cameron: I know<voice trailing off>

Me::well thank you for telling me the truth...That makes momma happy when you tell the truth

Cameron:: I have to!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cameron:Cause of Santa....he knows when your want to get my presents Ya know..

Me<Laughing>  ok give me a kiss....I'm sure Santa is very happy with you...

Me::Night Night my little man..

Cameron: Night momma.....LOVE YA!!!!<he sings>

nightime conversations with Zachary

Zach: Momma

Me: Yes

Zach: will you lay with me a little

Me: sure for a short bit...

Zach:: momma did you know snowflakes are water

Me: Really

Zach:: yeah and they have little tiny designs but you can't see them with your eyes,,,

Me: wow

Zach : yes and they hit the ground and they will melt when the sun comes out

Me: Your so smart sweet pea

Zach:: YEah I know..


Me: well I have to get up now

Zach: momma wait one more thing


Zach:::your hair looks funny sticking up like that with that band on

Me: does it?

Zach:: yeah and tomorrow were going to finish the tree and hum tomorrow were having a assemble and...

<he was trying to think of a million things to talk about to keep me in the bed Ha>

Me: I have to go lay with brother now...

Me:: I love you Zachary...A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck..


Me: what Zach<my tone a  little sharp>

Zach: your the best momma ever

Me: thank you baby good night

Monday, November 28, 2005

monday monday

I'm sitting here trying to motivate myself to finish cleaning the house...Zach is having a b-day party this Friday with all his little friends..

Since his b-day is always around thanksgiving he doesn't get to have a party with his friends...They are usually out of town..

So this year we decided to have one after the fact....He is excited..

Me ...................well................ a bunch of kids running around my house maybe not so much...but zach will like it..

It will be simple ....Pizza and playing in the backyard or watch Polar express...They have to use there imagination and make ther fun...Its good for them

I don't do big fancy parties....Kids like it simple and so does my bank account<wink>

I always stress .....I think people will come over and say to themselves that my house isn't nice enough or clean enough...

I hate always seems to find us though

Anyway getting off my Butt and attacking the computer desk clutter....I have been distracted long enough

Friday, November 25, 2005


 Got this from celeste at

I like number 6

The Center for Disease Control has released a list of  symptoms  of  bird flu.
If you experience any of the following, please seek medical treatment immediately:

1.  High fever
2.  Congestion
3.  Nausea
4.  Fatigue
5.  Aching in the joints
6.  An irresistible urge to shit on someone's windshield.


Once again I can not get my journal to save so I'm going through instant message
Happy Birthday Zachary
I can't believe you are baby is 8 where has the time gone?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

well wet my britches

I do not have high speed internet... We only have dial up...So I have a very limited view to what I can down load and I never repeat never hear anybodies music...I wish I could but I don't.The computer can't down load the highspeed music...So

I forget there is music on there....

I'm at my dads for a few days and I click on the fast speed sucker to enjoy the ride...whhhewwww

I click on a journal and start reading...and BAMMMMMMM

Music starts playing really loud and I almost wet my pants..

I thought what the Hell and then realized oh yeah music....

Yeah it was funny I jumped out of my seat.....

Maybe you had to be there....

check this out very neat

This is a video of what an unemployed electrical engineer does with lights on his house

Saturday, November 19, 2005

SO I cant get into my journal...SO last night I Took a tylenol Pm and miss all the hoopla with the police arresting prison bou next door...when journal let me in I will give you all the juicy details..............
I can't get into my journal except through aol instant message...I wonder what is going on....
ok everyone that reads my journal and has moved send me your new address even if you have already given it to me...I want to put them on my side bar so I can just click and see whats going on you your lives...and I will also pimp your journal if you want

ebarf phewwww

So were in the car headed to my dads to celebrate Zach's birthday and I hear my husband say oh shit...

My youngest was trying not to puke in the car but did anyway..

Poor thing...We thought he was better....

Soured thrown up milk....Gag me with a spoon......

We were on the highway so we had to drive all the way home with the smell...

windows rolled down. and the sun roof open...

thank goodness we were only about 20 minutes away from the house....

Poor little guy he is in a warm bath...smelling better now...

so its off to Walmart for sprite and more chicken soup...

Poor little man

I'm kind of ticked

So it seems about half the journals I read I can't get into anymore...

They went private...

Ok I get the point of why your going private...

I'm not fond of the banners but why are you punishing me...

You go private and don't ad me to your reading list...

Some say they don't want anyone to see the banners...ok but I still have a journal and I see them anyway when I write on my aol journal...

Don't get me wrong I don't care for them at all but I'm not going to cut off my journal friends to prove a point.....

Maybe I';m being sensitive.... Just kind of ticks me off...

what do the rest of your think...that are still around

Friday, November 18, 2005

blocking ads

I got a e-mail on how to block the worked so I'm passing it on for those who want to to use it


I got this on celeste journal the link is above

what is my bodies problem

I don't know what is going on with my body....I have been gaining weight in the last few months  but

not really doing anything different...In fact I have been exercising more..

Maybe a endocrine gland has gone wakko...

Has anybody has this problem then found out it was a body system not working right.t let me know...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


SO I found out that the company I worked for 16 years as a opening...

 conflicted...part of me wants to jump on it and try to get the job and the other part feels ill...

I been on both side of the fence....I want to work again but at what cost...

the money will be really good eventually and it would make finances better but <and you knew there was one>its a 24 hour office 7 days a week 365 days a year....yep you read it right

I worked in that kind of atmosphere when I was an operator....It sucked in some ways.....

So here I sit conflicted and fearfulll.....what to do what to do......

one journalers descision

SO I'm reading pams journal just one girls head noise

and she did something smart....she changed her journal to a aol UK journal...

Same aol journal but no ads....

I thought that was pretty funny...however I'm sure the uk journals will be next.....



anybody still out there.....

oh look I have spell check....hum a day late and a dollar short...

thanks  I think..

