Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello all Today Cameron is having a rock 80's concert tonight.. can you believe he will be 15 on May 26...where does the time go.I wil start at TWU the first week in June.. NOt sure were I'm going to get the money to pay for it but I know God will provide as long as I follow the path he has put before me...I gave up my car last week we couldnt afford it and it was eating our lunch.. It was the house or the car.. so of course the car...
I have been involved in a neat church close to my has made a big difference in my life.
I will be 48 this summer opps I mean 49....ekkk I am close to 50... senior citizins center hear I come... lol
does anybody know if we had a AOl private journal did they transfer them over as well when we transfered over to blogger...
Bye for now

Sunday, April 25, 2010


So I have decided to start blogging on my blog again..I miss everybody...hope you all are on face book...I know alot of your much has happened in my life lately that I will have to do several entries to talk about it all..
I recently went through a class called and it literaly changed my life. I recommend it for anybody.
Next week I will be going to the head of Social Work At Texas Woman's University because I am finishing my bachelor's in social work and getting a masters in social work counseling
I am very excited about it...
Well its Sunday and I must get things done....
love and laughter to you all

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

rain rain go away

Me in High School

Kind of got the blues today.. Don't know what is up with me. maybe the fact that my hubby is working 10 hours day 7 days a week for over a month and it is getting old. I'm two years away from 50. the rain that just wont go away. frustrating. Cameron was suppose to have a choir concert last night but he didn't pass English so he wasn't allowed to sing. He did go up and help them set up without me asking him.. There was some lady there that was apain in the ass..she needing to be slapped..Cameron was telling me about her I told him people like that have issues. you just have to walk away and not speak or tell them what you think... Either way..she has issues and to not take it personnel..he laughed.. I told him the pains in the ass in high school grown up to be pains in the asses as adults...

He thought that was funny.. I took a long term job at a pedo Dr office one and half days a weeks. It's a nice office and I get to work with kids...Although I have to say some of them kids need there butts whooped...spoilt rotten and disrespectful...

It is 2 weeks away from my reunion I have been scanning pic from the yearbook so there is my pic above I don't know how to make it show up down here.
Well I better go and start my chicken and dumplings for my hubby... he has been working all day in the rain
Love to you all

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a few weeks until

Hello all..
Don't faint I am actually writing in my journal . It is a few weeks until my 30th high school reunion.. I am really excited to reconnect with my buds...Life goes to fast and it will be nice to talk about old times and laugh.. You know the laugh the gut wrenching laugh...or belly laughs..
Cameron is in High school now a big 9th grader.. and Zachary is in 5th.. seems like yesterday they were so small when I started this journal of all there conversations..
Oh we still have conversation but its more of a yelling match of teenage
My oldest son and his wife were in a car wreck ..t boned there car. Luckily it wasn't there fault however my son rotator cuff is bothering him so he is doing PT for it.
I am still doing Dental hygiene although I pretty sick of trying to find a permanent place of employment so I have been temping..
I have thought of going back to school and maybe doing nursing..counseling something more challenging and rewarding... well I know this is short but got to go to bed..
Hey how is Russ doing I check out his blog and he hasn't wrote in it since his dog passed away..
Hey Pauline love ya girl...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello all

I haven't been on here in so long....I don't know maybe my heart isn't in it anymore. The kids are growing and I originally started it to record all the cute conversation with them.. Cameron will be starting the 9th grade next year...along with his teenage attitude lol..Zach will be in the 5th grade...I have been working in Dental hygiene off and on but honestly if I never did it it wouldn't bother me. I love cleaning little kids teeth but not adults...
I have always wanted to be a counselor. but never did it I thought you had to be perfect to be a counselor...the other day I was texting my friend about her upcoming divorce and I said out loud my text to see how it sounded...My 11 year old said mama you would make a really good counselor...I really couldn't afford to go to school again...seems selfish...
I'm a caretaker always have been...
I am enjoying facebook alot I have connected with people and friends..and I really enjoy the social aspect of it...
I am hoping that ATT doesn't go on strike but it isn't looking good. The company always tries to take benefits away...we will see.
I feel badly that I haven't read you guys blogs lately ...Some on you guys I still stay in contact with because you have facebook accounts...
I am so ready for the summer...
love to you all

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Geesh Sorry

I have neglected you guys for quite a while...I am been addicted to my Facebook.. Mainly because is connects me with my friends from high school.. I say that like I just graduated but it will but 30 years this year..

I meet up with about 3 of my band and choir friends from high school around new years eve..

I can't explain how much fun that was and how nourishing it was for my soul..

Here in DFW people do not know who to be good friends only fair weathered friends..

Your lucky if they pencil you in for a quick coffee..Kind of makes you feel disposable..

I will post the pictures of our meeting

Susan Ralph and ME

Carrie and me.... Not sure why this pic came out small oh well..
WE laughed so much ..
Carrie with her double knee surgery
Ralph with his reading glasses
Susan with the death of her hubby
We just looked at each and and said Damn are we getting old or what lol