Thursday, October 30, 2008

This and That

I got to work in my favorite office today so that was good...I also got gasoline for 2.17 a gallon
Took the kids to eat pizza tonight I was a lazy mom... oh well...
My sister did send me a text thanking me for being her sister and friend...
That is her way of apologizing...
Yes my family is strange...(sigh) I know...
Me personally I would rather talk it out.. Sometimes I think I'm adopotedlol

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I went to the wedding and it was really fun.. My sister had a melt down bawling her eyes out.. Yes I walked over and gave her a hug... It made me sad to see my sister in so much pain.. Doesn't mean I'm forgetting what has happen...but it was that gut wrenching know the one..
I sat at the table will all my family...
I really enjoyed Pedro family I tried to speak the best Spanish I could.. I suck but my step sister Kristy said I was so cute that I tried to communicate. I have always love getting to know other people from other countries...
It interesting because there is always some common themes in every culture..
To love and be love
To matter to somebody..
music and dancing
kissing and you know (wink)
alcohol lol lol
an many more
We are more the same than different...
My oldest son requested the song we dance to at his wedding... called MaMa's song by Boy's to Men..
I just love dancing with my oldest son Landon... it doesn't happen often...
I just love my kids so much...I truly can say I would die for them...
Overall my sister Gerry's wedding was beautiful for her...
Her husband came up and said you happy for me...(remember his english isn't the best)
I hugged him and kissed his cheek and said I love you(I said in Spanish I can't type Spanish) Pedro your a keeper in this lol
There is still tension with my sister and once this blow over we probably wont talk much...
I'm glad I went.. though

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I had my cry and I feel better... sad but better. I have to realize that my sister will always be who she is and wish as I want I will always probably be a only child really .
She will never be there for me she will always be an angry hateful, vengeful person who spits hatefulness. She has been taking those pain pills for so long that there is no part of her left that I know...

I like her new husband to be but I figure he really doesn't know what he is getting into...

I'm tired of being assigned the peacekeeper in the family...

I quit I keep trying to believe in her but its not working for me anymore...emotionally I can not do it anymore...

I wish we could move away from her... We did once but she followed us...She has ruined all her kids but It will be a cold day in hell before she hurts my kids...I may be a caretaker at heart but when it comes to my kids...I will protect them with my life...

OK so tomorrow is the wedding and I do not want to go and I would not go but Pedro her fiance begged me to go for him...

So for Pedro I will because it would break his heart....
I did go over to her house after my last posting to meet Pedro's family in from Mexico..Very nice family. He ask me too so I did it for him
I tried to talk to my nephew and tell him I was sorry that I let my anger get the best of me but he was crossing the line and being cruel ..
He looks at me and says SO...
I said don't you think you should apologize for your behavior.. He rolls eyes and says NO with that look like.... what you going to do about it bitch...but this time I just walked away...
Yeah he did....did my sister do anything of course not..because she thinks its my fault
Hell would freeze over if she took responsibility
She wil regret this one day....

Its offically

So got in a argument at hobby lobby with my sister.. It takes a lot for me to lose my cool but I did. I'm not proud of it but I did...
My sister teenage son is very arrogant and disrespectful.. He was cruel and mean to my son and I don't tolerate that...I jumped on my nephew about it and my sister yells at me don't talk to my son like that.. yeah the son that knocks holes in your walls cusses at you throws thing at you...
I'll talk to the little Ass anyway I want because he will not be abusive to me or my children..

Why was my nephew mad and being hateful??...because he wanted us to take him to eat and we had wedding stuff to you so since this 15 year old didn't get his way well then he thought he would be mean and cruel to my sister and me and my mom and my son..
What makes me mad about this is that I always have to defend myself and everyone just stand there and stares nobody comes to my aid ...they attack me for even rocking the boat..
Dysfunctional Assholes...
Yeah I'm pissed....more than you can every know.. Too much history here..
If I never saw then again it wouldn't bother me at this point.. after 47 years of this crap... I am done

Its offically

Friday, October 24, 2008


Thank God in heaven I found the english button lol

What the hell

ok I thought if I pushed espanol it would change my language and that would be cool but now I can't find a button to make it go back to english .. I don't even know hwat language I push

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So today I went to early voting for those across the ocean we are voting for the president of our country... I wont say who I voted for but it only took me 5 minutes.. I left there thinking wow I just cast my vote for our president and it only took 5 minutes ..shouldn't something like that take hum an hour...or shouldn't there be a drum roll so somthing lol..oh well...It's done...
I will be glad when it all over sick of seeing the ads and such ..
Ready to move on...
Whomever wins I hope is better than what we have had...I'm just saying

poquito espanol

Ok so I am trying to get better at spanish. I took it in college but that was a joke..
anybody know any free programs that are good... I can speak a little from being a operator and knowing people who speak it...My sister hubby is mexican and I am tring to learn his language and he speaks mine already just not as good as he would like...
My hubby is mexican but was never taught spanish ironic...huh..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Campers and Tents oh my

Cub scout camp out this weekend.. Luck it was just 12 miles from the house. I came home tonight to sleep in my own bed..The osteoporosis in my hip was killing me from sleeping in the tent Friday night.. Plus I froze my butt off...well not literally but it damn well felt like all the snoring and farting from the other campers kept me up. i took 3 Benedryl I still couldn't sleep...
I did get a chuckle at all the noises that night though..