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


why is there a AD banner on my journal????...

Do i get a check with commision if someone clicks on it???...

Did i say you could put it on my account??

i can understand putting it on free aim accounts but i pay you everymonth...

Now you want to make money off me...

Not happy about this at all...

<walks away shaking head>

Monday, November 14, 2005


I'm not a wrestling fan..Never have been..

So I know there is some wrestler by the name Guerrero which is my last name so people always ask if I'm related to them

I say could never know...

Anyway a wrestler name Eddie Guerrero Died....

I turned on the TV and they had a bunch of wrestlers  tears streaming down there faces....

I thought wow real emotions and tears unusual for wresltling because it is all smoke and mirrors..

It was refreshing to see  men cry real tears for a friend who was lost....

I don't know anything about this person Eddie Guerrero...apearently pretty famous...

hummm maybe I should check out this family maybe were realted to famous people and don't know it...

Interesting to know what he died from...

What's a Virgin

Today I went to Walmart to get some stuff to make potatoe soup....

The boys <Cameron and Zach>were walking beside me...

Cameron my 10 year old is ADHD so he can't walk without making clicking noises..humming or singing...wiggling...

Well you get the picture....SO were walking down the isle Cameron is humming and singing and I hear......

Cameron: Like a Virgin wheee La La La...Mom what is a virgin??

Me:<Gulp>nervous laugh...Welllllllll a virgin is someone who has never had sex....

Cameron: Oh so I'm a Virgin...right.... I have never had sex

Me: Yes that is right hummm and you shouldn't until you get married....<I push the basket around the corner hoping the change of scenery will distract him>

Cameron:oh so Landon is a Virgin...<His 24 year old big brother>

Me:Humm No I don't think so...

Cameron: Oh so he has had sex with alot of girls?

Me: Well I don't think alot but probably more than he should...

Cameron: Oh Ok....< He goes off on some other song like we just talked about the weather...>

I swear this kid just blerts it out there....I never know what is going to come out of his mouth...

Later in the evening I ask him where he heard the song he was singing in the store...says he hearded it at my Mother in laws house....Seems my husbands neice has a karoke machine that they had sung on months ago ....

The kid has a memory like a whip...

I feel this is going to get harder and harder...<LOL>

Ping Ping Ping....

can't you hear the gray hair coming out on my head.....

my nephew

Picked up my nephew at school so I could take him for his allergy shots...I do this for him because my sister would just blow it off....

Of course I don't get gas money or anything from her even so... I still do it for him

We were sitting in the Dr...He said I didn't eat lunch again today

I said why?

He said mom says she can't put money in my school lunch account untill payday

I said...She got paid This last she should of had the money..besides she hustled the school into giving her reduced lunch for 50 cents...a day...<we pay 2.00 or more per day per kid ourselves>

I said.....I bet she had ciggarettes didnt she...

He said yeah...

Just burns me up she always finds a way to cheat the system...How she managed to get reduced lunches baffles me...We tryed and the system said we made too much...

Go figure she makes as much or more than my hubby and we have the same amount of people in our family...

So I stopped by 711 and bought him a hotdog and gatorade..

He said thanks Aunt Donna I really appreicate all that you do for me...

I said then make me proud and go far in life...Your a good kid Clayton....

I could call my sister and bitch her out but remember she isnt talking to me....LOL

IT wouldn't do any good she would say I never told him that I wouldnt give him money or she would say he never told her he needed money blah blah

Always lies...If her lips are moving then she is lieing..

Blech...makes me ill....

I took him back to school.....

DO you have one of these

Do you have one on these...

What you ask???

A sibling that you just can't be around because they are so <explicative@@> Stupid and childish..

I do and its my sister....I was informed by my nephew that she<my sister> remarked that we weren't speaking to each other..

I laughed and said to my nephew oh really well thanks for telling me because I wasn't aware...

I'll be sure and keep my end of the not talking up then lol lol

Childish My sister is childish,immature,selfish,a hustle of all things and all people..

There now I feel better....Well not really I would feel better if she would grow up emotionally..I can't say physically since she is 41 so techinally she is grown in that retrospect..

I would guess her emotionally age is HUMMMM

about 12 and sometimes dipping in the the single digits..

I do alot for her Kids and always have...Not for her but for the kids....Her parenting skills well she really doesnt have any...

Her parenting skills are screaming to her kids GET the Fuck out of my room....  Yep you read that right... and that is when she is in a nice mood...

My nephew has been doing better with his asthma but my sister is back smoking in the house again..

Why you ask would a parent smoke around a child who has alsmost died on serveral occasions from asthma...Because its her blankey blank house...

I'm sure that would be her response...

I'm done with her crap....Its a no win situation with me and frustrates me to no end..

I know she has the ability to be a decent person..I guess that is what ticks me off the most...

Once my nephew is grown then I won't have to be around it....

In fact I am off to take him to the Dr for his allergy shots......

I love him and inspite of his moms selfish behavior he has turned out to be a great kid....

He tells me I make him feel loved and that he matters...not just occasionally but consistantly..

Which he says he feels if he diedtomarrow his mom wouldn't really care...

Makes me sad...Makes me wish I could go slap some sense into my sister..

One day she will be sorry...when she is old and wanting them to take care of her....

I don't see that happening....

I'm sure when that day comes she will whine and say its everybody elses fault....She never takes ownership...

And probably never will....

Makes me sad....


Monday Monday

Monday Monday can't trust that day....

Remember that song..

Isn't it funny we ...think of the past through

Today is a depressing day for me...confliction always equals my case anyway...

I am very blessed in alot of ways great husband,kids. not rich but not poor...

I know its the isolation I feel during the day when everyone is gone...

Too much time to think...

The weekend was great my oldest and his fiance spent all the weekend with us...

Nothing is more comforting as a mother than to have all your children around you....

Talked with my RN friend and she said that another hospital might want my services....

