Monday, February 25, 2008

I want to scream



The last few years I have felt a shift inside me.

When I was young I wanted a nice house in a big city away from the boring town I lived in.

I now feel like I am suffocating living in the city.

I no longer long for a fancy house give me simple and ok. I want to live away from people and no HOA' me unsocial I guess...

Frankly even though I live in a big city the people are less than friendly.

I want community..

I want elderly rocking in there chairs waving hi to me.

I want to sip coffee in a shop other than starbucks were they know me and my family and really care...

oh and the coffee is a dollar a cup free refills.          

The conversation is free.

I feel a change and have for several years yet nothing is happening and our town grows faster and more impersonnel.

Frisco Texas used to be 2000 people in 1995. when we moved here in 2001 is was 30,000 people now 7 years later its over 100,000. people.

Richey poo people I call them..

There gated communities with there noses high up in the air...Hate it...

 BMW, Hummer, Mercedes everywhere Yeah that's just what kids drive..

I hate what they bring to the community...a shallowness..

Yes we have a beautiful city you don't think the rich would be having a ugly city.

But that is all it is now pretty on the outside empty on the inside...

oh I long for a house out on some land...

Maybe someday....

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well its Sunday and all is well . A beautiful warm sunny day. Hubby back from being out of town. Cameron is sick today running a fever of 102.4 off and on. No other symptoms just the fever so hope it passes.

I do a working intereview this week. What a working intereview is I work for the dentist and he sees if he likes me and I see if I like him and if so BINGO.. If not he pays me and off I go....

I met him last week and he was very nice...

 I have to admit I wasn't sure because he is iranian...and well how can I put this tackfully.. I guess I can't so I will just say it... Most but NOT ALL Asian ,iranian,indian etc Dentists are know for not being the best employers. They tend to be cheap in many, working conditions etc... not respectful of there staff...  Now there are exceptions to every rule...but I always error on the side of caution myself....

I have got to get into my own dentist and get this damn filling fixed.. part of it fell out and I have been putting it off... I have been giving it a good flouride rinse every night to help with the sensitivity and to make sure no cavity starts up there again...but seriously how stupid does it look if your hygienist doesn't practice what she lol

Oh hell I'm human ok....just shoot me...

If there is any dental question you would like me to answer please feel free to ask I will try to answer and if I don't know the answer will try to find out...or if you would like me to write a few entries on things that you could use or tips I will do that also .. If not that's ok also..



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Box of chocolates

This is the best part of being private.....I get to tell my true feelings uncensored.. Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen

Intereviewing with dentists is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes its a great expereince and sometimes crappy and sometimes inbetween.

Honestly I can say most of the dentists I have intereviewed with were either pompass asses.. or morons who can't match there clothes or clueless. Or money hungry...

Now there are really great dentists out there but they are the jobs the lucky hygiene bitches snatches up and never let go  of and I can't blame them. lol lol

So needless to say my interviews have been eeehhh not so good. Oh they want me to work for them but I always decline.. Not feeling it dudes..They are the dentist nobody wants to work for but you don't know that until you go in and interview..Then you see and think oh so this is why nobody wants to work for you.

One dentists had a million dollar business beautiful office but a total control freak moron jerk....Who  only cared about how much dentistry I could sell to the patients...That's a big fat NO!!

I have no problem suggesting something to the patient that I think they need but I'm not selling procedures that aren't necessary to fund your mercedes payment there DOC...

This intereview today was ok. The Asian DR seem pretty nice young though I felt like I could be his  His front desk girl (a Bitch) with attitude.. The rest of the girls seemed very nice.

I interviewed with the Dr and he had to go check on a patient he told me to look around and talk with the girls. So I started walking around quietly. As I was walking up to the front..... Bitch Girl walks over or should I say stomped over and said I need you to sit down I don't have time to show you around... I stood there and stared at her. I didn't move just stood there.. She huffed off and went back to her desk. Then and only then did I go back to the waiting room and sit down...

I don't scare easily. I have worked for surgeons and they can be the meanest people on the planet so some mousey little girl...Not feeling it chickey...I wanted to say hey sit your ass down beotch me and Dr is homies... Not really but she would of wet her pants don't you think...

anyway.. I will shut up...Hope I didn't scare you guys...with my entry...Just feeling awnry today..

I am really easy going just too old to deal with petty young girl crap thats all..Just leave me alone and let me to what I'm paid to do..Clean teeth and educate my patient...


Hello from my world

Hello to everybody. If you know of anybody I overlooked let me know. I'm not going private because of anything other than I want to keep my personal life seperate from my working life.

Today I go to talk to a Dentist about a parttime job. My hubby comes home Thursday I sure miss him

Talk to you guys later


Monday, February 18, 2008

ok I hope I did this right

I am now private you should be able to access me I hope...If anybody can't I  hope they email me


Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Bad

Apparently I'm a Dumb Ass and can't figure out how to go private without blocking the people I don't wont to block...I don't want to block anybody I just didn't want my business all out there for just anybody anymore because I am  in the working world and I wanted to keep my private life to my friends family  which includes you guys etc...

Please know I added all of you guys so when I got your emails which I so appreciate I thought...What The Hell happened.

Ok I still plan on going private I just have to investigate how to do this right...

I'm sorry for the mess up


I sorry guys please don't think I don't love you lol lol

Saturday, February 16, 2008

saying no to a cub scout

Today we had scounting for food.. For those that don't know what it is...

The cubscouts collect cans of food for the hungry and needy. It's to teach them compassion for others and duty etc...

So in the cold and heavy rain we walked door to door knocking soaking wet and asking if they had a can of food for our drive.

Can you believe we had people tell Zachary No.. I mean come on you have one can of peas or something else you hate and would like to get rid of..

I think people are getting so cold these days.

Zach said why didn't those people want to help others..

I said some people are selfish and unkind

We got several No's...

I guess we got the crappy part of the neighborhood.

Last year people were more than happy to help...

Sometimes I just lose hope on all these crappy big city people..

Take me out to a small town....

ok I'm private

So I am now private. If you know of anybody who I forgot or mentions They can't access let me know I will add them...

Thanks Guy...this feels better

Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh my the things children say

Hubby is out of town so the kids and I went for chinese food this evening....

The kids and I were talking about school and such.

I asked Cameron

Me: Has your school had the birds and the bees program yet this year like they had last year

Cameron:you mean the sex talk?

Me: well huhh yeah

Cameron: I know mom don't have sex untill I'm 30 and married

Me:(laughing) Well 30 might be a little old to wait...

Cameron: Well Landon listened to you and is waiting until he is 30

(Landon is my 26 year old married son)

Me: humm Cameron he is married now.

Cameron: Yeah he is married but he is waiting untill he is 30..

Me: No Cameron he is married so it ok for him to be with his wife.

Cameron:(lightbulb goes off) Oh so you can do it if your married ???ok so he doesn't have to wait untill he is 30.

Me: No he doesn't... his wife might not wont to wait that long(Laughing)


funny boy.. he will be 13 this year where has the time gone....


Valentines Day

Valentines Day is sad without your Hubby here.....:-(

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let me know

After having my journal for about 4 years or so I have decided to go private.

Since I have started my career as a Dental Hygienist I felt that I should keep work and private life seperate and having my journal public doesn't do that.

I haven't been able to really be me for that reason. I know that some employers now google and frankly my life insn't any of there buisness.

If you wish to stay on as a readers let me know and I will add you. If I don't hear from you then I will assume you do not.

Thanks for understanding..and of course I will keep reading all of you guys.

I will probably go private in a week.


Donna In TEXAS