I will get up tomorrow and be at the campsite before they get up with my hot coffee in hand...
i will get funny look because some people will think that I left and seeing me there when they get up they will think maybe i didn't leave..
Sneaky huh lol lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Offical I Hate working for Dentists

So I got a call today from the Temp agency...
Temp Agency-Donna This is A
Me: Hello A how are you today?

Temp Agency: I have to cancel the next two weeks of work at Dr X
Me: oh ok Why did they not need a hygienist anymore( I have worked for this Dr About 4 X's)

Temp Agency: No they ask to have a different Hygienist
Me: REALLY! Could you tell me why?

Temp Agency: No they didn't say.... Did anything happen last time you worked?
Me: hummm not that I can recall...It was a slow day... He seemed ok with all I did and the patients told him he should keep lol

Temp Agency: it might have nothing to do with you you have worked for us a year and we have never had any complaints. Don't take it personel

Me: You know I am really getting tired of this I mean come on if there is something they need me to do different or something they don't like just tell me..Why are dentist such cowards.. I'm not a mind reader. I welcome all input..
Temp Agency: Sorry Donna it is very frustrating I know I'm sorry I got to answer this call don't worry you will find your place
Yep that was our conversation..
Honestly though ....

I thought that being they are professionals they would rise to a higher ethics.. Well putting DDS behind your name does not buy you brains,compassion or intelligence...

I have never met such a unprofessional clueless people as Dentist and there staff.
I have worked for fortune a 500 company for 16 years...Never a problem. It was a Damn hard company to work for but they gave you the rules and stuck to them and if you screwed up talk with you and helped you to be better...
Dentists live on there own island and do whatever they want...
They become dentists because the corporate world would eat them alive...
Now there are the exceptions but those good dentists I never get to work for only the morons..

I wish I had never wasted my umpteen thousands of dollars on this license..
I feel like such a moron for doing this..
I wish I would of went to school for nursing,counseling, or maybe something totally out of people care..
Yeah I'm pissed
I am giving you the clean version of my anger lol lol

Monday, October 13, 2008


So if I make the news

Woman went crazy and ran away

it's because I spent two days with the In-Laws!!!

God Help us all

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Living tree
I told you guys wrong the pack website doesnt give you the info on the wreaths/sprays so here are pictures of the wreaths/sprays the cubscouts are selling.They range from 19.00 dollars for sprays and I believe the living trees-24.00 for the classic wreath 29.00 dollars for the fancy wreath called far as shipping through ups I would have to look it up on what the would charge to sip.
If you interested in one let me know and we can email on a more private level
Its great to see everyone again.

Classic wreath


Victorian Wreath

Victorian Spray

Classic Spray

Friday, October 10, 2008

added a widget you say

SO I added the widget on the right sidebar where you can put in your email address and when I make a entry it goes right to your inbox. Kind of cool. Now If I could get everybody to do that I wouldn't have to search the blogs I follow they would come right to me.
Deb B helped me and she is such a sweetheart...
A big hug to DEB

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What us gonna do

Did anybody ever watch the color purple..when cele said What us gonna do? I always thought that was a funny line so I say that sometimes when things aren't good and I need a good laugh.

I don't feel funny today. I have worked 3 days in a month...a rat couldn't live on that. With the economy the way it is the dental field is suffereing and it trickles down to me.

I am so tired of applying at jobs to be told I'm a good hygienist and they will call....but they never call..

I applied at UPS,ATT,Federal Government because I am desperate for income..

Frankly working in private industry is a crock if you ask me.. They do whatever they want and have noone to answer to...

The cooperate world can be hard at times but everybody has a boss and has to answer to someone...which helps

Gerry and Pedro Luis

My sister in engaged and I am excited for her.. The guy seems nice and I think this time she picked a good one...

My daughter n Law will be graduating fro College with her teaching degree I know she is ready.

Then my son will go to college fulltime and get his teaching degree.

I thought about buying a t-shirt that said by the time I figure out what I want to be when I grow up I will be Dead!!

I have done alot in my life...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

thank you to all

I must say I was a little miffed at AOL when they said they were closing but to be honest I never like there program. I felt they never put much effort to make it fun. I like blogger so far lots of cool things I can do...I am so glad to find everybody and maybe there alerts will work much better... I look forward to connecting and sharing my life and knowing how each of you are doing.

I have missed you much

Huggs from Texas

Ps This is my oldest son Landon and his wife Ashley we are at my hubby's 40th bday party.

I did It

So I did it I transferred my whole journal. so now I need to find everybody Else's so I can follow them