I need to look at my resume and see if it is up to date....Part of me is ok with working more and as always part of me starts to feel badly..wondering if they will work me too much and then It will effect my mothering...

Its always nice to have more income...but everything comes with a price doesn't it....

Think positive Donna

Hope everyone has a good week...and thanksgiving...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

conversation with Landon <24 year old>

Telephone rings...


Landon: Hello

Me: hey baby its your momma

Landon: hey mom what's up

Me: I wondered if you got my message about the wedding invitation

Landon: yeah I got it I have been working hard so I haven't had time to call you back

Me: Thats ok I just didnt know why Kevin sent you a wedding invitation since your going to be in the wedding in December.

Landon: I don't know why he sent me one...

Me:Well maybe he just wanted to send the invitation and all the rig-ga-maroe that goes with it

Landon: RIG-GA-MAROE did you just say


Me: Yeah why

Landon:RIGA-GA-MAROE is something my grandma would say NOT my mother...

Me:<snickering> Well who do you think I learned it from my mom who is duh your grandma

Landon: MOM your not that old

Me: well thanks I think....<smile>


Nice to see one of my sons don't think I'm old....:-)

Friday, November 11, 2005


I'm sitting here reading journal and my head is hurting and my nose is aching..

I think why is my nose hurting and I remember...

I was helping my friend with her daycare today and the one kid that is hyper was picking up toys..I reached down to help him and he pulled his head up and


He hit the tip of my nose with his hard head....I thought I was going to pass out...tears came into my eyes...

I wanted to knock that kid across the room especially when he acted like I hurt his head and didnt seem to care I was about to cry..

He showed no remorse I swear this kid is strange

Yeah I know he didnt mean to ....

I really thought he broke my nose....


Now I remember why my nose hurts...

I think I will go take a advil....

This is November

I took my bath and washed my hair...

Zachary said mom come lay with us on the trampoline and look at the stars..

So I crawl up in my pjs and wet hair...its 70 degrees outside...I thought to myself looking up at the moon

I can't belive this is November I love this summer weather in november...

Sunday, November 6, 2005

a good night

Desperate houswives and thens Grey's anatomy

its a good night!!!!!!


Today we went to Church

 This is the church we go to...We havent been in a while...I struggle ...anyway....the band sang a song and they displayed the lyrics as the head singer sang...

I got such a lump in my made me life is slipping away...I sometimes feel so lost..and not sure what my place is in this world...

Anyway hear are some of the lyrics...



Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead

Yesterday is a promise that you've broken

don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes

this is your life.... today is all you've got now
 and today is all you'll ever have

don't close your eyes
don't close your eyes

This is your life, are you who you want to be???

This is your life, are you who you want to be???

This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be
when the world was younger and you had everything to lose

Yesterday is a kid in the corner

Yesterday is dead and over

This is your life, are you who you want to be???
This is your life, are you who you want to be???

This is your life, it everything you dreamed that it would be when the world was younger and you had everything to lose


the group is switchfoot....

Friday, November 4, 2005

Did you see this

Check for your Driver's License .....and remove it! I definitely
>removed mine. I suggest you all do the same. Now you can see anyone's
>Driver's License on the Internet, including your own!
>  I just searched for mine and there it was......picture and all!
>  Thanks Homeland Security! Go to the web site, and check it out.
>  It's unbelievable!!!
>  Just enter your name, city and state to see if yours is on file. After
>   Your license comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please
>Remove". This  will remove it from public viewing, but not from law
>   Please notify all your friends so they can protect themselves, too.
>Believe me they will thank you for it.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

conversation with Zachary

Zachary my soon to be 8 year old loves to pretend play he has a vivid imagination..

Last night I was laying in bed watching Tv and he walks up with a pad and pen in hand

Zachary: Hello I'm Zachary what would you like to eat.

Me: Are you my waiter..

Zachary: Can I take your order?

< there he sttod with a pen and paper looking so cute and sincere>

Me: ok I guess get me a salad

Zachary: Ok .....<he looks at his paper and looks at me and said> How do you spell that??

Me: I started laughing...Can you imagine being in a restaraunt and ordering and the waiter ask you to spell your order>

Me: S-A-L-A-D

Zachary: what would you like to drink?

Me: <so i 'm thinking I will make this simple and pick a drink that isnt hard to spell> I'll have Tea

Zachary: ok hummmm how do you spell tea...???

Me: zachary you are a hoot son..

Zachary looks at me with that cute grin....


Kids gotta love them

Saturday, October 29, 2005

anyone see this website

oprah had this website on her show it is a child molester site. This difference I have seen with this one is it shows pictures of the sexual prediture

I looked up around my house there were three living less than a mile..


a quiz

IF you recycle one aluminum can it can save enough energy to run a television for how long?

a.15 minutes

b.30 minutes

c. 1 hour

d.3 hours





give up the answer is 3 hours...

wow I need to recycle more


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Santa Clause conversations

Riding in the car back from getting last minute halloween costumes

Zachary: Momma why does santa clause come only at night?

Me: Because he wants to surprize you

Cameron: But I want to see him

Me: Well you can go to the santa clause in the mall

Cameron: he is the fake Santa

Me: Yeah but he talks to Santa and tells him what you say

Hubby: you can write him a letter

Cameron: Well...I go to school with some non belivers

Me:<chuckle> Nonbelivers?

Cameron: yeah they say there is no santa but I say they are wrong

Hubby: Those are the bad kids they don't get anything

Me:He will come to see you as long as you beleive

Cameron:Have you seen santa clause?

Me: no Santa only comes for kids

Cameron: well adults needs stuff

Me: well Adults have jobs so they can buy each other stuff don't

Hubby: Adults buy stuff for each other

Cameron: Well when I grow up I wont to see Santa Clause

Me:<chuckle> Oh you will see him alright.........

conversation with cameron

Cameron: mom did you know that tobacco companies just take your money..

Me:Really<trying to encourage a conversation>

Cameron: Yes they only want your money and they don't care that the stuff they sell kills you....That is so sad that they don't care and only care about making money 

Me: yes that is very sad..think of all the people that suffer

Cameron: I know...all those kids who no longer have mommies and daddies..

I'm glad you and daddy don't smoke..

Me: Me too I want to be around a long time

Cameron: I never want to smoke...

Me: I'm so glad where did you learn this?

Cameron: From school and the Program called the Mad Scientists

Me: Well I'm glad you were paying attention

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My me maw sent me this HA!

>>>    A sweet grandmother telephoned Mount Sinai Hospital.  She
>>> asked, "Is it possible to speak
>>> to someone who can  tell me how a patient is doing?"
>>> The operator said, "I'll be glad to help, Dear.   What's the name
>>> room number?"
>>> The grandmother in her weak tremulous voice said, "Holly  Finkel,
>>> 302.
>>> The Operator replied, "Let me check.  Oh, good  news.  Her record
>>> says that Holly is doing very well.  Her blood  pressure is fine;
>>> her blood work just came back as normal and her physician, Dr.  
>>> Cohen, has scheduled her to be discharged Tuesday."
>>> The Grandmother said, "Thank you.  That's  wonderful!  I was so
>>> worried!  God bless you for the good  news."
>>> The operator replied, "You're more than welcome.   Is Holly your
>>> daughter?"
>>> The Grandmother said, "No, I'm Holly Finkel in  302.  No one
>>> tells me shit."

OK ok I know with the new hippa laws the operator wouldnt give this info however if ou have been in the hospital you can realte...Seems like they tell you nothging

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I don't know what is wrong with me I can't sleep these days...I took some melatonin tonight ......nothing...Im still wide awake

I laid in the bed for 2 hours eyes close... nothing no sleep

I ran out of benedryl so maybe I will have to buy somemore when hubby gets paid...Too broke right now..

I feel so lonely most days... I don't talk to anyone all day...I call my step mom about twice a week long distance...and my grandma. too.

Why is it so damn hard to make friends in this town...I hate living here....

The schools are really good but other than that... I hate it...

I try to talk to the neighbors but its always me going over and saying hi they never make the effort to walk down to my house to say hello..

sometimes I miss my old job just for the company of other adults..

I know I'm a fairly pleasant person to be around...

i just don't know what gives...

Some days I just get so sad about it I cry.....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Me ashley and Landon

How do you get your oldest son to come over...

Cook.....HE HE

Gets him everytime...

Here is Landon me and Ashley...

I can't believe I have a son that will be 24 in December..

I can't be that old...dang it...

Yes I changed my hair again...put some low lights in but I'm thinking its too dark..I will give it a few days...

my favorite spot

one of my favorite places to hang out...

My dad and step moms backyard in the country...

So peaceful just swinging on the porch swing...

Me and Zachary just hanging out

cold and sleepy


My body is betraying me...I don't know what creature has crawled inside me and distorted my brain...

I'm having sleep issues...I took two benadryl before I could go to la la land....

I hate cold weather...anything under 60 degrees and I am freezing...I hate being cold...

I rather be too hot than too cold...

Winter always makes me depressed...I need sunshine....

You know your week is starting crappy when your husband wakes you up by callling you in a frantic voice...informing me to put my check in the bank

So I throw on some clothes<no shoes,bra or hum you know> take the kids to school<3 minutes late>

pull up to the library jump out bare foot put my overdue book in drop slot..hop back in go by bank...come home and crawl into warm bed...

aggh... Now were was I oh yes ZZZZZZ


Saturday, October 22, 2005

october breast cancer awareness

I don't like october...breast cancer awareness month...

It feels like someone is constantly slapping me in the face everytime I hear breast cancer....

Its a constant reminder of the death of my good friend Cecy who died at age 32..

It has been almost 3 years and it does get better..

Time does they say

I almost feel bad sometimes that I have moved on...

like I'm betraying CECY but I know she would want it this way..

Her husband remarried this summer and I ran into his nanny the other day...She told me he didnt put up the beautiful painting he had made and bought after she died..

In fact he didnt have any pictures up except a very small 3 by 5 picture of Cecy and Jaxon...I'm sure this is for jaxons sake...

Made me sad to think he didnt want to put it up the painting


I know I'm probably not being fair I have never lost a spouse...I have never walked in his shoes...

I still have anger that she didnt fight more for her life...

Enough sad talk.............

My mom is coming up today........ to get her hair done..

She only comes up to get her hair done ...Doesnt make me feel very special but I should be used to it...

Anyway...its the weekend...a beautiful fall day...



Thursday, October 20, 2005

conversations with the kids

Scene set up.....

Laying in bed snuggling.... one kid on either side of me...

me: I love you boys

Boys: we love you to..... your the queen mama


ME: well guys I'm sorry I told you I didnt have to work..... well .......I have to now they call and changed the plans on me

Cameron: Thats not very nice!!!

Zach: you need to make money mama????

Me: yeah I have to...... Remember we got the car fixed and it cost a lot of money

Zach: how much???

Me: 477.00

Zach: so you work to make more money to fix the car..That why you have to work?

Me: yeah something like that.. I didn't marry a rich man..< I was joking>

Cameron: NO you married the Right Man

Me: LOL   ...that was a good one cameron

Cameron: What?? What was a good one??..<looking puzzled>


Funny cameron he didnt even know the point he made...

I think God sneaks in messages through interesting sources...unsupecting kids..


yuccky sniffles

Kids are home with coughing sniffles...Which they so kindly gave to me also..I medicated us all up and we are doing ok...Except this hellacious headache I have...

I had big plans of going to bookclub tonight and discussing the book angry housewives eating bonbons...

Insert telephone ringing...

Me: Hello

RN/Freind: Donna what are you going...Hack cough...

Me: wow you sound like us are you sick...??

RN/friend: yes I feel like caca couldnt sleep last night

Me: What up?

RN/Friend:  Shelia called....

Me:<sensing this isnt good> Yeah and...

RN/friend: She needs us to work there was a big mistake and there is a overnight patient...

Me: Damn it.. I have plans plus not feeling up to snuff..

Rn/friend: Yeah I told her no and she got upset appearently the patient is a close freind of the DR...She is freaking so I told her ok but she owes me

Me: SHIT This makes me mad...a freaking few hours notice to work a 12 hour shift.................. I can't say no cause if I do it will piss them off and they won't call me again... So I guess I will do it...damn it..<stomps feets>

plus I just had to spend about 477.00 on my car the other day....Thank goodness I didn't plan on having the meeting at my house...

RN/Friend:  Yeah I'm not really thrilled about it either...

Me:ok I will see you tonight

Background noise...High pitch screaming from kids..

MOM he won't get me a muffin...

Its not your too... is not... is too... is not

I hang up phone and scream you guys start fighting and you will be dressed and off to school...


whew...I think I will run

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

pictures from grandparents day


my alerts telling me somone commented on my journal has not been working now for a month...can someone help me with this

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lucky me

I got to take my car to the shop once again...

yes I have spent 800 on my car in the last month...I haven't had it a year


Prison boy is back living back next door...I told husband if he starts his shit again were moving I'm not puttin up with the partying...drunken crawls fighting etc...




Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ocompany coming

My kids school have a grandparents is this friday..

I invited my dad and stepmom this year...The kids are excited...

For me this means I need to clean the I ...NO I am on the computer..

Must get off and modivate myself to clean...Maybe I should take a coritslim that always gives me energy..

My Cameron comes back today from Camp I hope he had a marvelous time...

Monday, October 10, 2005

my freinds grandbaby

Pictures of my friend of 13 years grandbaby...

I Remember when kelsey momma was a baby herself...


what is up with the alerts

I havent been getting my alerts for days is something going on..

Let me in on the secret

My oldest baby

Yep there is my baby boy...Kind of big for a baby huh...

I told him I was glad he shaved off that hick handle bar mustashe he had going...

I think he did it just to tick me off HA!...

I told him he looked like a rednecked wife beaterwhen he had the stupid

Here he is..such a sweet angelic face...

Don't let the face fool ya...<smile>

I love you Landon..My sweet sugar bear...

My nephew

My nephew who was so sick with his asthma...He is feeling much better..I think we have everything under control....<Knock on wood>

He is really a sweet young man...

That is our dog hollie...You want her???...She is beautiful but the barking drives me crazy.I'm a small dog person..

I want a maltipoo

I think this picture was taken two years ago...Look how little my zach is with no front teeth...What a cutey..Yes that is me with brown hair...

the secret is out I'm not a true blond.....LOL

neurotic patient

I spend the last 48 hours with the most neurotic,ocd,anxious man I have ever met...

I told the other nurse if we ever get another psychotic patient ask someone else to work private duty because I wont be subjected to such behavior..

This guy was creepy....rude, hateful,pschotic...there are not words enough to discribe wonder he is 55 and never been married..

I don't think there is a person alive male or female who could put up with what this man dished out...

he wanted me to come back I told the nurse find someone else...I wont be treated like money is enough for that....


Cameron has gone to camp for 3 days...His whole 5th grade class goes...they learn about weather, social studies,swimming...etc..

I hope he has fun....I miss him already he is my sidekick

Hope all is well with everybody...

Friday, October 7, 2005

its been a year!!

On october 17 it will be a year I have kept this journal..

Wow its flew by....

I checked out the cosmetology school

Guess how much to go

12 thousand dollars...holy crap batman..

I didnt know it cost so much...

I finally broke down and we got a cell phone.

I havent had one in 3 years...boy have they changed...

I will be working for the next 48 hours or so...

Busy Busy..

Taking care of a man from up north.He is having so facial recontruction.I am told...

Wish me luck..I always get nervous..never want anything bad to happen.....

My hubby's birthday was October 6..he is 37...

Happy birthday Randy I love you....

You looked so hansome last night at dinner...


Tuesday, October 4, 2005

something I have never admitted

I have always wanted to be a hairdresser...When I was a teenager I wanted to but my mom said no you need to go to college...She said

Hairdresser's stand on there feet all day there is no retirement blah blah blah..

So I listened to her and got my degree..yep a 15 thousand dollar piece of papernever used my degree...

Live your dreams...

Now I feel to old to be a hairdresser...

Sunday, October 2, 2005

been busy

My nephew finally got out of the hospital today...Its been a frustrating week with his asthma...we couldnt get him to blow more than a 350 on his peak flow...finally his asthma responded to the med and he is up to a 500...700 is best that he needs to do..

So I get on the internet and somebody im's me

sr10er1 [6:49 P.M.]:  hi
Lacaza3 [6:50 P.M.]: 
Lacaza3 [6:50 P.M.]: 
who is this
sr10er1 [6:51 P.M.]: 
my name sean ryan
Lacaza3 [6:51 P.M.]: 
hello sean ryan do I know you
sr10er1 [6:51 P.M.]: 
what your name
Lacaza3 [6:51 P.M.]: 
sr10er1 [6:52 P.M.]: 
boy or girl
Lacaza3 [6:52 P.M.]: 
I think you have the wrong person I am a 44 year old woman...I;m not a kid
sr10er1 [6:53 P.M.]: 
Lacaza3 [6:53 P.M.]: 
yep sorry to dissapoint you
sr10er1 signed off at 6:53 P.M.

I laughed

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

You don't say

News came on tonight saying that some of the people from louisana <hurricane Katrina>who got FEMA cards with 2000.00 on it are not spending it on what it was set up to be spent on..

Can you guess what they have caught them spending the FEMA money on come on come on guess


Jewelry..500 diamond rings

Lap Dances...yep that is right they have been spending it at tiddy bars...

They advise the people who did this will be caught because the transactions are recorded...

Gee they should be on the stupid criminal video

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I was helping my son with his homework and the phone rang.

It was the high school calling me about my nephew clayton.

The nurse said that he was having a mild asthma attack and I needed to come get him..

I said does he not have any medication there she said no he didnt..just his inhaler and it wasnt working.

Being I have a respiratory back ground I take asthma very seriously I have seen people die from not taking asthma seriously... this scared me so the kids and I hopped into the car and made the 5 minute trip in 2 minutes...

The timing was terrible because school was letting out and it was pack..

I zipped in the one way the wrong way and found the only parking spot availble..<thank you GOD>

As I was running I heard the nurse scream at the other lady I have called the ambulance he is crashing on us..

SHIT SHIT SHIT was all I could think...

Crashing on us is medical talk for going down hill

When I got into the building my nephew was in a wheelchair hanging his head down and wheezing so hard I could heard it with my bare ears 3 feet away...

He was trying to stay calm and he could barely talk..

Everyone was scared the nurse the principal came in...

Finall the firemen got there and started a breathing treatment on him quick..They started asking if he had ever been intubated before..<which basically means a tube down his throat to help him breath>

clayton said no..they said well we are going to wait and see how this goes..

When my nephew could talk he said he had blew 400 that morning.. <this measure his lung volume > normal lung volume for him is 600-700..

I told him that he should of never been outside working out for wresling with his lungs so comprimized...

I could pinch his head off... and to not have any meds for the nurse at school to administer...

Lets just say ..I was so scared that he was going to fall over dead while we waited...

Typical teenagers thinking nothing will ever happen


I went today to eat lunch with my 5th grader Cameron.

Yesterday his math teacher basically said she couldn't handle him in her class...That isnt exactly how she said it but that is what she meant.

Cameron is ADHD..He is a sweet hearted child but he has a problem not making noise..sometimes I think its like a tic..

I don't know..He will sing in class or click or shuffle..especially while he is thinking or is bored or nervous

Personally I think these teachers are so used to being in a cushey school that don't know what they are doing...

He has one teacher he has no problems with...She gets him she understands..

It makes me sad...I'm tired of fighting dumb ass teachers..

I know if I said something to the principal she would jump on them because she is very caring and real... plus we are friends..She doesnt tolerate teachers that are high maintaince..She told me this herself

Everything I do has to be a fight...not literally..Where teachers like this when I was a kid.I don't remember...

Today I was sitting in the cafeteria waiting on Cameron..

I thought these children are so blessed they even pipe in music while the kids eat..I mean they do so much for the kids..I never had any of this stuff growing up..computers out the wazoo..they go to a camp in october...

I looked around and just felt sad..tears weld up in my eyes..

I feel hopeless and alone...My child is different so fucking get over it he is still a person look pass the behavior and see inside him...

Maybe it bothers me because it reminds me of my childhood making fun of me because my mom made my clothes..or my ears were too big..or my tooth was chipped..I don't know.

Maybe its because I know its only going to get harder once he goes into junior high or they call it middle school now..

Then I have 8 teachers to deal with...

He is in a special mastery center that helps him so now I guess he will be in it for math also...

I wanted to say to the teacher maybe the problem is always pointing him out...

I will be glad he is out of her class...I didnt care for her right off the bat...

I sorry for all the doom and gloom...

Monday, September 26, 2005

nothing to say

Not much to say..well lots to say ...not wanting to talk...

Haven't been reading journals much.. I log on AOL and delete delete

Feeling down even thought of deleting my journal.

Life seems oh well you know life is life...............................

Saturday, September 24, 2005

is It too much

I am passed angry I am apathic...It is not good for me to get to this point. I'm done when I get to this point...

My husband doesnt get it or doesnt want to get it..

It is hard for me to write this because I know my grandmother reads it...

but it is my journal and I should feel free to write whatever I want..

I'm heart is tired...

My son came in crying that a little boy had hurt him in our neighboorhood...This kid has done this over and over again..

Who always talks to the kid about hurting my kids ME. so this time I just set there..I looked at hubby and said you need to go talk to this little boy...

My hubby just looks at me and sits there...He picks his butt getting dress 15 minutes later he is still shuffling around so he doesn't have to deal..He never wants to deal with anything emotional..

I said the little boy will be gone by the time you get out there once again he picks his but as slow as he can..

I walk into the bathroom get dressed in 2 seconds and walk out the door.Hubby follows me I walk into the kids back yard and begain to talk to him.

Does hubby walk up beside me to reenforse me or support me..

Nope he does what he usually does..abandons me..

He peeks his head in the gate of the backyard which is as far away as he can get...I turn around 2 minutes later and he has left...

Yes once again as always I am protecting my kids or myself and he tucks tail and walks away...

If I had a fulltime job I would leave...not because my hubby is a bad person because he wants a roomate and friend...

I want more and after 11 years I realize I'm the only one who is in this for love.... 


Friday, September 23, 2005

The Sky is Falling The Sky Is Falling

I told hubby last night that since we have no food in the house we should go get some...just in case

HOLY COW>>>>>>>>

WE went into WalMart it looked like someone had ransack it...

Empty shelves here and there...No water,bananas,Very little can goods of anykind..

especially spam...I thought that was funny..We just bought what we usually bought...

It took us quite a while to check out...

We just shook are heads...People freaking out and panicing....

Gas stations running out of gas or running up the prices...

Come on people your making it worse...

On a sad note a bus full of elderly people riding a bus away from houston caught on fire and blew up...

Last I heard 24 dead...So tragic....

The oxygen bottles are what they think blew up...


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane information

My city has a online forum I found this on it thought is was interesting and useful...I heard one of our gas stations ran out of gas...gee people chill out..the panic is causing worst problem

Several (if not many) FOLers have asked "What should I do to prepare for a storm?"

It's a prudent question that deserves a rational answer.

The following message was circulated today in our community, and is good list of advice for most people -- so I thought I'd share it.

Storm Preparedness

Dear Residents:

We ask that all residents please read the following information thoroughly and be prepared for Hurrican Rita. At this point, Hurricane Rita is expected to make land-fall sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning. According to current new reports, the Dallas area could receive dangerous winds and severe rain.

We encourage all the residents to take responsibility for themselves and their personal property. In the event of an emergency, please call local law enforcement or fire officials.

All entry/exit gates will be opened on Friday and will remain open until further notice.

Both pool areas and common area will be closed on Friday, and will remained closed until further notice.

Before the storm:

• Listen to the County Warning System on the radio. Do exactly as advised. Have current information on the location of the Red Cross shelters and directions to get there. If there are ill or disabled persons in the apartment contact their doctors for instructions. Be sure to take the necessities such as prescriptions, bedding, enough food for 24 hours, flashlights, and a battery-powered radio. Make arrangement for your pet(s), as pets may not be permitted in public shelters.

• Clear off your balconies, patios, and front door areas.

• Fill the bathroom tub with water. This water may be used for drinking should the water supply become interrupted or contaminated. It may be poured into the toilet to induce flushing.

• Stock daily necessities. Items such as the following are recommended. Non-perishable food, bottled water, first aid kits, blankets, manual can opener, batteries, battery-powered radio, prescriptions, diapers, baby food, extra eye glasses, hearing aids, and battery-powered lanterns. Back up batteries for each item requiring a battery are also recommended.

• Fill all vehicles withgas. In the event of loss of electricity, the gas pumps will not operate.

• Carry all important paperwork and personal identification with you.

• If you have not recently done so, take a complete inventory of your personal property and store the document in a waterproof container (plastic bag, etc.) in a safe place.

If power is lost:

• Use flashlights instead of candles or kerosene lamps
• Use caution when cooking when flames are present. A gust of wind through a door or window could start an accidental fire.
• Do not run generators or propane tanks inside the apartment. Carbon monoxide will spread through the home and cause major health problems or death. Additionally, generators require well-ventilated area. In the event of prolonged power outage, the use of gasoline-operated machinery such as generators is not recommended on the patios, balconies, and breezeways.
• Switch all service breakers to the “off” position to eliminate any chance of damage to appliances due to power surges. This will also eliminate any appliances left on from becoming a fire source when power is restored.
• Turn your air conditioning unit to the “off” position. If left in the “on” position, it will create a surge to the unit and possible damage to the compressor once power is restored – resulting in no air conditioning.
• Use the telephone for emergencies only. Jammed phone lines may obstruct emergency calls for police, fire, doctors, and Red Cross disaster units.
• Conserve refrigeration. Open the refrigerator/freezer door as little as possible. Food will spoil in the refrigerator if the power is lost for more than a few hours. Freezers will keep food several days if doors are not opened after power failure, but do not refreeze food once it begins to thaw.
• Should your fire/smoke alarm or intrusion alarm go off, and there is no fire, remove the cover and take the battery out.
• If you plan to leave home this weekend and normally exit through an automatic garage door, be sure you can enter through an alternate door if a power failure prevents you from entering through the garage.



A Big Thanks

Thank you to all that e-mailed me showing concern of the hurricane Rita.I am in DFW or Dallas Fort Worth area so we should be ok..

However on the news they said it will cover a 250 looks like we will get some Tropical Storm type rain..

Mother Nature has her own agenda so we will see..

Thank you for all the kind words and love


Good Tamale recipe

I went looking for what is really suppose to be in tamales.. I found a great recipes and its suppose to have pork roast and chicken  no pig snouts was mention....

These tamales look good

Tamales Picture






Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Do I get a lap dance with that

So I started looking at my car repair bill..what does 250.00 buy

26.36 Parts

11.33 misc charge

2.11 tax


205.99 Labor

So I called the dealership and ask how much do you charge for labor???..

The chick said 100 per hours...

I said Damn do I get a lap dance with that...

She said of course were here to please..

Ok I was kidding about the lap dance part....

Crap I need to be a car repairman...I'm in the wrong business

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pork snouts oh my

My husband works in Mexicanville where they have really good mexican food..He calls and say I'm bringing home some tamales

YUM Tamales I love homemade Tamales

So I'm chowing down I look at the package..

It says Maize<corne> Pork <of Course I knew this and this


GROSS GROSS I threw down the rest of my tamales.

My husband said whats wrong I explained about the pork snouts...He laughed..

2 hours later husband is heating up Tamales he says you wont some..

I say UMMM no thanks I have had my dailey allowance of pork snouts....blech!!

We walks out of the room snorting like a pig.

I bust out laughing

alrighty then

Dr office called blood tests were bone scan well thats another story spine has osteopenia and my hips have osteoporous..Hell I can never spell that right

Anyway he precribed Fosomax..I start taken it tomarrow...

Did I mention getting old sucks oh yeah I think I did HE HE


have you heard the news

I'm offically old...

I went for my bone density scan yersterday...It came back
I have Osteopenia..a precursor to osterporious..sp?

Well there is one part of my body that gets skinny without trying my bones..

I haven't got the results on the blood work.

Got car worked on 250.00 smakaroos....A couple of hoses neede changing and headlight replace..

Really tired work at the  hospital last night...

Damn did we have a high maintance patient..I think she thought she was at a day spa...Actually she was a plastic surgery junkie..  I kind of felt sorry for her..until she asked for her martini shaken not stir...<just kidding>

Sunday, September 18, 2005

General stuff

Highlights of a week

1.Went to Doctor with joint and bone pain.Had blood drawn to check for ostheo and rhemuatoid athritis and lupus..Details to come

2.Schedule Bone Scan..I'm at that age lucky me

3.Check engine light went on my car.. I have only had this car for a less than a year CRAP!!

4. Took the kids to see herbie fully loaded...Lindsay sorry you can't act..any better that hilary duff can sing <ouch> yeah I'm feeling a little tackey

5.My joints and bones are aching again tonight..This really worries and bothers me...

6.Why do kids lay around all day but tell them its time for bed and they get so rowdy.......

7. Watchin the emmy's...Do these people have a life? and better yet why don't I since I'm watching them

There you have is the moments of my life...boring huh


New interesting study...
A South American Scientist, from Argentina, after a
lengthy study, has discovered that people with not
enough sexual activities read their e-mails with their hand on the mouse..
Don't bother taking it off, it's too late....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Landon and Ashely's wedding page


I hope this link works Ashely set up a webpage for her and my son' landons wedding...


News came on and said they were taking all the evacutees girls at the reunion area to purchase new clothes..

Humm ok i'm sure they need clothes

Here is the kicker..they are taking them in a limosine to the Galleria....

Ok a limo?? and the galleria..The galleria come on..

Take them to a mall that has more resonalble priced stuff so the money will go a long way.

The galleria is a very overpriced posh mall for the wealthy.

I knew they <the powers to be over the money> would start acting stupid..

They say 43 percent are staying in TEXAS well Hell I would too if I was being catered to...

I realize the majority are hard working familes..

I'm all for helping but when you start being stupid with the money people will start to expect it...They<the powers that be> are painting a unrealistic view of what its like In Dallas Fort Worth.

WEll anyway thats all I have to say..

Friday, September 16, 2005

So you think you know me?

I made a Quiz for You on

CLICK on the link below or PASTE it into your browser.

Britney has a baby...yeah big woo

Britney has a baby boy...Big whoo..News flash britney People do it all the time this having babies...

Tv access hollywood say her body guards are taking up 7 rooms in the hospital and..

Britney has a personal chef in the room next to her..

Yeah she lives in real life..huh


Monday, September 12, 2005


Which Horror Movie Are You?

The Blair Witch Project
You feel lost, and like you have noone to talk to. You know there are people there, you know you can get help, but you are too fearful of the outside world to the point of letting noone in. You might have a couple of close friends, but you push them away because your own fears overtake all feelings and emotions you might have. You aren't worrying about a specific thing, just life in general.


What latest trend bother you most?

I think I'm pretty hip but have you seen the jeans some of the kids are wearing..

I talking about the jeans that look like they have been washed in motor oil, drug behind a truck and stabbed with an ice pick..

My nephew said what cool jeans.

I said dang I will tear up some jeans for you I will not pay 75 for motor oil looking soaked jeans 


I hate SBC they suck raw eggs...

I know now why I left after 16 years..Jack asses

We get a discount on celluar phones...I haven't had a celluar phone in 3 years and now I need one..Due to the work I'm doing now

Can we go to the store and get one Hell No...We have to call here and there and them go online put in all the information have them ship the phone to the store and pick it up at the store and pay there.

Now if were paying there and the phones are all the same why the hell can't we just go to the store and do this

Is that a bunch of bullshit or what..Then the chick says it will take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks...

then she tells my husband well if you need one now you can go to the store and get one right away but you can't have your disacount...

I got one word for you Bite My @@@

I told husband forget it..

It took me months just to get him to inquire about it you really think he is going to jump through all those hoops to get a phone for my safety...

Too much effort...

SBC does that so you wont go through with it and just pay the full price,,

Hell the discount is part of the job...

Big Corperations Blow

Yeah I'm pissed

My Zachary

Picures of Zachary my baby boy

More pictures you bored yet???

My son Landon and his fiance Ashley..

Second picture is My sisiter Gerry my son landon and his stupid handlebar mustache he decided to do to get my goat and his fiance ashley

Sunday, September 11, 2005

yep I'm up

Can't sleep ran out of benedryl..So I'm up..

What did people do in the old days when they couldnt sleep before there was


cable tv..

tv stations used to sign off remember that...yep I'm that old

Maybe they didn't have trouble because they did more physical labor...who knows..

What do you do to help you sleep????..

Of what do you do when you can't sleep...

I'm up for suggestions


ok I'll bite

Patrick's Place

I got this from patrick so if patrick is doing it I'm doing it HA!!
Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:
1. Find a career that fits my calling

2.Be at peace with my body

3.Watch my children have children and watch grandchildren have children<ok so I want to live a long time>

4Visit another part of the world with my husband preferably tropical

5.Live in a cheaper town with the small town feel and the people to back the small town know where the kids and run wild and you don't worry

6.Figure out what this old age is all about

7.Have a tummy tuck..damn it I deserve one with birthing all these babies...there goes the at peace with my body thing huh

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. I am musically talented

 2. a good listener

3. good procrastinator
4. twist names and numbers around
5. love all people even ones different from me
6. talk to my cat..really.... he talks back
7. surf the internet

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Stay mad at someone
2. Be mean to people even if they deserve it
3. like sports. I tryed..bores me to tears
4. Eat like a normal person<gastric bipass>
5. Stop thinking about getting older

6. Exercise like I should
7.Understand people who don't like someone because of the color of there skin.I 've never understood this...I like someone base on how they treat me..<.Assholes come in all colors of skin and male and female...>

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:
1. A nice smile

2. Love of children..
3. Compassion
4. Hansome hispanics males
5. Sense of Humor
6. Patience

7. Honesty

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1. Well duh
2. I love you..."< to my family>
3. I dont care who did it... just stop fighting
4. Hollie stop barking
5. Stupid idiot get off the road you dumb %%$$####
6. yes you can go outside and play with your friends
7. You want the remote...what do you want for supper.. how was your day...ok ok seven just isnt enough

Seven Celebrity Crushes:Not really crushes.. people I liked to meet for various reasons
John Travolta,Ellen Degeneres,opray winfrey,dr phil..<wow you think I watch to much tv>My mind has gone blank..sorry.. I know I'm already boring myself...Regis philbin...Jay leno..

Seven people I want to do this:
Don't care if anybody does is up to them...